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Google announces new adwords daily budget overspend limit

Google announced that Adwords can now overspend double the daily budget but Google will credit back any overdelivery over the monthly budget.

Google moves to restrict ads for addiction queries

Google will be limiting ads related to addiction queries, as reported by several outlets including

How much do influcencers get paid to post ads? ad prices and CPM's

According to estimates from Emarketer, social influcenr marketing may be more than a billion dollar i

Google brings video reviews to maps

Two weeks ago, users who are part of Googles Guide program  got a new feature to shoot 10 second videos from Google Maps app.

Googles latest response to YouTube advertiser boycott: New site category exclusions for display network

The changes to improve 'brand suitability' are  detailed on this Google help page were

FB Says its not counting accidental ad clicks anymore

Facebook is finally taking action on invalid clicks, which is good news of advertisers.

Watchdog group EPIC asks FTC To investigate Google Offiline tracking for privacy violations

In May, we posted about Googles announcement of new capability to track online/offline interations and attribute them to Googles ads.

Affiliate Summit Acquired by Clarion Events

Most of you know Affiliate Summit and Missy Ward and Shawn Collins, and it's just been confirmed that Clarion Events has acquired Affiliate Summit.

Can decentralized search engines distrupt search?

The two players that I know of this in this space are presearch and bitclave .

Google warns about links in guest posts and sponsored posts

Google released a post today

Google's AdHub (beta), system might just connect ads to offline buyers

Google said its Ad Hub, in beta, should be able to connect advertiser budgets to buyers making offline purchases in stores, through its tracking and credit card transactions.

Princeton and Stanford Say They've "Ended the Ad Blocking Arms Race"

A team of researchers has invented a new kind of ad blocker that "reinvent[s] how ad-blocking works."

AdWords Exact Match is About to Become...Inexact

Do you use exact match targeting in AdWords? Then you'll want to read about this.

Ads on the Top, Ads on the Bottom - Google Test Makes SERPs an Ad Sandwich

AdWords ads are now displaying in the top 4 and at the bottom, also in a group of 4, in this new Google test.

Blank Ad Units in AdSense

The code looks ok, everything is set up correctly - but still, these users are getting blank ad units. That costs people money and creates a poor user experience.

It's Not Easy Being Green for Google AdWords

Webmasters and suspicious searchers flipped their lids when Google changed their AdWords labels from yellow to green in June.


In an effort to provide easier access for mobile users to webpage content, Google announced it will start lowering the rankings of websites with "intrusive interstitials" starting on January 10, 20

Was the 3 Ad Limit Lifted For AdSense?

Used to be, you could only have three AdSense ads on a page at a time - but no longer!

Ads in the Three Pack

On April 21st I reported that ads were spotted in the More Places section of local results in Europe.

Survey: Shoppers Prefer to Start Their Search With Amazon

A new survey found that "Amazon is the preferred starting point for product search."