Five (5) Under-Appreciated Sources for Local Link Building Success

The original Google algorithm of the late 1990's and early 2000's didn’t prioritize local intent and geography when ranking websites.

Google Mashes PPC and Organic Listings Together in Local Results Revamp

They kind of bury the lede (in my opinion) in this article's headline:

The Growing Need to be Multilingual

Even though 55% of the Internet is written in English, only about

Google is Biased? Noooo Way!

So here we go again talking

Pigeon update undone?

A recent study posted to SearchEngineLand has come to the conclusion that Google has rolled back the Pigeon update.

Apple Watch and Local Search

Aside from the new Apple Watch cool features like the sports tracker, Siri, the heart rate monitor, and my favorite, Apple TV navigation, how much of an im

New York authorities fine 19 SEO companies after writing fake reviews

BBC reports that the New York local attorney general's office set up a fake yogurt shop in Brooklyn and sought companies to help promote it's online presence.

Local SEO for Non-profits

Chris Silversmith of Argent Media posted over at Web Marketing Today talking about how non-profit organiz

Hidden addresses showing on Google Maps

Mike Blumenthal posted about an issue that many people have been for

What to do if you have multiple business locations?

There's a great article by Miriam Ellis on creating and optimizing landing pages for local search if you have several locations.

How Voice Search May (Might) Influence Local Search

Alexis Gui talks about the Impact