Boy Million and Blogini


Ya know, I just don't know what to say. Start with this. Then check out Blogini. Ignore the grammar in the bright red letters at the top of the Blogini page, or chuckle like I did.

Now take a deep breath. Clear your mind. Now...what words come to mind?



What will they think of next?


Rehash the one million pixel project, back it up with one of those ass-ugly sense-assualting one page sales sites and what have you got? Blogini!

I had leftover spaghetti for supper last night, that's what this project reminds me of. No $5 for you!

The burning, please

stop the burning. my eyes. my poor eyes.


I was lucky enough that all of the spots wern't taken!

Otherwise I would have gotten a message like, "Your To Late!"


viral natural backlinks for only $5?


"get laser-like targeted backlinks that will explode your traffic"

For a day or two? I don't see how these links won't be immediately devalued by all SE spam control teams.

"By simply telling us which keywords or keyword phrases you want to use, our professional team of search engine specialist will then search for the best possible places to build a slow steady growth of keyword phrases and targeted anchor text, on multiple servers, data centers and IP C blocks, all pointing back to your blogs or website's."

For $5?

Blogini is Very Clever

You'll notice that his keen sense of advanced SEO means he is targeting misspelling in a big way.
This is an excellent ploy in what would be an otherwise difficult area in which to rank.

He should get a lot of search traffic from would be bloggers with dyslexia


This will appeal to the same people sitting home stuffing envelopes in their spare time while their MLM scraper software cranks out thousands of AdSense websites an hour.

So what are you saying, Bill?


I know of two

people that the idea appealed to...

Either that or WTF and wanker were just too foul to let go unchallenged.

Earning and Income

Earning and Income statements made by our company and its customers are estimates of what we think you can possibly earn.

Gotta love it. Front and center, for all to skip over on the way to PURCHASE.

One Word


At least they've got balls

Not any old privacy policy for this lot. They lifted it off, ahem, FraudWatch International.


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