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Doing a bit of ego surfing this morning I noticed an embeded map link in one of the results. I've checked a couple other SERP's that I have verified the address for the company name and didn't see it anywhere. I like it I'm just not sure what's triggering it (screen shot after the jump)
michael gray - Google Search



I can't duplicate that feature by searching a few ways for the same keywords. Do you have your browsing experience customized in some way? I also do not have the "Try your search on..." links at the top.

It could be that Google was experimenting for a while, or for some subset of users. Also could be a new feature that has rolled out to the Google data center you were hitting, while it hasn't rolled out to the one I'm hitting.

From looking at the source code of the page where that feature appears, I'd guess that Google might make that link appear if they identify a street address on the webpage, and that address is easier to identify as a street address versus other info because it was coded with the XHTML address tag:

<ADDRESS>Michael Gray, CPA
<BR>1265 South Bascom Avenue, Suite 106
<BR>San Jose, California 95128-3533
<BR>(408) 918-3161<BR>Fax (408) 998-2766
<BR>email: <a href=""></a>
<BR>© 2006

I wonder if Google would do the same thing if the address is coded in the hCard microformat?

Would Matt Cutts care to comment?

not customized

Not logged int google when browsing, I get the same result in IE, and I'm on

Google often tries different

Google often tries different UI experiments to test out new ways to help users. This is one of those tests. Personally, I think it's neat to be able to get a map right there from the search results.

Bascom Ave.

...ahh, sounds like home sweet home...well, close to it at least.


Thanks Matt...

for the quick answer to Graywolf's question. Did you confirm the XML tag was part of the reason that UI test was possible?

I just returned from Webmaster World's Pubcon and I am delighted by the standardization of the extensions to robots.txt and the format.

A question was raised in a session by about validating spiders on Wednesday and all four engines responded with an answer by the end of day Thursday.

I am heartened the responsive attitude Google, Yahoo, MSN and
Ask have have adopted towards the professional webmaster community. Google launched Sitemaps a year ago, and it has pushed all of the engine towards a dialog with webmasters. That conversation has become a 2-way discussion and it is getting better every week. Both sides are benefiting from it.

Thanks again to Matt Cutts, Vanessa Fox, and everyone else who makes it happen.


not XML

I'm pretty sure it's not the XML tag, another listing on this page, with some really ugly coding

that example I can see

You're right, the code is uglier.

Well, it's possible to identify the address info without the XHTML or hCard formatting. Use of those just makes it a little easier to identify, I thought.

Address identification can be done through pattern matching of common layouts of addresses.

Here's another interesting example:

For Le Papillon, the address isn't on their front page at all. Map link is perhaps shown for those websites associated with business listings in Google Maps.

I like the UI of this quite a bit.

Wasn't this a stated benefit

Wasn't this a stated benefit of including yourself into Google Local? It may not have appeared before, but I think I recall it having been proposed as one of the benefits.

saw this too

I found this on a few SERPS as well today. My 2 cents: start using the hcard microformat - even if that's not the case here, there are already spiders out there indexing microformats. It's going to become a lot more popular. A potential bump in exposure (going forward) for very little effort. Use the hcard generator.

I tried this search on Kate

I tried this search on Kate Beckinsale. Unfortunately, it didn't provide her address.

Now there's a man...

...with good taste.



its better to search for Kate Beckinsale on Google. As far as I know no one has installed the maps feature on Kate Beckinsale as yet.......

Yeah, but it must have been funner...

...searching on Kate Beckinsale than searching on Google.

"Oooh, stahp that, eet tickles."


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