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A new startup, ReputationDefender, will act on your behalf by contacting data hosting services and requesting the removal of any materials that threaten your good social standing. Any web citizen willing to pay ReputationDefender's modest service fees can ask the company to seek and destroy embarrassing office party photos, blog posts detailing casual drug use or saucy comments on social networking profiles.

Looks like the first of what will most likely be many steps to commoditize reputation management on the web for more "mainstream users". I bet there not nearly good enough to negotiate a truce between TW and IHY though:)


I need more than that site

I need more than that site! HAHAH

If we find an item of online

If we find an item of online content you don't like, we'll carry out our proprietary DESTROY process for you on that item for the one-time low fee of $29.95. This is where the rubber hits the road. It is an arduous and time-consuming process for our team of specialists, but we work hard so you can sleep better at night. You don't pay this till you command us to DESTROY unwanted online content.

wow - 30 bux will fix you up...sheesh

>command us to DESTROY

>command us to DESTROY unwanted online content.

I have a list of competitive sites I want nuked. $30 a pop sounds good to me. Can I pay after they are destroyed? Not that I don't trust these guys....

Andy Beal used to actively pimp corporate reputation watching as a service, but I don't see much above-the-fold space allocated to that nowadays, might not have caught on.

Makes me wonder

Wonder what kind of specialist we are getting to perform an arduous and time-consuming process for the same price as a oil change at jiffy lube ...

Wonder what kind of

Wonder what kind of specialist we are getting to perform an arduous and time-consuming process for the same price as a oil change at jiffy lube ...

Right on, graywolf. I love the idea as an affiliate model... bring in paralegals, arbiters/mediators, copywriters, and good ole schmoozers to get the job done. But $30?

Reminds me of buying a motorcycle helmet. You balk at the $450 price tag, glance over at the $40 cheapos, and the salesman says " oh, you have one of those $40 heads?"

Not new news, already exists for many years...

They call themselves Cyveillance and a few others just like them.

Not to mention sites like PicScout hiding in the weeds...

Good call graywolf

They should actually hire themselves - 6 out of the top 10 results in Google are negative (6.5 if you include half of the wiki article).

That was $30 PER ITEM :)

Looks like there is plenty of money in slandering people these days. I'll happily remove those pics & posts for $20 a time. Oh just remember I'll put them up somewhere else to collect my next payoff.


They should actually hire themselves - 6 out of the top 10 results in Google are negative (6.5 if you include half of the wiki article).

My coffee went though my nose... I need to remember not to drink anything while visiting threadwatch.


If you want to find out who the 'real' reputation managers are, put up a site putting down a US power company or a top fortune 500 company... then watch your logs and then watch your mail for a certified and registered letter from some lawyers office in Washington DC... (yes, I am talking from experience here)

The real so called "Reputation Managers" are very low profile, because suppressing free speech is a dirty business.


Too funny that page about Cyveillance. Too funny.

Gotta give IncrediBill credit for being on the cutting edge of blocking bad bots. He and I discussed Cyveillance back at the start of the year. That was just one of the companies but the only one out of Arlington...the hotbed of local terrorism these days LOL.

I'd hate to find out what federal grants are routed through Cyveillance, because that would just be so wrong for my tax dollars to be spent on that.

hey Bill, how about a post on dedicated to teaching the normal web master "how to block Cyveillance?"

Agreed John - Much credit...

to incrediBILL. I had asked him about the picscout sucker and he really helped me out with it which then prompted this post of his. His post is really the only clear information that I have ever seen about this bot online. A similar one about Cyveillance would be great.

*I remember Cyveillance*

When I was at Nokia they called on us wanting us to be a client. They showed us pages of other web sites using Nokia's images. One of them was a site telling people how they could transform a vibrating phone into a *ahem* personal device.

I remember it clearly like it was yesterday.

Rep: "Aren't you *shocked* that there are porn sites on the internet using your phone and logo to promote lewd activities?"

Me: "Well, ma'am as long as they buy a phone from us, I really don't care what they do with it."

The gal didn't have an answer for that. Needless to say, we didn't buy their product.

udpdate: reputationdefender contacts TheConsumerist

with, shall we say, questionable results on behalf their client, Ronnie Segev:

Ronnie Segev & ReputationDefender Can Eat A Dick

Terrific update rcjordan

I hope he is paying them a boatload of money because it is going to be a BIG job to clean up his serps. Actually after looking at the results so far - I hope he isn't paying them anything ;)

BTW - even his Wikipedia entry is going to need to be defended:

In January of 2006, he was jailed on charges of harrassment [1] when he called Priceline 215 times to secure a refund for a ticket he never purchased. In January of 2007, he hired ReputationDefender to attempt to remove references to this incident from the internet.[2] ReputationDefender sent requests for removal to many sites, but there are as of yet no known occurances of a site following the request.

Dear Ronnie,

I've reviewed your situation and, drawing deeply upon my 10 years of experience in the industry, here's a bit of free seo advice; Legally change your name!



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