IAC to Make a Local Play

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Via MarketingVox comes news that on December 4th IAC will create a new service that merges Ticketmaster, maps, Citysearch, Evite, and Ask.com. They are going to launch it under the brand AskCity, but outside of that it sounds like they had a great idea.


CitySearch and Ticketmaster

CitySearch and Ticketmaster need to be pared with local search. Alone they are lost in the crowd.

Evite and Maps are niche and can't win enough in their niches. They, too, need to be bolstered.

Aparently Google-The-Search-Engine is not accessible enough to them, or perhaps too much of a competitor. Ditto for Yahoo!. So they have their our own search engine (Ask), which could bolster the other products. Ask hasn't been able to hold a search audience against Google and Yahoo!, so the bolstering won't happen unless they can get a search audience. Hence, a rebranding effort around local search intent. Enter "AskCity"

How about a tagline? "AskCity. Not that much different than CityPages, SuperPages, Sidewalk, etc."

I hope they realize it's a branding campaign and spend on that instead of interation technologies.

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