Lawn Care Company that Masters 'Link Bait' sparks online fury


Houston-based firm Garden Guy sent an e-mail on October 18 turning down a prospective customer by saying: "I need to tell you that we cannot meet with you because we choose not to work for homosexuals."

The recipient, Michael Lord, forwarded the e-mail to dozens of friends and it spread across the Internet.

Garden Guy's Web site ( ) makes no secret of the firm's outlook. "The God-ordained institution of marriage is under attack," it says at the bottom of a page offering patios and organic pest control, and asks browsers to go to

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How did they know he was gay?

Its not the sort of thing you mention when you ask for a quote.


At the time of this writing, the domain "" is available. I would capitalize on this opportunity except I'm too busy at work.

How did they know he was

How did they know he was gay?

That would be my question as well.

Link bait with an obvious flaw...

He in for a rude awakening

He's going to roll over and have a heart attack one day when he checks his logs and sees he is getting search referrals for search terms relating to gays. I wish I could be there.

How did they know he was

How did they know he was gay?

This happened in Houston, where I live. The local paper reported this:

"Mrs. Farber kept referring to me and my wife," said Lord. "I told her it was actually my partner."

So that's how she knew, after talking to him on the phone. No flaw, but was it just an e-mail with unintentional consequences or linkbait...


Gardening is gay?

When a man spends all day plowing those brown fields, getting fertilizer all over himself and then spilling his seeds...

Am I missing something?

Now I've Heard Of An "Uphill Gardener" East London's finest piss houses or Cottaging holes

>Gardening is gay?

Yes, gardening is gay. ...unless you use some sort of heavy construction equipment, say, a front-end loader. Then it's manly and fun. Also, grass-mowing is gay. However, if you're using the "Dixie Chopper" (world's fastest stock lawnmower) you aren't really mowing grass. That's just a by-product.

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