iTunes sales fall report - Apple fans say media are plonkers


A report by Forrester claimed iTunes sales were down 65% over this year.

However, as mainstream and internet media covered the story, Apple fans turned roundly on the report and reportage of the story.

Apparently, Apple privately told the Washington Post that everything was fine and dandy, though they won't release any sales or revenue data to counter the story.

So that settles it. The media are all plonkers.


Forrester's are desperately

Forrester's are desperately claiming their attempt to slam Apple's success was misrepresented.

Meanwhile, the Register counters.

The music industry should be

The music industry should be worried - sales of CD's continue to decline and sales of legal downloads like those through iTunes cannot make up for the shortfall. Yet at this very same time period Sony/BMG sabatoges PC's and Macs with their copy protection virus on CD's, loosing the public trust in the compact disk medium AND the music industry wants Apple to _raise_ prices. It's like the whole industry is trying to kill itself off (which might be a good thing).

shouldnt be that worried

Forrester is making the reasearch as appple wont release the numbers on sales, on credit card transactions (which is a good measure)

I cant find the link which might make it a useless comment that there is bigger increases in downloading of illegal music

But once the number of ipods being sold is growing and they wont play any other music unless iTunes, there is a point where where overall digital sales hits a point, and what % of that growth is hitting itunes? The russian govt has announced in the last 48hrs that they will move to shut down - whether that is an opportunity for new pirates or itunes (or similar) is still to be seen

If apple shows increases in shipping ipods (combination of replacements and new sales) you think mp3 music player you think ipod, they need to stay on there toes but they have cornered and milked the market the dip is natural, would like to see the results and increases come january

iTunes - proprietary format = doomed

Why do you think that Macs didn't become mainstream computing.

itunes 7???

Not sure but I have heard a lot of reports that iTunes 7 is extremely buggy, I have a had a number of problems on my system.

That could be having an effect on sales.

iTunes 7 sucks

Not sure but I have heard a lot of reports that iTunes 7 is extremely buggy...

I'll second that. Playing video on iTunes 7 for XP totally blows. I have no problems playing back any other video format.

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