Threadwatch and SEO Blog Cliches of 2006

Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print - George Orwell

These are among the most overused and worn out phrases of 2006: they all have Wikipedia entries! Let them enjoy retirement in 2007.

  • Tinfoil Hat
  • Drinking the Kool-Aid
  • Jumping the Shark


Out with a bang

well then let me say I don't advocate wearing a tin foil hat, or drinking kool-aid when you are jumping the shark ;-)


I hate

Think outside the box. Using a cliche to illustrate or advocate original thinking is just wrong.

But this year, my vote goes to, 'the social web'. If you and I go have drinks, we're being sociable. If you have a drink at your PC and I have a drink at my PC, we are not socializing. 'Voting' isn't socializing and trading comments on Myspace is not socializing.

"I don't advocate wearing a

"I don't advocate wearing a tin foil hat, or drinking kool-aid when you are jumping the shark"

Only an arsehat would. :D


In ye olden days everyone would come out for a nice public stoning

Nowdays we all gather around digg and bury the stories we don't like

Ah progress

Web 2.0

I think that social media is an interesting phenom but the naming of "Web 2.0" is kind of dorky. It made sense in the past when netscape, et al. would go from supporting HTML 1.0, 2.0, etc. and the internet (webmasters, etc.) would often move with the browsers to support cool new tech like CSS, but it seems a bit arbitrary to just dub a 1.0 version of the web and 2.0 version. Much of the social features that we tout today existed pre-2.0, they just were not as embraced or written about in popular media.

As I often point out to friends, Geocities prior to Yahoo, Tripod prior to Lycos, etc. these were '2.0' companies before 2.0 was coined.

Kind of like 'long tail' existed without naming and 'brandverb' existed before Blackhat SEO started talking about. Good concepts, and you could certainly make money by writing about them, but they pre-existed the definition or naming convention.

Oh, and I almost forgot...

Gratz, to "you" for being the Time Magazine "person of the year". /sigh. Seems like an escape from actually picking someone...


I think it was some one in Sun who coined the web 2.0 phrase and said they were at the forefront as they coined the phrase to make a point

why dont we find him, make him eat a copy of time magazine video it and put it on youtube then create a page on myspace as before that no one ever ever had a blog, or socialized by IM or even created a free webspace on geocities, apart from the kidnapping part all sounds very web 2.0 to me or at least for TIME

In the last few weeks I have had people ask me is X going to be web 2.0 compliant
always lots of buzzwords floating around but this is one that really annoys me

Add to the list "link bait" any variations people have on it just need one quick polite slap

Hat Tip

Cannot stand that one. Add it to the list


Can we keep


asshat - my bad for the

asshat - my bad for the British English version earlier. :)

re Hat Tip

I rather like that one as it shows a measure of respect and courtesy that is often sadly missing in the general online world of anonymity.

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