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Google Maps for Mobile

From the pictures on Google Maps Mobile I'd say this might well be an absolute killer for you lucky buggers with neat mobile phones in countries where they have Google maps. Not living in such a country, or having a neat mobile though, im relying you you to to tell me if it's as good as it looks :)

Yahoo! to Build Mobile Phone with SBC

Yahoo! and SBC/Cingular, together with Nokia are to build and market a Yahoo! branded mobile phone, as Rafat says this is probably a precursor to other online behemoths moving into the mobile hardware space.

Nokia Launch Open Source Browser based on Safari

Back in June Nokia announced a partnership with Apple to develop an open source browser for mobile phones. They've just launched their OS browser along with an open source portal to mark the occasion.

Apple goes Video with iPod

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Apple have announced that in the US next week they will be launching a video-playing iPod with bigger storage space and a slimmer design.

LinkSys Cordless Skype Handset

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Oooooh, yes puh-leaze... Pointed out by slashdotters is this shiny new LinkSys Skype Handset - Only trouble is, with my slightly dodgy connection here in the country, im not sure i have steady enough upstream to do good quality VoIP :(

MSN & Yahoo In IM Love Fest

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A bit of buzz is generating that Yahoo! and MSN will make their chat clients interoperable. TechCrunch shares some insight:

AIM to Launch Presense Program, Easy Site Integration

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AIM are to launch a "presense program" that if im reading this clickz story right, will allow sites to integrate AIM so they can be easily contacted and display user presense.

Google Offer Free WIFI in San Francisco

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Call me paranoid, but the thought of a data mining company being my ISP would give me the screaming heebie geebies... Reuters report that GOOG have offered the city of San Francisco free WIFI.

UK VoIP Starts out at £5 a Month


UK's "Switch Call" have announced an ambitious service to simplify VoIP calls by offering a regular phone number, free handset and "low cost" VoIP calls for £5 a month.

AOL TotalTalk Rolls Oct 4th

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A new VoIP service from AOL called TotalTalk will roll out October 4th via the beta AIM Triton client. "TotalTalk includes: a "soft phone" (free PC-to-PC calls and PC-to-Phone calling capabilities via a Preview Edition of the AIM Triton client), unified voice, e-mail and instant messaging, enhanced voicemail and call management capabilities, and the ability to make and receive calls on a home phone line from anywhere users have access to AIM."

Yahoo Shopping Search on Mobile

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Ysearchblog has announced that Yahoo has a beta of shopping search available for mobile. You can find more information here

eBay to buy Skype for $2 billion

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After speculation and more suitors than Pamela Anderson at a bucks party, Skype is said to be sold to eBay for around $2 billion USD, according to the WSJ via Reuters.

Ooooh Yeah! Open Source Skype Alternative in the Works

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Oh Skype, what have you done? We talked about how Skype should go Open Source a while back, and whilst their platform bid is a step in the right direction, it may not be enough.

Coke Machines to Vendor Mobile Content

Source Title: Coke-Vending Machines To Sell Mobile Content, in Ireland Source Url: Story Text:

In Ireland, Inspired Broadcast Networks have inked a deal with Coca-Cola to sell mobile content from coke vending machines.

Google VoIP Options Explained

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The Times "Diary of a former teenaged millionaire" written by Benjamin Cohen investigates the various options available with VoIP, and is good background if you haven't quite got your brain round what is going on with VoIP. And just to show that its not just TW readers (don't know, maybe Mr Cohen is a reader here) that are cynical/sceptical about G and privacy, his final paragraph is

Skype Signs First Mobile Network

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Skype have signed their first deal with a mobile network. The German company, E-Plus, will start shipping phones with Skype from October according to a story first published in The Enquirer. There are more details in the followup InfoWorld piece

The iPod Phone Cometh...

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Get ready for an announcement from Apple, Motorola and Cingular next week on the new iPod phone you've almost certainly heard rumoured over the last few months.

Skype Not for Sale - IPO?

Source Title: Skype Insists It Is Not For Sale; IPO Another Question Source Url: Story Text:

Skype may not be for sale, but it'll have to get it's financial arse into gear as it's losing it's hold on the sector rapidly. With news of MS buying Teleo this morning, aswell as the recent GTalk launch the VoIP scene is starting to look crowded.

One Tool to Rule Them All?

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…"Now it's starting to happen. Wi-Fi has redefined how consumers consume mobile media. Combine Wi-Fi with cell phones and satellite radio, and you can create an unbelievable social device." ~ Wired on Amp'd Mobile

Doctor Who, Red Dwarf go Mobile

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I've not seen ANY of the new Dr. Who's as our satellite isn't quite powerful enough to get BBC, but im a HUGE Red Dwarf fan, and on that basis alone i thought it worth pointing out that you can buy episodes for your mobile :)