ThomasB says there's something going on at Google...

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Big changes in Google
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Seeing changes like after an old fashioned dance at the moment at The backlinks are completely the same though, which is kinda weird. The only notable difference, except the rankings, from what I currently see is that does not display the "New!" right after "Groups".

As the changes are across all keywords and it looks more like a mix-up then new sites coming in I wonder if we see another algo update. But have a look yourself:
( comes in at 8)

and there's more so follow the threadlink above. Anyone care to agree / disagree with thomas?

Im off to bed so i'll leave that one in your capable hands :)


Theres something bigger than Google coming.

What is the component that drives Google? Advertising. Google right now is the number one vehicle of choice for advertisers on the Net. But what happens when mobile devices connected to the Net outnumber PC's? Where do advertisers turn then? Find the vehicle of choice for mobile advertising and then you will have found the next Google, no, much much bigger.


Im with you there VG, if you have any insight on this i'd love to see it so do start a new thread and file it under "mobile" - i know your website has a fair bit on the subject but putting into terms we can all understand over here would be great :)

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