CBS - Sit Down and Shut Up, this is TV 2.0


The now Google owned YouTube took a small but meaningful step away from user generated content and towards corporate friendliness today by "hiding comments" - via NY Times

The comments on many of the videos posted by CBS have now been moved to a separate page; instead of sample comments underneath the videos, a link to "view all comments" takes users to a separate Web page where they can read comments without watching the video at the same time.

CBS began moving and filtering comments on some videos in mid-October, shortly after announcing its licensing agreement with YouTube, in order to remove "profane, unconstructive criticism," and off-topic political vitriol, said Quincy Smith, the president of CBS Interactive.


Yes. Sounds like they've now

Yes. Sounds like they've now become forum moderators. On a grand scale. <grin>

Hmmm, so CBS has control

Hmmm, so CBS has control over the comments on the videos they post?
That sounds pretty poor to me, their version of profaine and unconstructive criticism is certainly going to be different to that of the people not liking the videos.....

Don't necessarily mind the mocing of the comments though, I never saw that as a huge part of YouTube to be honest. Who wants to read comments from a bunch of self righteous muppets who mostly take pleasure in pointing out peopl's mistakes and gloating about how they know moere about it.

You only ever saw the latest 10 comments or so anyway, not a huge loss.

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