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SAN FRANCISCO (Nov. 13) - Web search leader Google Inc.'s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, sees a future where mobile phones are free to consumers who accept watching targeted forms of advertising.

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Founders Note:
Google is quickly becoming the nightmare for virtually all industries. They want to take over the News Industry (News.Google.Com), they want to take over the TV industry ( and, they want to take over your cell phones.. they want to take over your office applications (writely, google spreadsheets), they want to take over your radio (Google's Voice ads for radio), they want to take over your e-mail (Gmail), they want to take over your instant messanger (gtalk), they want alot...

And with my closing statement... they want to fill your cell phones with adsense.



A lot of unemployed smart people, empty buildings, a cute logo.

Name 3 things that will be left after the bubble breaks on Google.

A long line of bankruptcies

They could leave a long line of bankruptcies as print media, radio and tv stations fold until this 'bubble is over'

And I, for one...

...welcome our new Google overlords

Pop Culture

If you think of Google in terms of Pop culture, then you start to think when will the traffic just start to die. It seems like Google is trying so hard to integrate themselves into society.. 1) more money, but 2) better chance of staying in business. If you talk to the casual web user, at least a lot of the people that I talk to seem to not even be aware of the differences between Google, yahoo, msn, etc... they just know to Google something.

The question is, will the desperation to get into every business in turn saturate their name to the point of people wanting something new.

Okay, I'll bite :)

WARNING: Sarcasm ahead

> They want to take over the News Industry (News.Google.Com)
Which is why we work hard to send people AWAY from as quickly as possible and deliver MORE page views (and, indirectly, more revenue) to online newspapers and magazines around the world.

> they want to take over the TV industry ( and
Which is why we've made deals with so many media companies, why many folks have (IMHO rightly) claimed that YouTube and Google Video have breathed new life into flatlining shows, and how our video properties are poised to make content producers MORE money than they were getting before.

> they want to take over your cell phones...
Because clearly, if there was a GooglePhone, it'd be the only phone in existence. No choices. Just like you have no choice in maps, in e-mail... (forget about Gmail incenting other players to raise the bar and IMPROVE the user experience for millions of Webmail users around the globe...)

> they want to take over your office applications (writely, google spreadsheets)
Because, obviously, no firms will ever need the more sophisticated/complex apps available from Microsoft. And it's so mean for Google to pick on Microsoft... how could they ever defend themselves?! It's not like they have any experience in the office space.

> they want to take over your radio (Google's Voice ads for radio)
Yeah, I know, *I* love the existing ads on radio, too. So targeted! So life-enhancing. The thought of Google replacing those with more targeted, perhaps shorter or less frequent ads... that just hurts!

> they want to take over your e-mail (Gmail)
Totally! That's why we give free POP access so you can get your e-mail out, use Outlook (or even a paid Yahoo account) to bypass our ads instead of using our interface.

> they want to take over your instant messanger (gtalk),
Of course! That's why we built it upon open standards, so that you can use Trillian, Gaim, Adium, or one of a zillion other independent apps to chat with others.

* * *

Come on, Founder. I know, we went a whole week without conspiracy theories here and some might have been going through withdrawal. I sympathize, though unlike Matt, I'm still ingesting not only bagels but ALSO caffeine.

But surely you could come up with commentary that, if not more realistic, was at least more entertaining? Something involving Area 51 and Scully with a mohawk. Or Statler, Waldorf, and coats made of kittens. Sheesh.


Well we already know that Google is now housing the aliens from Roswell because there was too much attention place at Area 51. This happened a few years back.. well.. late 90s. In turn the feds gave Google a bunch of money which was used to fund Google Labs to come up with all this new technology and incorporate all forms of media in it, which would then become the new big brother... but big brother isn't Google, its still the Government because they Google the money in the first place to create all this stuff. It's not a coincidence that the word Government and Google start with 'G'

NSA Mainframes

My favorite is along the lines of, "How does GOOG get servers at 1/3 the cost of others?" Simple! They moved their datasets to the underground NSA mainframes all up and down the Eastern seaboard and along the tracks of the underground continental maglev, and the 1/3 is really just marketting gimmicks to finance the millions of put options needed to cash in and buy back the GOOG whenver it starts to fall :-)

Great idea imo

I've said before (see below) google should do something big picture to help the non-profit sector and help us tear up some bills. Taking out phone expenses would help big time so I'm all for Google Mobile or whatever it gets called.

Beyond non-profits, the impact on society in an information age of free technology and communications tools helps bridge the gap between rich and poor.

The Gates foundation was putting Google's token effort to complete shame, then Warren Buffet added tens of billions to the foundation, the two richest guys in the world are using money... when will Google use their innovative smarts to help out? Google mobile could be the first big step.

Google Heavy Lifting for Non-Profits

There is a big opportunity for Google to assist non-profit organisations. Giving money is one thing but providing cost price or free services is where Google could really make an impact.

I’m a Social Worker and run a non-profit service for homeless people.

What would it take to give non-profits:
* Free domain registration
* Free website hosting
* Free telephone calls
* Free internet access

The leadership at Google is obviously interested in making a difference, I’d encourage you to become more aggressive about enabling the ‘third sector’ or non-profit sector.

Few companies are in a position to effect real social change, non-profits are, so my call is to enable the entire sector.

To achieve this – focus on how Google can help with heavy lifting – what stuff do you already do that can decrease expenses for the non-profit sector or increase income for the non-profit sector.

There is a unique opportunity for Google given the capacity you have to effect social change by enabling non-profits.

Giving cash is boring, staff volunteering is boring, but hey the amount of money the Gates Foundation is injecting into the sector is shaming Google’s foray into support so far.

Are you serious about your involvement and offering for the non-profit sector or tokenistic?

So far seems tokenistic and unimaginative – come on there is real potential for Google to achieve so much, please be real and make it happen in 2006.


only if it comes on a nokia... hehe.. or if they can put out another one of those Matrix phone replicas.. then ill take one ;)

WARNING: Sarcasm ahead

WARNING: Sarcasm ahead ;-)

**Coz there's never fire where there's smoke...

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