Jason Calacanis the new Ted Leonsis?


From this morning's SES Keynote:

SEO is bullshit, if you generate a web page with good content Google will rank the page properly.

Good recaps here and here

Looks like someone already got started on Jason Calacanis


ridicules statement

SEO is only bullshit if rank doesn't matter. If rank doesn't matter then money doesn't matter.

Wow, please say somebody booed!

Because if no one did, well then that says more about us (as SEO practitioners), than him if no one booed....

I'm still not sure how this

I'm still not sure how this guy got to think he was so awesome. He sold an Adsense sweatshop for, what, $25M? If somebody told us the media company we spent the last year working on was only worth $25M, I'd jump out the window. Then he went to Netscape and installed a shitty Digg clone. And then got fired.

SEO might be bullshit, but Douchebag Charlatan is no career path either, son.

And, FYI, JC. Your new employer buys into SEO in a big, big way. Ask me how I know...


My thoughts exactly scoreboard.

Let me get this straight...

Calacanis spoke at a conference called "Search Engine Strategies" - is there a clue in the name? - to announce that "SEO is bullshit"?

I take it he'd cashed his cheque first...

Well, it appears that he

Well, it appears that he doesn't know what he doesn't know.

Job security...

Well... more job security for the folks that have the know how to get the job done. Because the more that people keep hearing how 'easy' it is, the more they'll find out that it is not a 'field of dreams' where you build it and the visitors will visit. Yes virgina, err... Jason, SEO is real. It just works in many ways.

Reminds me of this recent post from "joel on software" talking about how software programming was touted to be as easy as using lego blocks soon...

You have to wonder why they

You have to wonder why they were selling all those gambling links on his spamsense network if they had no belief in SEO. What an idiot.

Ignore Jason, and keep the

Ignore Jason, and keep the attention on Ted where it belongs. Trust me :-)

umm I was there and he did

umm I was there and he did not fucking say that.

What he said was that people need to concentrate on making a better site instead of ranking better in google and to that I totally agree with him.

Ah. In that case, I retract

Ah. In that case, I retract what I said.

listen again

Yes Shoe, he DID fucking say that. Here's the audio. It's at the beginning of part II.

While "making a better site" is always a great strategy, it's way too obvious (if you sit at any conference session) that people still don't know how to structure their sites and still have basic dupe issues, etc.

Word for word from the audio

...at the last Search Engine Strategies or whenever it was I said I thought SEO was bullshit and I do


Jason definitely said it so perhaps you should use some of that ShoeMoney and buy a hearing aid ;)

He's pretty much an idiot though to get in front of a large crowd that does SEO and call their profession bullshit. People have been dragged out into the street by an angry mob and beaten for much less.

That's twice...

I recall Shoemoney spouting bullshit.


It's not the full interview but snippets of the key parts


that's twice I recall

that's twice I recall Shoemoney spouting bullshit.

And the real info to be learned... that people are counting or even aware enough to count. That says much more than the words.

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