Google Web Police (Beta)


Inside AdWords post about Google's mystery meat landing page quality score, which will be coming to content sites shortly:

In the next few days, we will be making two changes to how AdWords evaluates landing page quality. First, we'll begin incorporating landing page quality into the Quality Score for your contextually-targeted ads, using the same evaluation process as we do for search. Advertisers who may be providing a poor experience on their site will notice that their traffic across the content network decreases as a result of this change.
Why are you focusing on landing page quality?
The goal of our ongoing landing page quality initiative is to improve the experience of our users by providing high quality results not only in the ad text, but also once the user has clicked through to the site. We strongly believe that an excellent experience on the advertiser's site is an essential element in earning the continued trust of our users.

How arrogant is it for them to not mention any specifics in their quality score, and then apply it to third party websites without even asking publishers for their opinions? Who are they to determine the quality of a user experience on advertiser sites not owned by Google advertised on content sites not owned by Google? What would be the quality score of a cheesy Google Base page? Does Google think visitors to my sites are only Google users? WTF.

Given Google's lack of quality enforcement on the publishing partner front (even after using AdSense sites for internal spam training), why are they so out to short change advertisers and quality publishers?


price out the riff raff

Damn Aaron I came over to post about this but you beat me to it!

Well I can tell you from having been one of the "small number" of adviertisers affected by the last "quality improvement" there is clearly an agenda here to remove or price out the riff raff. I stand 150% behind that statement and it's not some off the cuff comment intended to outrage and stir debate.

Just so you don't think it's a case of sour grapes, I'm bidding on 3 times more keywords now than I was in July ...

Think for a second

If Google posts what they're looking for people will just cloak a squeaky clean page to the bot, which is why they don't tell you what in the heck they're doing.

The Rich Get Richer

By day, I sit behind the helm of a large media company and we are more than happy to pay a premium if the number of players in the market consolidates (the rich paying a premium to guarantee they get richer). By night, I think my portfolio of old-ass personal projects are about to be put on notice. Crap.

I would hate to be New Guy to the Internet these days. Mom & Pops in the flyover States don't stand a chance.

Quick Question

My problem with this whole police action thing that is going on is that it's akin to booting renters from an apartment complex.... after they pay the rent.

I am confused...

"Second, we're improving our algorithm for evaluating landing page quality and incorporating landing page content retrieved by the AdWords system"

I am confused here. I thought landing page content was a factor in the july update itself, seems thats not the case?


My interpretation of that sentence was that they are making improvements to that algorithm. It's not improving "algorithm for evaluation landing page quality" + "incorporating landing page content". It's that the algorithm scores landing page quality and content.

Bad technical writing rather than Cutt-style ambiguity.

Adwords to Adsense

If I'm getting it they are now applying the same "quality test" to ads that are served over content sites (ie adsense).

So if you're getting cheap traffic from adsense sites, you better hope you are giving a "quality user experience" or you will get pricejacked.

User Agent Cloaking

And let's not forget a "do no evil" company also fakes the user agent sending it as the googlebot first not the adwords bot ...

Is it any wonder I go all conspiracy theory when google gets in borg data collection mode

So will Adsense earnings increase?

So if they are applying this algo to content ads now, can we expect the same raise in minimum bids for content ads that we saw with search ads? If so shouldn't that equate to higher Adsense earnings?

Could be the case

Just about anytime you do a wholesale addition of MFA sites to your Competitive Ad Filter, your EPC's will go up. If this cleans house on that level of advertiser via Quality Scoring (the first round actually did a pretty good job of this at the expense of legit, established advertisers), you could see some earnings boosts.

Love the title. But not

Love the title. But not police, as much as military. Police maintain order and safety, military enforce the will of the ruling class.

Every day, Google brings us more rationale for serious organic SEO efforts with less and less PPC. Those who you who play both sides see the wierdness, but it's not designed with you in mind. It's designed to optimize profits for G with minimal (but adequate) benefit to advertisers, and minimal (but adequate) compensation to publishers.

I can only see it getting worse. Why would it get better?

Andrews, wow!

I love police, but 99% of the officers i come in contact with are militarized "Law Enforcers" that act like the brownshi[r]ts of the Third Reich more and more every day.

Yes, I know. Godwin's Law was created by Fascists in much the same way the real evil doers of the world are the first to claim they are (fallaciously!) Jewish (to hide under the taboo shield of Anti-Semitism).

What's with all this

What's with all this conspiracy/secret police crap recently on Threadwatch?

Load of bollocks if you ask me.

Amen, John

Every day, Google brings us more rationale for serious organic SEO efforts with less and less PPC.

We are witnessing Google speed up the evolution of SEO and SEM.


Gopi, it was a factor, but just for google search. Now are they are applying it to those who advertise on the content network.

My understanding this is just the same adjustment they made in the past to search results they will make to those who advertise on the content network.

As a publisher I would think this would increase my earnings.

A fair bit

of this has been going on before the official notification. Google has been slicing impressions on the content network for apparent offenders for a while. Without a min bid to work with on the content side its going to be tough to know by just how much you need to pay more to get a good position.

Can you imagine?

This change is like the July 11th and Sept 6th changes in that it will kick out ads that make G less money and give more inventory to ads that make them more money - plain and simple.

Given that all their changes are done to increase monetization rates, can you imagine any other monetization improvements they could make which they could manage to 'sell' as quality or other improvements while increasing how much they make per query or pageview?


Kinda, but not really

>>> kick out ads that make G less money and give more inventory to ads that make them more money - plain and simple.

That's certainly the short term effect. However the long term ramifications of this is that they will indeed lose revenue as the "quality advertisers" with "quality landing pages" will decrease the amount of money they bid in order to maintain their budget levels. Keep in mind that the vast majority of advertisers don't exactly want to spend more per click unless it converts much better as well. They would rather spend less per click and get more buyers. For the PPC engine, the reality is that as the RPC decreases and click increase it takes more search volume to make the same amount of money. Without more search volume the revenue will decrease over time with actions like this one by Google.

With Google you deal in a totally automated system that is largely devoid of human service. Those verticals that would normally maintain a higher RPC suffer in this situation because you're automatically removing ads from the system. The fighting for placement driving bid prices up will be far less, thus driving down the RPC. Good for the advertiser, bad for the PPC provider. Let's not kid ourselves here though G money is in it for the almighty $.

The real solution to Google's "quality" issues is not removing the ads and sites they feel under perform. What they should be doing is educating their clients on what improves quality at the site level which is a job that would fall to a properly trained account rep. Not doing the work for the advertiser but rather pointing them to better practices and principles to increase the quality of their pages.

But then again, for that to happen you'd have to be able to actually get a Google account rep on the phone AND hope they actually have some knowledge about good site usability, design, and marketing practices. Wow, wouldn't that be nice for a search company to be able to do on a serious level? God forbid it might help them to avoid policing content in the long run AND increase their average RPC in the process.

This is just another way for Google to shoot themselves in the foot. Bottom line, this is a service issue Google is avoiding through automation once again. Rather than help customers deal with quality issues they would simply reather ignore it altogether and let the advertisers fend for themselves.

So is this the death of

So is this the death of click flipping or am I overestimating it?


I agree with the thread, their stance on things has been mind boggling. It's almost the complete opposite of how a business should be run. You dick over the advertisers and turn a blind eye to the publishers.

Now I wouldn't have a problem with the QS system (even without them telling us the dirt) if they did the same thing for publishers. They'll approve anything, let you put ads up on everything, and couldn't track click fraud if someone was sitting at their desk doing it themselves. So the paid advertisers, the ones that bring in the revenue are subjected to stringent guidelines, but the inventory they are purchasing from is literally a joke.

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