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More Google Testing with Mobile Friendly Notices

Google testing always keeps us on our toes. What is served up in a sidebar or in the rich snippets varies at an alarming rate and ultimately it is Google that decides what you are going to see.

Google now warns users when a website is not mobile friendly, right in the search results

Here is another reason why websites should start looking into developing mobile friendly websites.

Record numbers streamed World Cup games from mobile devices

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently released some information regarding World Cup view

Love Android but hate Google? Now you can have a Google free Android device!

With the help of some linux hackers, you can now have an Android phone, that is completely free of Google's software!

Google Now Indexes Mobile Applications and Displays Them In Mobile Search

Google announced yesterday that they are now able to index pages with in a mobile app and then display them with a coresponding site with in mobile search results.

Page One or...oblivion...?

Article looking at CTRs on mobile devices.  Essentially, the point here is if you're on page one, enjoy it, but if you're not, things get dicey for ya...

Google Is Starting To Creep Me Out Big Time!

If you haven't heard of Google Now yet, you really should take a look at it....a serious look at it....This mobile app/platform tracks your movement

Google's Databoard - Didn't they say info-graphics are bad?

I've been having a play with the Google Databoard and it seems to have a lot of potential.

Current State of Smartphones (Infographic)

Infographic is a bit shallow, but gives something of an overview.

Internet for the Masses - Google take a lot of crap....

.. but for reasons like this, this is why (on balance) I still love the company.



Google announce Changes in rankings of smartphone search results

Google’s official blog has just post about changes to the search result for mobiles.

Google introduces quick view

Google has intorduced quickview. Here is a quick round up by barry on the subject.

Google Wants To Predict The Future With New Acquisition

Google recently announced (via) the buy of Behavio, wh

Google Gets Slap on Wrist For Stealing Passwords

Back in 2010 Google admitted to using WIFI receivers installed on their Google "Street View" cars to download d

Google Expected To Fire 1,200 Employees

In conjunction with prior layoffs last year, Google is expected to lay off 1,200 employees with in t

Google Is Building A New *Secret* Wireless Network

Google recently applied for an experimental license from the FCC to "test up to 50 base stations and 200 user devices [...] Base stations will be indoors and outdoors, with the range of each 100-20

Breadcrumbs Are Back!

Jakob Nielson recently touted breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs won't help a site answer users' questions or fix a hopelessly confused information architecture. All that breadcrumbs do is make it easier for users to move around the site, assuming its content and overall structure make sense. That's sufficient contribution for something that takes up only one line in the design.

Another Reason to Cringe Before using WiFi (as we approach conference season)

After reading this article over at Yahoo Technology I began to remember some "experiments" at previous search conferences. Then I began to wonder how soon someone would turn an "experiment" into reality and really start being evil.

Microsoft Marketing Widgets for Mobile Browsing with ZenZui

Not wanting to be left out of this week's mobile marketing initiative announcements from Google and Yahoo that won't matter to anyone except those of us who write "It's the Year of Mobile Marketing" and/or "It's the Year of the Widget"* blog posts, Microsoft announces wireless widgets designed to "deliver personalized marketing messages to cell phones."

Google Launches New Mobile Search Engine, Yahoo Launches Mobile Ad PPC

According to a Seroundtable Google and Yahoo have launched new solutions for mobile users. Google introduced new search engine for mobiles and Yahoo has started a mobile ad Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Screenshot of new Google search engine: