Is Google Beginning to Stagnate?

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Yahoo & MSN Closing the Google Gap
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Talking about a survey conducted by keynote, Chris Sherman points out the major details and mulls over the implications in the the threadlinked searchday article above. Here's what caught my attention:

The primary finding of the study was that Google continues to lead in most of the key areas measured, but has not made any significant improvements or progress in the minds of users since the previous study.

There's some other stuff in there to though most of it bored the arse off me.

Is Google beginning to stagnate in the minds of it's users despite recent ongoing press coverage over innovations and projects?

To answer that question myself, yes. I can't quite put my finger on why, though I suspect the M$ effect of big business and the enevitable mistrust that comes with it (at least at some deep dark recess of my subconcious..) but news coming out of Yahoo! and even MSN seems to have just a little more Sparkle these days...


Google stagnating..

Google may be great, but all they sell is a commodity. Theres only so many windows you can open on your PC, and so much space to advertise on your email. Eventually you have to think and advertise outside the box.

IMO, *SEARCH* is beginning to stagnate... a topic of heated interest. It's had its run and even press saturation during/after the IPO. But my sense of it is that the users have a general feel for search, warts and all, and the Gee-Whiz! factor is fading.

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Google stagnate

I have to wonder too at the $54B valuation, how hard this will fall. They dont have an operating system, they dont have a real way to penetrate the mobile space, and their biz (advertising), is a cyclical biz.
The transformation of PC's to mobiles poses a serious threat to Google. You wont be doing searches on those little screens. But you will be buying items, receiving texts from brands.
As soon as brands and advertisers find a way to connect to the mobile and completely bypass the search engine, the big thud noise will be heard at Google headquarters.

From RC's linked eWeek Piece

Apple and Google will each be trying to act as the spigot and control point of choice of nontechnical humans everywhere for handling the flood of digits coming onto home screens. Google will support its thrust through profits on advertising. Apple will support its thrust through profits on hardware. But they will meet in the middle.

You have to believe that Google CEO Eric Schmidt and co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are working on their own mechanisms and interfaces for delivering more types of digital content, in easy-to-find fashion, on home screens. The Images tab is just the first inkling of this. The scanning of books at important libraries is another clue.

Good link RC..

Yeah VG, i think Google, Apple, M$, Nokia and a host of smaller players are going to have a very interesting time over the next few years...

Google stagnate

I forgot one important point to Googles success...there is no barrier to entry.
The desktop search is just a way to keep the lil Google bozon every PC. I know a way you can keep the Google boz on every site. I think that would be of interest...maybe not to Google but Microsoft.

Google gets a Kickin' from ZDNet over BETA

Google's revenue model means there is little pressure on the company to finish things off. Quite the opposite: targeted advertising benefits from endless tinkering, and as long as the users aren't inconvenienced enough to abandon a particular service, where's the problem in never quite finishing off the rough bits?

It shows considerable disrespect, for one thing. Part of the deal with public betas is that the users accept some problems in return for helping create the finished product, but if that product is never finished then why bother? It also lets Google off the hook when bad things happen: it never said the software was finished. It just wanted you to use it. That's no way to build a reputation for effective cleverness. It implies that beta is an excuse for shirking responsibility, rather than a shakedown period that makes the final product better.

Google is getting so many things right, it should beware the arrogance implicit in endless beta programmes. In the words of Steve Jobs, real artists ship.

ZDNet article
Seems that the honeymoon may be over on a few different counts eh?

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