What Danny Did Next - *updated*


Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Land Launches December 11

Search Engine Land is a new search news blog launching December 11, 2006. Danny Sullivan, along with Chris Sherman and Barry Schwartz, will be providing information about search engine marketing and how search engines work in general, from a searcher's perspective.

Whither (wither?) SEW?


Just another information source...

Personally I don't think that this will effect SEW a great deal. Sure, Danny Sullivan is a big name that people follow, although for actual content published to SEW it is mostly by other authors. I will certainly add his RSS Feed to my aggregator, although I won't visit SEW any less. What will be a real test for Incisive Media is when Danny begins his own Search Conference to rival SES. When/if this happens, a lot more reliance will be put upon monetising the SEW site.

It's The Others As Well

... or do we think Barry and Chris will still be posting on SEW?

As far as I Thought

Barry and chris are on contracts (like danny is/was) with incisive and havn't mentioned anything about leaving SEW (indeed Danny is set to "Train" Chris on running SES full time over the course of next year) so i doubt there would be much point in that if Chris wasnt on a leash ;).

I Am Leaving

I am not on contract. I do it month to month and I am leaving Nov. 30th with Danny.

Chris's contract is up at the end of the year and he is coming over the first week of January.


well I can be wrong :), I must have missed it ;), now I really do wonder whats going to happen to SES

Buying an Empty House

No question there's lots of value associated with SEW but what were they thinking when they bought that thing and nobody was on a long term contract?

This is the same old school

This is the same old school thinking that has print news dropping reporters/columnists to 'aid' transition to the web.

They simply do not understand that when information is the draw the makers of unique content, especially those with trust stature, are the real value on-line.

If it weren't so sad it would be funny watching MSM in 'deja vu all over again' again and again and ...

Best wishes to those remaining at SEW. May you be properly appreciated by the bean-counters and here's hoping the site itself continues to prosper.

Best wishes to the Mr. S'es. May your creation match expectations.

street cred

>especially those with trust stature, are the real value on-line.

I was in Vegas this past week and was wiling away the idle time between restaurants & bars giving some thought to the difference between Danny And Company and other search industry wannabes. Now, there really isn't much difference of perception at the "retail" level as those new to, or on the fringes of, search marketing are easily led. BUT at the pro level the difference is so strong that it's almost palpable and quickly boils down to trusting Danny personally.

I think SEW is in for a big loss. In fact, I think it's already in a noticeable decline.


I think SEW is in for a big loss. In fact, I think it's already in a noticeable decline.

Ditto, rc... I'm seeing it too. Danny, Chris, and Barry are a superb combination. I'm looking forward to Dec 11.

SEO Soap Opera - The Days of

SEO Soap Opera - The Days of Our SEO Lives

The players move around so much, it feels like soap stars switching lovers on a daily basis. Who's with who this week? :)

Lisa paid by the word

Lisa does a good summary of feelings on this over at Bruce Clay's

Lisa said it well; here is my 2 cents

I personally have experienced the short term thinking (some say incompetence) of a major publishing company. It's nothing new, but still sad mainly for the end-user beneficiaries of the brand until they learn where the real value and talent has moved.

Probably most of you have seen "The Corporation", and I know that parts of it are not really relevant here, but I believe that short term thinking is inherent in "The Corporation" (maybe even Apax Partners, Inc.) no matter what form it takes. Here is a short trailer in QuickTime for those who havn't seen the movie = http://www.apple.com/trailers/independent/the_corporation.html

The problem with SEW

The blogs were great but the forums were too slow.

People interested in community and opinion go for rapid responses like on TW or WMW, but SEW is sloooow, and other than reading the few initial posts, I just can't follow those threads unless I take up a class in watching paint dry just to learn patience.

Hell, the AdSense forum @ SEW is so slow sometimes I get a reply a month later.

Time For Goodbyes

The farewell speech

I am saying a sad goodbye to my days administrating and moderating the Search Engine Watch Forums. In just over two years, an incredible community has sprung up over there, with nearly 15,000 members.

And a forum thread for the virtual gold watches - Best Wishes, Search Engine Watch!

To be presumptious, I don't doubt that I speak for everyone at TW in wishing you good luck and good times ahead.

PS - I can't help but agree with NickW about the name, mind.

The King is dead, long live

The King is dead, long live the King

>forum thread for the virtual gold watches

With just the right amount of forum spam to remind everyone of the new venture.

Not enough

Nope not enough forum spam... Needs more, some folks, like me, still just don't care.

Will Search Engine Land also

Will Search Engine Land also have forums?

Don't know. Offered, but

Don't know. Offered to set him up with one for free, but Danny possibly has other plans if he's going to get one done.

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