Google Filtering Sub Domains - Spammy Categories Take Major Hit


News comes in via threadwatch member ThomasB that Google may be filtering out subdomains - like

Go ahead and check, we dont need to do the specifics, you all know which SERPS we're talking about here - in the US results but NOT the .de results, the subdomains that have been dominating those serps have gone - finsihed.

So handjob (heh..) or filter?



>No, I do believe that this a

>No, I do believe that this a manual thing and the Google quality team will start at the top and work their way down

I'd lean this way, too. Except in travel, there they'd just give up and back away from the keyboard POR, it's a lost cause.

weird DC behaviour

Even 17 hours after discovering I can still see sites ranking using a US IP whereas they're gone using me normal german IP. I wonder what this means. Usually manual bans are quite fast througout all DCs, whereas filters mostly take a while. Maybe we should give it a bit to settle down. On the other hand it might have been a broken update of data as most of the sites were pretty new in the top.


It looks like one of those token spring clean efforts - a quick manual mauling to keep the boys and girls on their toes then back to business as usuall...

in US travel, real estate, and town names

It's hard to say if it's less, there are still PLENTY there.

no probs in travel

In travel still doing well so I guess it could be a manual boot

Leaning towards manual

The impacted subdomains appear to be limited to a small slice of the serps. Other spammy subdomains are still holding top rankings. I think this is just a manual cleanup.

Is this just some industries or all?

If it is all subdomains there are lots of blogs and geographic sites ( going to get caught out


After being involved with this industry intimately for quite some time now, I'm not too sure there are many filters in Google's toolbox. When it comes to strategies like sub-domains, Google would be shooting itself in the foot to do any sort of automation in removing sub-domains. No, I do believe that this a manual thing and the Google quality team will start at the top and work their way down. Get rid of the worse offenders first, then work their way down until they reach a point where it is not worth their time and effort to go any further.

General terms

well, in general in the pharma cats im seeing a complete sweep - but i've also heard specualtion that some of the DC's have not updated so some folks are not seeing this...

Don't agree that they have gone

Ok, you don't want the specifics, but I am still seeing a lot of subdomains in travel SERPS