Text Link Ads Acquired by MediaWhiz


Patrick Gavin just pinged me to announce Text Link Ads has been acquired by MediaWhiz. The TLA staff will be moving to New York City and working as a part of MediaWhiz, a holding company offering a variety of advertising platforms.


Beat me to it Aaron ;)

Congrats guys!

More info here:

Press release

Blog announcement

Industry Validater

Great job guys. I think this is a real testament to the on-going legitimacy and improvement of Patrick's line of business. Congratulations!

Great news

Congrats PG - I'm sure it musta been a good fit with some good folks.


Great News! Congrats everyone at TLA! Great to get more SEO's into NY!

Mmm. New York is good. :)

Mmm. New York is good. :)

To Patrick, Andy and

To Patrick, Andy and everyone else involved with TLA, past, present and future, I am raising a glass to your good fortunes from this side of the pond and look forward to doing it with you in person next week in Vegas!

Congrats guys!

Congrats guys!

Congrats, guys. And let me

Congrats, guys. And let me give you an early and hearty welcome to The City.

Wow! These acquisitions keep

Wow! These acquisitions keep getting closer and closer to home. Congratulations and continued success to TLA and all involved.

Thanks TW Members

Thanks everyone. We couldn't have done it without all the great friends we have in the industry. Your support and guidance has been invaluable. Thx! Patrick

all the best

Well done guys.


How much did they pay? :)

How much did they pay? :)

Big bucks I hope

Otherwise those folks from Cincy are going to have a bit of sticker shock when they shop around for that Downtown apartment ;-)


Excellent news.

My commiserations to Patrick

My commiserations to Patrick on now having a boss. ;)

Good work fellers, you

Good work fellers, you deserve it

Have fun in NYC (hmmm bagels...)

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