Getting sued for blog post..


So it seems that my old hosting company are now looking to take legal action against me for “slanderous” material posted to my blog.

I guess I could just take the posting down, but it’s more of a matter of priciple now.

Anyone know a good lawyer? ?

Details here



James contact me when I get

James contact me when I get back to Blighty. I am currently in Poland atm, though my personal viewpoint on the matter is that effective SEO for them would be more sensible than threats of litigation


thats what its about, mentioning lawyers legal action etc...

If they won the floodgates would be open, for countless webmasters who have complained about hosting services etc...

Theres a big difference between someone compalining on there blog and writing an article for the

Most courts are good at being dismissive of bullying tactics for smaller companies/individuals

"for “slanderous” material"

Yes M'lud we are a big hosting company and this blog which is read by only a few 000 people has damaged our reputation and impacts on our future business and credibility are words to that affect

Always cover your back but its a scare tactic

not 100% in the right

A lot of hosting companies try to ding you on the way out - like these folks are doing. But that's part of doing business. You should have either paid up, or read the TOS. You're in the wrong for not paying. You're correct in that it's a greasy practice and they should pay attention to their customer's complaints.

One blog response yacks on about 'Freedom of Speech' like it's a legal fact. The pounds sign in the cost makes it likely that the blogger isn't in the US - and outside the US the fact is, 'freedom of speech' that americans cling to like it's a worldwide 'right', is something the rest of the world doesn't have, ignores, and gets along just fine without.

Oh please

>>rest of the world doesn't have, ignores, and gets along just fine without.

I have some friends in China that would really like to have that 'right'. One of them has a grandparent that was imprisoned for ignoring the lack of that right.

>>slanderous” material posted to my blog.

Back on topic -

Freedom of speech shouldn't be confused with the right to say anything you like. Freedom FROM harmful speech is also a protection, depending of course, on where you live.


Am I misreading, or are you saying that for £40, you're letting them hold some of your client's domains ransom? Something doesn't sound right with that, who would let a host hold client domains for such a petty amount of money? You sent the notice too late, just pay up and move on.

Oh, and everyone should use this as a strict rule: Never, ever, not even if you save a few bucks, should you register domains with your hosting company. Well, ok, if they're throw-away spam domains it probably doesn't matter, but don't let yourself get into a situation where a hosting company can hold your domains hostage.

No difference

Theres a big difference between someone compalining on there blog and writing an article for the

There would be no difference in the responsibility to get one's facts straight.

Encourage them to sue

It's good link bait. TP did wonders for Aaron. They even got him a Wikipedia page.

tsk, tsk

The response would have more effective if the the grammar and spelling were more correct.

That was a formal response to threatened legal action, so web rules don't quite make the grade.

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