MSN Messin' with Pics in Search Results [OLD NEWS]

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Try this Query......
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Well, check out the query above - pretty er.. noisey eh?

So MSN are playing around with images aswell as Google were reported to be - this is turning out to be quite the little "tit for tat" race isnt it?

kinda like

thanks blogoscoped


Nick, MSN has had this previ

MSN has had this preview feature for quite a long time it has just been buried on their site. I found an article on SEW from August 5th 2002 announcing this.

Thanks Tim

Dont you just hate it when that happens :-)

I'll let it run, it does no harm and its not the first time i've called something wrong hehe...

I'm curious...

.. what the general view of picture previews in search results is.

Do you like them?
Do you dislike them?
Does it clutter the page?
Does it make you want to click?
Does it make you NOT want to click?

On a related note, I use the Google desktop search tool and I noticed today for the 1st time that it is showing a pic thumbnail preview of pages it that it returns in a search. This may be new but is more likely that I just never noticed it before today


Make me want to find another search engine....

I don't like it because its u

I don't like it because its utterly pointless. At thumbnail resolution, what does an image of a page tell you? you can infer very little from it except colour scheme and possibly page layout.
With the exception of SEOBook there, which, if it had a little smaller heading, would be excellent branding, and easily the most dominant result ;)

I think that view is only sup

I think that view is only supposed to come up (unless you specifically enter preview.aspx as part of the query) if you...
1. Use IE
2. Use MSN as your default search
3. Use the search explorer bar

Under those circumstances, the text version of the SERP will come up in the left frame, and the preview images will appear in the right frame.

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