Google shuts down Gaia


It looks like it was handled in a civil manner none the less the project was shut down by Google.


+1 Google

That's the way to handle cease and desists. Lawyers second, and only after some civil discourse.

+1 Google?

Somehow I don't think Microsoft serving a C&D on an "open source" project would ever get a +1 from anyone, but Google seems to be able to do no wrong

Yeah I agree wheel, that was

Yeah I agree wheel, that was nicely handled by all persons involved. Classy even

So if the RIAA

Asked you nicely to delete your pirated MP3s, you would? And then you would go online and tell everyone how nice the RIAA is for politely asking you to remove them?

We let Google off the hook more than Republicans let GW.

haha... well Russ, to be

haha... well Russ, to be completely honest, I don't have any pirated mp3's or movies.

russvirante, Google Earth

russvirante, Google Earth shows digital data that doesn't belong to Google--we license it and make it available for free. This project broke the internal protocol (not sure if it was encrypted, but probably), and that runs the risk of breaking the contracts and deals that Google signed. So it's not the same as your analogy. Personally, I think the Gaia project was wonderful to be so understanding.

Shame on You Russ

C'mon Russ it's not like they archived people's websites or scanned their books without asking and then slapped a bunch of ads around it or something ;-)

Google handled this in a

Google handled this in a manner that allowed for the maker of the software to escape unscathed and as a gentleman. Most companies would of had lawyers sending threatening notes. Google's avoidance of that shitty behavior that is worth noting and praising.

There are so many reasons to dislike Google, but this isn't one of them.



Meow! (But LOL)

Well done, Matt!

I think...

Gaia was right in the way they handled it, I think Google, however, needs to decide where it stands on all these issues of copyrights and IP...

They want to have their cake, and eat it too. Plus put some ads on it.

I agree

Google totally handled it the right way. However in general they do seem to be pretty selective in following 'da rules

Getting better, but is it

Getting better, but is it worthy of a plus one?

To be generous, this is another sign of Google trying harder and making it's case rather than flexing it's might. For that, kudos. However, given that there are still many cases of TheMightyGoogle flexing it's might sans such consideration for "intellectual curiosity" and the like (SEO comes to mind), I won't award a +1 yet.

Google and Gaia

People.. Google literally had no choice in this matter.. they do not own the maps.

Data does not belong to Google, it is licensed under certain conditions, which include unability for third parties to access raw data. Be those conditions continuously broken, Google will no longer be permitted to use the data, so not just no more Gaia, but no more Google Earth.

If I got a letter like that from Google explaining the reason why... I would of done the same thing Gaia did.. shut it down..

None of the parties in this were trying to do anything bad.. it looks like a bunch of people testing stuff... and some stupid licence stopped them.

Also for your full information.. this is the inital post:

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