No Images Next To Adsense Ads


This area has seemed to be very grey over the years but it looks like we have some definitive clarification from the Adsense team. Images next to ads are now unacceptable.

Ad and image placement: a policy clarification

Next step is to see if they'll actually enforce the policy as some major publishers are using this tactic.


Is this really a clarification?

I'm not sure this really is much of a "clarification". But even if it is, the implementation of this clarified policy is likely to be the only way we'll get a real good idea of what is and is not acceptable.

I fought the law

and did not win. I make well into the low double digits every month ($XX.XX) on adsense so I'm not using these tactics....but this is a case of G beauracracy at work. You think this is about the user experience? It's not. If tactics are used to draw the eye to a relevant well written ad and the user clicks on it, everyone wins. Nevermind why Google thinks they should be breathing down webmasters neck so hard to tell them how to design their sites. It's my site, I'll decide the layout and where I place my ads. Did G ask before they started serving graphical ads with their logo on my site?

Oh well, let them keep busy with that. While they're looking over there I'm busily working trying to F up their serps with my sites. Fair enough I guess.

Salt in the eyes of small time earners

IF you ask me this is going to chase a lot of small time adsense earners away. They earned nothing without the images now they are going back to it. Expect an influx to other publisher programs soon. I on one hand am glad I switched to affiliate marketing as my main source of earnings.

Thank you

No images *next* to AdSense

No images *next* to AdSense - is this to help emphasise Google's own image *in* Adsense?

I can understand Google wanting to clarify their policy on the issue, but the timing with Google's recent images hijinks seems somewhat unfortunate.

Although To Be Fair...

There's still some grey area there for the grey area fans.

For example, if you run a stock photography site with a catalog of thumbnail images, don't line the ads up with the thumbnails in a way that could be misleading. Consider using a full border around your ads or changing your ad colors, for example.

So, if you don't line them up its acceptable? If you put a full border around your ads it's acceptable?

This turn of events will push most Arbi 2.0 fans even further into the TOS violation territory.

I think Google is just doing a balancing act...

I don't necessarily disagree with Google's new stance. I think Google is balancing Adsense & Adwords productivity. On one hand, images next to ads increase results for Publishers (which increases earnings for Google)...on the other hand, these tactics can drag down the productivity of Google's content network from an Advertiser's perspective (ultimately decreasing earnings for Google). Many Adwords experts recommend staying away from the content network when you launch Adwords campaigns....why? Because it can (and often does) drive an s-load of crappy traffic to your site.

I know images aren't the sole reason for the content network often providing subpar conversions, but I'm sure it doesn't help. The more Google turns their back on "questionable" Adsense tactics, the more conversions will drop in Content (and possibly make new advertisers walk). Sure, they get tons of revenue b/c webmasters publish Adsense ads, but without happy advertisers, those ads don't exist. Just my $.02

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