Anyone Looked at Threadwatch in Google Lately?


Duplicate Content Hell... Id love to see this site outrank DP for all things search related.


meta descriptions

Somebody sort them out. Will be interesting to see the results.

I don't think TW really

I don't think TW really relies on SE rankings any more....

Been noted before. If Drupal

Been noted before. If Drupal generated unique meta-description tags for pages, likely there wouldn't be so much of an issue to report on.

Right. It's actually indexed

Right. It's actually indexed quite well; how google displays sites in "site:" search with duplicate meta-data is a different story.

Damn Drupal...

Yeah, threadwatch definitely gets enough traffic w/o the rankings - but it just seems fitting that a site with such great SEO info / news should perform better in the SERPs...

blame the craftsman

not the tool.

If you implement Drupal poorly that's your fault. Your theme/module can do whatever you want to meta tags. If it's a default Drupal setting, where is the issue you submitted to request it be fixed?

Joomla is the worst for SEO.

Joomla is the worst for SEO. It takes some hacking to get basic things like unique title tags for categories, otherwise it's impossible to set these. Drupal is actually much better out-of-the-box w/ SEO than Joomla. Both can be tweaked for optimization just fine though.

If I cant blame Drupal...

And I cant blame the implementer (lest the moderators rain down hell upon my threadwatch account), who can I blame?

I got an idea - how about blame Google for their frickin ridiculous assumption that same title and meta means same content altogether...

thats a nofollow russ..

thats a nofollow russ.. Google might seek revenge too

RE: Meta data...

If you are really bored, you might just write up a meta description tag that pulls from one of the posts on the page, from the original post's wording, or have an editor create a 'summary' post and have your template set to use that summary post as the meta. I think you guys approve each article right? A little extra work if you really cared about SERPS... or like I said, just republish the main post for the meta description or a comment as the meta data. Lots of creative ways to get around this.

node keywords

It's called node keywords:

Does the job automatically (to the extent you think that's important...)

I have observed TW in and

I have observed TW in and out for a long time. A slong as WMW continues to shed knowledgable members, no need for SE referrals.

Looks OK today

I checked the link again and either someone fixed TW or it was a temporary Google glitch which has been happening often recently as it looks normal from here at the moment.


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This was already covered a few months ago ... ... assumed someone fixed it back then.

Obviously not.

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