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Well, not wishing to be left behind in the multi-billion £££ social networking sector, DaveN has announced, an interesting twist on the social networking idea, with some elements of speed-dating thrown in (or just the ability to stalk Dave if you like.

From the announcement at Dave's blog :

It’s a bit like Myspace/Faceparty but with more privacy and a dating slant. It’s all very simple. Log in and “tick” someone you like the look of. They won’t know you’ve ticked them unless they tick you back and you get a mutual tick! Cut out all the nonsense and be sure that the people you’re communicating with are on the same wavelength. How refreshing!

There are a few useful features active now, such as the ability to create and join groups, and a "tick league", which does about what you'd think. Apparently, there are also new super new features on the way, such as blogging and video options.

This is turning into Web 2.0 "buzzword bingo"...


Does Tick Mean Anything To Cousins?

It'd be, no?

Disclaimer. I was paid fuck all for this review. I hear TallTroll is minted, though.

erm, yeah, Dave....

can you add a useful new feature for correcting spelling mistakes in group names? I really have to learn to check stuff before I hit save.

HAHA Gurtie

yer, There are few things to do .. thats why we did a soft launch


Looks like HotorNot?

Seems its the same as HotorNot service except i think they charge $6 for this.

Dave ......

Is it real and should I join it ?
Not being funny but saw it via your blog and I never know whether you are just taking the piss, baiting people or links or it's a serious venture.

I wouldn't put it past you to have built that just to take the piss out of Shoemoney :)


I have a 35% stake thats all it's really really real.. we built it :)



Dave you totally need to go viral with videos on that, drop me an email if you you want some ideas

>> No lady callers yet :( I

>> No lady callers yet :(
I haven't seen any lady guppy fish at yet... bad luck man :*(

Maybe I should have chosen

Maybe I should have chosen Red instead of Blue?

Almost Finished

I'm almost finished with them here I'll send them over when I'm done ;-)

Damn it Dave...

...another social networking site out before I get mine complete. I need to get rolling.

I need to partner up me thinks. Lone wolf mentality won't cut it.

Kudos and good luck.


At least on this one...

...I got to use my favourite nickname. Or is it like myspace where loads of people can use the same nick?

This reminds me of Orkut,

This reminds me of Orkut, only with a faster server. heh.

tick me off

tick me off

"tick me" is rather odd to me (a yank) because "tick me off" means "piss me off" means "make me angry" and to "tick me" doesn't make any sense at all, except to suggest "tick me off" as in make me angry.

From the graphic (an option box, checked) I assume that "tick me" means "check me" as in check the box that is mine but then again, to "check me" in the US is either to "check me out" i.e. take a look, or "hold me back" as in restrain me or deter me. So I guess "check me out" might match the intent, but doesn't work either, IMHO.

Visually, TickMe looks like "tickle me" which suggest a fetish site, or a strongly feminine site. Not sure how those might apply here, a sit is to a large degree a user-determined social network ;-)

One last thing... a "tic" is a manifestation of a neurological instability, usually related to motor control, e.g. a "nervous tic". A "tick" is also a parasite, most commonly known to those of the eastern states, especially Correcticut, where Lime disease "started". Like crabs, ticks are often associated with "deer" and not "dear", and aren't wisely associated with dating or "social" activities.

But hey, what do I know. Tick me.

on the other hand

how nice it would be for a UK based site to not worry about US spelling, colloquialisms and potential misunderstandings and just get on with things.

I'm sure you yanks can learn the lingo, you've (mostly) coped with Brit swearing here and we've all been 'checking' boxes, avoided 'taking the piss' and misspelling things so you guyz could understand for a few years now, DaveN is striking a blow for the UK and all who sail in her!

(besides which was already registered).

"a nervous tick"

"a nervous tick"

Correction: that one is spelled "tic".

It could be the bloodsucking bug...

...but with a twitch. With all these "treated" pets nowadays, if I were a tick I would be nervous.

PS: in the cartoon the Tick is the cool muscular one and the Moth (is it a moth?) is the nervous one - AFAICR.

I'm a ticker

I'm a "ticker" of boxes. Not a checker.

I thought tickme was a great name.

Although, I'm not a yank either.

We can speak Brit, Gov.

No problem we Yanks can adapt to the lingo. Although it's best to give a clue that everybody is speaking Britlish ... perhaps by putting "Wanker" or something similar somewhere on the page just so we will know. hhhh

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