Ted Leonsis: Uber SEO or About to Have A Reputation Management Problem?


I'm thinking the latter. From John Andrews blog:

Ted Leonsis is Vice Chairman of AOL. He wants to control the Google SERPs for his own name. He doesn’t need an SEO, because he is an SEO. According to the Washington post story, Ted Leonsis was driven by a desire to rank for his own name about a year ago, so he started blogging.


I hate to give good people bad news, but that’s not SEO Mr. Leonsis. You did not “get..into the algorithm”. You don’t own those top spots in Google for your name, you see, it’s simply that no one else wants them.

Watch a hoard of bored SEOs start optimizing for “Ted Leonsis” starting in 5….4…..3……2…..

Business kept me from making PubCon, so some Ted Leonsis SEO might be my fun for the week.


Pity he wasn't called...

...Jack Nicholson or John Wayne, because then he'd be ordering SEOs by the dozen :)


Don't people take penicillin when they catch this from a hooker?

I feel a "Santorum" moment

I feel a "Santorum" moment coming on...

Ted Leonsis

Ted Leonsis my friend you are an idiot.

This is gonna be bad... really bad..

Tracking the Buzz

Tracking the Buzz on Ted Leonsis via Technorati graphs and technorati. The preceding information was provided purely as informational resource for people looking for Ted Leonsis resources or Ted Leonsis blog posts ;-)

Should I, should I not?

Should I waste my time and reply to an already over hyped article of which has touched the nerves of over sensitive SEOs when most posts are pointing back to his own site therefore intern creating a double negative?

Or should I congratulate Mr Leonsis for beating most ardent spammers for creating the best link bait article this month?

Wow - 1.9 million

Wow - 1.9 million results?

Obviously a lot of people are looking to buy Ted Leonsis online. :)


>Or should I congratulate Mr Leonsis for beating most ardent spammers for creating the best link bait article this month?

Is it linkbait if you get bunch of people to compete on a phrase you didn't want them to compete on ... I don't think so ...

I don't see this as a

I don't see this as a ranking problem for Ted Leonsis. His personal site probably will remain atop the SERPs. The other 9 spots? See my previously suggested reputation management problem. A good SEO doesn't roll with one page.

He should also open and Adwords account ASAP...

Well... we know that google is big on links....

If you are an SEO you might use this as an opportunity to talk to your clients about the whole quality vs. quantity of links discussion.

Compare ol' Ted's reported link pop:
15,900 linking to ted.aol.com

to that of Wikipedia's page on him:
10 linking to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Leonsis

Sure this is likely to change over time, but at this point Wiki's page is ranking number 6 for this fairly non-competitive term with only a handful of links. And those 10 links are from? A couple of random blog sites and a few other wikipedia pages.

I would be willing to bet that with a bit of -real- seo in place on these blogs that link to the wiki, that a few seo'd pages on either of these two blogs about Ted, melkist.blogspot.com/2006/09/my-breast-friend.html and mp.blogs.com/mp/technology_unintended_consequences/index.html, could potentially rank fairly high for Ted's name rather than to just support wiki's good ranking on his name.

Your thoughts?


I would have to say that you have a vaild point on this.. other than the #1 result.. no one optimized for that keyword.. hence the other 9 spots or so are pretty well wide open.

Hey Founder...

Thanks for the reply. Maybe Ted will read this... (maybe)...

Now if he had a semi-competitive name like say... "andrew firestone" where he is competing for the general term firestone and against the 'luke-warm' famous name andrew firestone (reality TV)... that would be a different matter.

Or how about say, he had the name 'Donald Rumsfeld' but he wasn't -the- Donald Rumsfeld who just left office. How difficult would that be to SEO... lol? I remember reading or seeing something in the news about a guy by the same name who sent an editorial to the newspaper and there was confusion because he had the same name but was not -the- Donald Rumsfeld. He made a comment to the newscaster or journalist following the confusion story.. it went something like "...I've had the name longer than the guy in Washington..." Try to find that interview through a generic Donald Rumsfeld search at Google... Good luck. But if you could... that would probably be more akin to SEO than Ted's site.


At least he understands SEO lingo.... Snicker Snicker...

"I've got some nice photos," he said. "I've got to get those into the algorithm."

I did the bolding.

Yup can't wait till his pics make the algo... that should really be interesting... LOL

I wanted to make a comment about AOL being such a big loser and the fact that now I know why... but I just could not bring myself too... ;-)

If Ted Leonsis' name was

If Ted Leonsis' name was "Ted Leon-Cialis" then I'd probably better understand his infatuation with owning some top SERPS for his 'name'.....

Ted's Excellent Adventure

...is losing a little luster. Graywolf and Threadwatch are creeping up...

Ted Leonsis

Threadwatch currently is on the first page at #10 in google for [Ted Leonsis].

Aint nothing as bad as painting a big target on your own ass...

Uber SEO

I am still laughing at the title : Uber SEO :)

this is BULLSHIT

You know what... this is bullshit. A bunch of self important seo's getting huffy because someone took the time to try and learn something new.


Chill out professor...

Ol' Ted Leonsis is NOT attempting to learn, According to Ted "he does not need an SEO, he is an SEO"...

You really think it is "bullshit" to show Ted Leonsis and others SEO is not as easy as all that...

SEOs don't make money because SEO is easy. Anyone that goes around saying SEO is easy, is doing nothing but trying to decrease the VALUE of SEO services, thus decreasing the income of SEOs...

I don't believe that anyone here is going after Ted Leonsis's income. Yet he is in effect trying to decrease the value of SEO services across the board, thus decreasing the income of many on this board.

I think Ted Leonsis is lucky that a few professional SEOs are just playing around with him and have not gotten serious about costing him money...

I am chill. I think this

I am chill. I think this whole matter is still bullshit though. If he had been competing for something that mattered he would of figured out how wrong he was and we all know that.

A bunch of "professionals" to get in a huff about some guy who wants to rank for his name is embarrassing. Its like the Highschool varsity team trying to kick the crap out of the elementary school football team.. just to prove they can.

Emphasis on the highschool part should be noted.

Oh professor...

You miss the point entirely.

Ted's a big wig, someone at the top of the AOL food chain. When he makes blanket statements about SEO like that some other execs might actually believe it's really that easy. Then they all start attempting their own SEO just because it's so easy 'ol Ted can do it.

I'd suspect Ted's facing a rude awakening since he called attention to himself about his mad skillz.

FWIW, this thread appears to be in the top 10 for Ted Leonsis in Google, with wolf-howl about 3 below it and bless old MSN, the top 10 doesn't get any easier to manipulate than that, check out spots 4 and 8.

I'll bet he shrugs his

I'll bet he shrugs his shoulders and says what ever.. if he notices at all.

Oh I'll bet Ted Leonsis

will notice.

He may say 'whatever', but he will notice and I'll bet he backs down on the "I don't need a SEO, I am an SEO." crap as well.

Anyone want to start a pool on when GW hits #1 for "Ted Leonsis"? I think it will be December 9th 2006... Anyone else?

I hope it does...

For the kids, of course.

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