Wikipedia Founder to start search engine to take out Google, Yahoo and MSN -


Full Story The site isn't even live yet.. however because it's the Wiki Founder's it's getting press.


Another one in the "clueless

Another one in the "clueless Web 2.0 names" book.

Try telling someone the name orally - see if people can actually spell it after. That's what Google & Yahoo had really well for them.

Ripe for misspelled domains - though it remains to be seen if Jimmy Wales is the one who's been registering them. :)

hah. the article and this

hah. the article and this threadwatch both have similar "stupid name" comments. sky is the limit here.

Amazon tries again

Amazon is backing Wikia. They made a go of search with A9, which was basically a lot of interface stuff on top of google. Didn't really take off though. Amazon must really want a search engine bad.

Books, cheap disk storage and developer APIs, and prototype search engines... Not to mention their business of e-hosting other retailers on their platform. Lot of pots on the fire.

Even the comments on that

Even the comments on that article are dumb.

Looks like MAazon found someone to put sweat equity into a search engine.

That's funny

I was just looking into the Lucene and Nutch projects a few days ago (and also Solr) thinking that they would make decent foundations for vertical search engines. It seems to me to be a really strange move to base a large scale search engine on Java in general though. I realize Nutch has all that hadoop functionality built in for scalability, but migrating the code base to C would be a relatively cheap venture (all things considered) and would yield significant performance improvements. htDig was based on the C version of Lucene, but unfortunately the project seemed to have died out before proximity matching was implemented.

(um, yes... I'm a programming nerd)

What the heck...

While it looks like the odds are against it, I think it will be interesting to see what they can do. There is more than one way, the Google way, to build a search engine. Maybe they will come up with something useful or at least popular.

Built on nutch

Looks like they're going to build this on the nutch engine:

There goes the premise that wiki's not for profit that the editor's love to tout so much.

As nutch is an open source product (with a lot of Yahoo backing IIRC) it'll be interesting to see if Wiki gives back to the community. I'll be surprised if they do.

Someone could do a good top 10 list in what a Wikiasari might be

Sounds like a dinosaur to me. Or maybe the community tailored version of a south Asian garment.

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