Brandt and Orlowski - Google Paranoia Nutjobs in Bed Together

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An open source Google - without the ads
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Not entirely unsurprising that the Registers resident paranoic fruitcake Andrew Orlowski (see threadlink above) should hook up with notorious embittered SEO Daniel Brandt of Brandt Rant™ fame.

Check out the opening paragraph of Orlowski's piece:

With the hope of returning at least one corner of the web to its non-commercial roots, Google watcher Daniel Brandt, who curates the NameBase archive, has released the source code to a Google scraper. Brandt has been making an ad-free proxy available for two years using Google's little known minimal "ie" interface. By using this proxy, users bypass both Google's notorious "2038" cookie (that's when it expires) and the text ads.

Only someone of his towering parnoic calibre could write something like that about Brandt, who in the Search community is regarded as little more than a sad joke. One wonders why the register thinks this does them any good?


Pretty ironic...

...that the article is full of giant ads (which my Firefox Adblocker swiftly removed!).

So much for the non-commercialization of the Web, The Register!

>Ironic I wrote that I tho


I wrote that I thought the same at the end of last March
"Google is evil"

though we give them 60% of our article content space for articles... WTF

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