Another Y! Departure


Tim Converse, a search engineer from the anti-spam arena is leaving Yahoo! for a new startup opportunity. From his personal blog:

I've been mulling this one for a while, but finally had to pull the trigger. I'll be leaving Yahoo! Search at the end of the month, and going to a small startup.

And I think anyone who makes a serious study of organic web search quality (you know, those listings down below the ads :) ) knows that that the top two players (Y and G) are neck-and-neck. Who is going to have the highest-quality general web search a year from now? I think it's still going to be a brutal battle between the current top three (including MSN), and the winner will be whoever can innovate and execute the fastest. I'm sorry I'm going to watch that particular game from the sidelines, because it's definitely not even halftime yet.

Forelock tug to Danny - SearchEngineLand


Keep your eye on him

Will be interesting to see how his new site fares in the search engines.

Now who do I whine to?

I know I'll miss him and his assistance to the SEO community; best of luck Tim.



While its fun and exciting at first.... having a solid paycheck is pretty darn good too. Life is about risks, good luck.

My prediction is that Yahoo

My prediction is that Yahoo will give into greed and MSN will do something extremely innovative, Google will take notice and maybe even feel weak for the first time.

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