Brown Trousers Time for Small SEM's

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WPP eyes world domination with search marketing arm
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“In recent months there has been a definite consolidation and globalisation of the market, and mSearch is ideally placed to take the leadership”

We've talked about agencies and search marketing consolidation quite a bit here at Threadwatch - and I've been fortelling the death of the small seo for some time (yeah yeah, i know there will always be room for sharp players...) - Now, we see Danny Sullivan point to the Revolution story threadlinked above that talks about WPP entering the search fray with 47 planned offices around the world centering on search marketing domination:

The agency is to be known as mSearch and already counts companies such as IBM, Ford and Sony as clients. It has been formed by rebranding, which was founded in 1998 and acquired by WPP in 2000 to form part of OgilvyOne. MSearch will fall into the mOne division, which was formed by the merger of the interactive divisions of MindShare and OgilvyOne in July 2003. Richard Collins, former CEO of mOne, takes the role of worldwide CEO of mSearch, and Mike Chowney, who was managing director of, has been named head of international at mSearch.

This is only the tip of the iceberg IMO and despite the stagnation of the search sparkle as told by Threadwatch members, Search is still big business and will clearly remain so for some time to come.

The big boys are moving in, who get's to move out?


not move out - move on

the big boys won't be into mobile services, won't know how to deal with personalisation, won't be exploiting little loopholes. Natural selection is rarely bad :)

For SMALL SEM's, small is whe

For SMALL SEM's, small is where it is at.......
No Corporate BS

Rhinestone Cowboys

The same thing happened years back when I was a head hunter. It became very popular for large established executive companies to jump into the tech sector with big marketing parties and all that they could offer. In the end they didn't deliver. Mostly.

I just don't see them doing the job better than us. No way. Large companies rarely employ real cowboys, at least not for long. I do see it shaking up the industry where all the part-time, half hearted, ask a ton of questions rather than just try-and-see types of people will get cast aside.

The smart people will remake themselves and move on.

The woolf is coming .. again :) ... or is it?

I know I said it before, but we also heard this story before - and honestly, I've never seen SEOs in general (small and big ones) having such a profitable time as they have right now!. And, I don't think it's just about to go away soon ...

WPP and other large companies will surely enter the markets and try and buy up what they can. But remember, WPP actually tried that before with Outrider. Look how well that went :) They had a bunch of the most experienced and well-known SEOs in-hourse (such as David Turner, Detlev Johnson and Bill Hunt) and they lost it all. I am not so sure how ell they will do this time. At least, I am pretty sure that my (small, compared to that) companies will do just fine. I know there will be a million ways I can make my small operations stand out from what they can offer. Just bring them on, I am ready! :)

Agency idiots in Smart cars

"I've been foretelling the death of the small SEO".

Well, they're taking about as long to expire as a bad B-movie actor. In one sense I agree with you. The people who should be quaking are those SE conference fixtures who have marketed their "organic fame" into lucrative gigs with stock market companies. It's some of their food that is going to get snaffled.

But every freelance journalist, advertising consultant, web designer or SEO can tell you the same story. You will always have the agency tossers from the big city with their Smart cars and the trendy offices. The thing they have in common is their obsession with surface over performance.

And the small designer or SEO or agency that actually knows what they are doing just carries on carrying on.

Bring on the big companies!

It makes the small ones who provide personal service and years of hands-on experience, all that more attractive to potential clients.

It's a great thing for small firms and individual consultants who know how to position themselves and understand their own USP.

So what the heck ...

... does "brown pants" mean?

I am sure that Nick... too much of an English gentleman to explain the vernacular expression "brown trousers" :-)


The color they turn when one is really, really scared :)

Oh dear. I think I'm sorry I

Oh dear. I think I'm sorry I asked!

brown = conservative business

brown = conservative business attire when everyone is working for a big company...


No, it's related to that stain in your underwear that happens involuntarily when you find yourself face to face with a chainsaw wielding maniac in a dark alley... ;)


The sphincter.. a muscle in the body. If you look that up and see what it does and see what happens when "fear" enters the equation you will fully understand the mechanics of it all

Never be let it be said that ThreadWatch is not educational

with all this talk of anatomy...

one might think we have a TP member in the thread.

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