Is there a "search engine industry"?

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Is there a "search engine industry"
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Via Peter's SearchEngineBlog: Does Seth Godin think because he's found a new SEO blog that Search is now a legitimate industry? Maybe he should be reading


Many Newcomers

There are a lot of bloggers being wowed by Search right now. They all think they're the first to discover it of course - and the likelyhood is that big media - at least big for the moment, will pick up on what these influencers are saying and we will see the "birth" of SEO/SEM

It's incredible, but not entirely unsurprising really. Information seems to be cyclical on the net - here are a few examples to illustrate the point:

There are dozens of others but i cant spend all day searching for them, should have kept a set of bookmarks :)

See what i mean though?

I haven't had this good a laugh in a long time.

I've been reading SEO is dead threads for the last three years. I suppose if the bloggers get hold of it probably is!

I Swear He Does This For The Attention

Seth has been blasting SEO... - "The problem with search engine optimization" - "Seth Godin interrogates SEO" - "Danny Sullivan's Response"

Seth writes today, "While Danny might be surprised to hear this, I completely agree with him. I’m not a harsh critic of SEO, despite what you may have heard."


Seth has pretty much wrote of

Seth has pretty much wrote off the seo industry. even when he talks about how great the search industry is he states that its adwords...which is only a small piece.

I'm either impressed or dumbfounded

Either this was the work of pure genius or sheer lunacy. Say something about the SEO community to get them all riled up. They blog about you, rant on about you in forums, and basically link to you from everywhere on the globe. Or he's just asleep at the wheel. I'm a fan of his, have been for years. Maybe it's like PT Barnum said there's no such thing as bad press.

> Say something about the SEO

> Say something about the SEO community to get them all riled up.

- It works with bloggers too :)

> It works with bloggers too

> It works with bloggers too

Except with bloggers you get amplified by incestuous trackbacking.

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