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It's not quite the parasitic hosting that was on Ebay last week, but the UK government's new E-petition site allows you to submit your own petition on a subject of your choice and with a campaign site link. With a bit of imagination and lateral thinking, why not get a nice link for free - how anyone would benefit from having a link on .gov site though, I can only imagine? ;)

I've put one in, but you have to wait for a manual approval so I'm not yet sure how effective it is, thought the heads up would be appreciated. I'm sure the talented threadwatchers out there could quickly set up campaign related page on the site and pull a bit of the old bait and switch if accepted.


Not any more

Well they may have been worth something until now. I just talked to Matt Cutts and he personally told me that domain is now crap for passing trust & PR ;)

are you sure he meant that?

because if thats the case then thats pretty crappy isn't it?

Every petition submitted to the site is vetted by a human to check its a genuine petition. That means that if a petition is listed, and since they have chosen not to use nofollow, then those links are exactly the sort that should be counted as positive votes to a genuine website. I may not agree with much Tony does but even I wouldn't accuse him of trying to get a few links to Viagra sites in before he jets off into the sunset.

So why would Google decide this quickly that links from the site are crap? I'm having trouble imagining that in the, what, three(?) days since it launched the site has come to the attention of Google, they have checked it out, made an informed decision that they won't count those links, sent word to Matt in Vegas about it and are giving an official comment on it?

Too serious

You must have missed the ;)

On another note, I know from other trusted sources that Google has discounted links from other .edu domains that sold links. I can only assume they would do the same for .edu domains that allow anyone to post their own link.


oops - the drunker I get the more serious I get :(

Well, I take it back...

I got my link, but they must have been inundated with lots of viagra and gambling petitions, as they've made the links no follow.

>> as they've made the links

>> as they've made the links no follow


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