Google To Stop Answering


In a cynical attempt to hide their dark heart, Google circle the wagons yet more tightly. They won't even let people ask them questions any longer:

Adieu to Google Answers


Best ask a question quick

Why are you closing Google Answers down?

(As they don't bother to explain)

Why are you closing Google Answers down?

Your answer is probably in the blog post... The people who participated in Google Answers -- more than 800 of them over the years.

Seems an odd choice, given

Seems an odd choice, given Lycos, Yahoo and a whole host of independent websites are ramping up their [admittedly entirely free] user-answers verticals

how many

Does anybody have a count on how many mini sites google has... like totally all the blogs, all the labs stuff, etc..

eight HUNDRED?!

Wow that's low

Actually Was A Useful Resource

The comparison is really more with one of the freelancer sites than with the free answers sites. Unlike at the free answers services, the folks posting at Google Answers actually delivered high quality content at a very low price. It was a cheap way to outsource research for a website or a business plan, with the downside that whatever you got was posted online at a centralized site for anyone to steal.

I wouldn't be surprised if the all knowing Google saw some of the answers that were posted reappearing on other sites and decided that offering scraper bait was not the way to go.

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