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What Do You Think of Google's New Minimalist Ads?

There's a new ad unit design on the block for Google AdSense. And it's pretty minimal - white space, a little blue text, and nothing more.

Another week, another way to be assaulted by ads

Just a week after Google started testing a very sneaky color change for ads in its European search results, they now appear to be testing ads in loca

AdWords is Getting a Redesign

The form - but not the function - of Google AdWords is getting a redesign.

What's The Real Impact of the Google AdWords Shakeup?

Last month, Google changed SERPs so that ads no longer display on the right side of the screen.

Bing Ads Experiments With SERPs Ad Copy

Usually when you have an ad in Bing Ads, you get to choose your ad copy description that appears in SERPs.

Google Gets Tough on Disclosure

Google's new best practices document asks bloggers who receive free products to disclose so in their review and to only use nofollowed links.

Is Adsense a Dead Horse?

The death of adsense is a common lamentation on many SEO and web marketing forums.

Repeated violations of G webmaster Guidelines will lead to futher action

Google says that repeated violations of their webmaster guidelines will lead to further action

Resellers Are Coming to Yahoo!'s Preferred Partner Program

The reactions to this piece of news run the gamut.

No More Adobe Flash Ads on Amazon!

You may remember that Firefox began blocking Flash by default back in July. I've personally been gettin

Ad Blocking "Blocks" Around $22 Billion in Global Ad Revenues

That's a lot of "lost" income!

The AdWords "Buy" button takes a test run

Last week, Google AdWords implemented a "buy" button which will lead to a retailer-branded product page that is

Penguin is "months away"

Penguins aren't known for their speed - neither are pandas for that matter!

The AP now pubilshes 3,000 robot written articles per quarter

According to this article, within minutes of Apple posting its record setting quarterly e

Google Confirms Core Search Change

Wikipedia Break The Internet

Facebook vs Google as Advertising Platforms

Facebook is making impressive gains with its Custom Audiences platform. I always like an "underdog" story.

Google Announces A Continually Updating Penguin Update Coming In Next Few Months

At SMX, Google announced that they will be releasing a continuously updating penguin update over the next view month. This is a GOOD thing, given the low frequency of current updates.

Tumblr Introduces GIF search

Get just the right reaction gif for your blog using Tumblrs new feature.

Blue Button That Allows You To Buy Right From Pinterest Coming To the US

One small step for pinterest, one large step for online impluse buying. Pinterest is bring buyable pins to the US.

Another Google Panda Refresh Expected In The Next 2 Week - 1 Mo.

The moment some of you may have been waiting for for the last many months may be coming more here