TIME Magazine New Online Archive spans back to 1923

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TIME Archive - 1923 to the Present
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News comes in via ni that TIME magazine have published a complete archive of all articles (over 266.000) and covers spanning back to 1923 when the US magazine launched. See the threadlink above.


The archive is organized into a series of collections including health and people all neatly sub-categorized. Also all of the TIME covers (also by category aswell as date) are available and although you can't copy this stuff, if you can't find a "fair use" benefit from this little gem then there's probably no hope for you :)

So, if you're writing articles or researching topics then i'd make that a top priority for the toolbox - have fun!


Automatic subscription

Note that you have to take a Time subscription with automatic renewal to access the articles. Useful resource, though!

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