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Where is Ian Turner?
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UPDATE: Ian has been Found!

This Page Contains the Facts as We Understand them. Media, Press and Bloggers Feel Free to Use Anything Here, Anywhere you like...

This post is a continuation of this long thread on the same subject Please post comments here, not there.

Ian Turner of Romsey Associates based In the UK went missing on Saturday 25th or Sunday 26th of June 2005 after attending the WebmasterWorld Conference in New Orleans.

This page has been created to give bloggers, journalists and other media as much facts about the case as possible. The majority of information comes from Search industry attendees of the conference in a long discussion on this website.


Ian Turner moderates the UK & Ireland forum on WebmasterWorld, the organizers of the conference. He is a partner in an internet marketing consultancy called Romsey Associates based in the UK and is well known in the Search industry.

His disappearance has caused much concern amongst the Search community and many have posted to their blogs and websites in an effort to gather more information to help his wife, Ali Turner work with the UK/US police to find him.

Full description as given to the police

What We Know

  • He has been missing since Sunday, June 26
  • He's not claimed on his travel insurance, so we know he's not hurt but aware and in a hospital somewhere in the US.
  • eurotrash saw Ian in the lobby of the Park Plaza hotel (yes, the Park Plaza) on Saturday
    morning, June 25, around 8:50 am:

    "I am almost certain he was wearing the same shirt in the pic above on Friday night - not sure about Sat morning - sorry." Picture is the one at the top of the thread.

    "He was totally lucid - no different to any other times I spoke to him that week. I asked him when he was going home and I only remember him saying that he was going to do
    some tourist stuff - I seem to remember (but can't remember why) that he never had too much time to do the tourist stuff. I can't remember him mentioning Atlanta. I though he
    told me he came through Gatwick/Cincinnatti and I would have presumed he was heading out that way also."

  • Web Footed Newbie saw him Saturday afternoon

    "My last sighting of Ian I believe was on Saturday afternoon in the French Quarter near Chartres and St. Louis streets. He was by himself and I think he was wearing khaki
    pants and a light colored shirt."

  • amesa is pretty sure of seeing Ian on Saturday night

    I'm pretty darn sure it was Saturday eve when I saw him on Canal street near the hotel. Ali, I sent a detailed sticky to Brett Tabke (with my contact info) as did another
    person from our group who has the same recollectio

  • It's confirmed he DID move to the Monaco Hotel -- WHEN??? Saturday night???
  • DaveN said to SEW Forum moderators he understood that Ian's plane ticket WAS used on
    Sunday to reach Atlanta but his ticket to the connecting flight in the UK wasn't
  • Ian did NOT make it to the SEW Forum event in Atlanta that happened after the WMW event. He WAS NOT seen there.
  • Receptional said:
    "I was checking out of the Hotel (Park Plaza) Friday morning and Ian was checking out behind me, to move into another hotel he said. Ali has said in the WMW Mods area that he checked back into the Monaco Hotel from there"
  • DaveN said, regarding the use of Ian's plane ticket
    "it was used but we don't know by who as yet... if that makes sense.. the police should have reviewed the cctv by tommorrow.."

What We Don't Know, But Would Like To

  • Did he really get on the plane in New Orleans at Atlanta?
  • Did he get on the connecting flight from Atlanta to ???
  • Did he get on the flight from Cincinnati to Gatwick???
  • Did his luggage arrive at any of these places

What We Need

  • His itinerary as planned for Saturday onward. Where was he supposed to be and on what flights?

What Has Been Done To Find Him So Far

  • Police in the UK are coordinating all information on sightings -- contact details at the top of this thread
  • The UK Foreign Office has no record of him contacting any UK embassy but have put an alert out
    • Is the alert just to the UK embassies worldwide, the US, or to where?
  • Various places in the search marketing world have spread the word
  • designz has asked his brother in law in New Orleans to spread the word in clubs in the French
  • Kellie-Ms B lives near New Orleans and is happy to contact hospitals or other local entities
    in that area
  • O'Briens -- a club I gather he was in -- has been notified in case he went back there after visiting on Friday. They have a photo.
  • Television has not yet been contacted for fear of disturbing Ian's children, some of whom aren't aware he's missing. FYI, Joseph Morin has
    that he passed info to contacts at CBS News (one of the major US television

    networks) who passed to contacts at CBS in New Orleans and that they also called CNN Atlanta. Contact him if you want him to push anew in this area. This was done before it
    was known TV involvement wasn't yet wanted. Ali and Joe are in contact.

How YOU Can Help

  • Please spread the word, use everything at your disposal to get this information to as many people as possible.
  • Contact Ali Turner, Ians wife on ali.turner (at) hot-smoke (dot) com
  • Contact the UK authorities, they are coordinating with the US authorities (please do not contact US direct). Speak to DC Cole at Woking Missing Persons unit +44 (0)1483 655081 or email him cole10437 (at) surrey.pnn.police.uk

If You Wish to Discuss, Or Ask Questions

If you are a member of the press please contact Ali Turner directly on the above address. If you would like to ask questions, or add information, then use the comments in this thread. You will need to register if you do not already have an account (only takes 1min). Or, speak to Ali Turner directly (if non-trivial, im sure you can understand she's very busy and very worried), or, email me, Nick W at nick (at) threadwatch (dot) org, or, if for any reason you wish to further information anonymously, please use the form located here and simply use a fake email address. Any information received in that manner will of course be flagged as unconfirmed.

Fingers Crossed

The entire Search community has rallied behind Ali to help try and locate Ian, he's a good friend to many of us and we all wish for his safe return. If you can help, PLEASE DO

You May Copy Anything You Wish

There is no need whatsoever to contact me or anyone else about using material found on Threadwatch in regards to Ian Turner - use it as you wish, how you wish.



Thread continues

Small change of plan, as the previous discussion was getting to long to follow coherently, i've opened up comment here, and will update the post above based on information received.

Please, if you're following other discussions around the web and notice something we dont have here, do post!

New Orleans Flight

The most basic information, if anyone is to provide useful assistance is "did he use his ticket in New Orleans?"

Without that info, we are searching the world. With it, we are searching a much more focused area. Surely the police have been able to determine that by now? Or have I watched to many crime shows?

Posted to PI group

I am a PI in CO and TX. I came across the information on Mr. Turner at the SEW website. I have posted the information on a Yahoo! PI group where the majority of the members reside in Louisiana (my home state). I will continue to pray for Mr. Turner and his safe return to his family.

Shannon Smith


I've just had a 2min conversation with a couple of guys, we've got $3K pledged to hire PI's - we need city, and ali's approval.

I've emailed her.

ANyone else wants to help financially, pm me - the link is at the bottom of this post. or email


Nick - My personal opinion is that it might be a bit early to bypass local law enforcement - I am sure the New Orleans police would be very cooperative, as would the local media. But is this where we should be looking? Or Atlanta? That seems like such a basic piece of the puzzle to me.


The plane ticket

The post at SEW by DaveN is

Chris it was used but we don't know by who as yet... if that makes sense.. the police should have reviewed the cctv by tommorrow..

Ian has not used his email account since friday, I'm helping out his business partners at the moment, but the last Positive sighting was saturday morning the day before the flight.. I was one of the last to leave on sunday and didn't see Ian saturday or sunday, and I was in the hotel all the time.


plane ticket

You have to present a drivers license along with your ticket to get a boarding pass, you have do it again to get into the security checkpoint, and you often have to present it a third time to get on the plane. If his ticket was in fact used (which has NOT been confirmed here by Ian's wife) it would certainly indicate that he left New Orleans.

Update physical desc.

Could we possibly get an update on Ian as far as any changes to the picture above? Does he wear glasses all the time? Was his hair longer, shorter? How tall is he? (6 foot what?) Eye color? Did he still have his beard? Does he jog? (The reason for the last question is (http://www.11alive.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=65561).


his ticket was used

aside from the fact that it was used by someone there is no confirmation that it was actually Ian

Does anyone have an

Does anyone have an approximate height/ weight of Ian? I seem to remember someone saying he is "unusually tall"...I think that needs to go in FACTS information up top.

Also, what are his mannerisms? Is he soft spoken? Ian may not know his own name, he may be wandering with no papers on him. People need to know how to ID him by looks, mannerisms etc.

The pic on this page looks good

I know that this pic was taken 2 months ago in Stanstead. He looked just like it last weekend. - Quiet and mild mannered in my opinion.

But the fact he is unusually tall...

that is really a key point that is not mentioned anywhere. We need basic facts for people on what he looks like.


>aside from the fact that it was used by someone there is no confirmation that it was actually Ian

Has Ian's wife personally told anyone or posted anywhere that the New Orleans ticket was used?

Per my earlier comments, it is almost impossible to board a plane here with someone else's ticket - especially if the ticket shows an overseas leg.

Re: ticket

Surely all it takes is your own ID in the name of "I. Turner"?

A trivial point, perhaps, but one never knows what might be
important. Ifthe "I. Turner" who flew from New Orleans was
our Ian, he would very most likely have used his UK
passport for ID. The old-style UK driver's licensehas no
photograph -- and it does not expire until one's 70th
birthday, so unless he had had to replace his original
license (unusual) Ian's own driver's license would not serve
as ID. Probably not possible after all this time tofind out
what kind of ID was presented, but!


yes, Ali told this to Dave

yes, Ali told this to Dave and said this in the mods thread at wmw and I have seen no confirmation anywhere that they know it was him.

>> it is almost impossible

that's why we don't know for sure, it is not impossible

he was around my height though it has beeen a while for me, someone would have to confirm but he was somewhere in 6'2 - 6'5 I think

I don't think that's him.

I don't think that's him. Look at the earlobes. They're different. The one in the 11alive.com page doesn't have a pointy bottom like the photo of him I saw earlier.

That's not ian

NOthing like him IMO

I updated the thread again to link to ali's description as given to the police:



We now have just over $4K pledged for hiring PI's from 5 people. (pm me) and ali's tentative go ahead - what we'd like to do is just wait till tomorrow i think to see if we get a 100% fix before comitting - money should be put to good use....


bum link Nick

Jill thats not Ian... in the

Jill thats not Ian... in the last five years in have not seen Ian change from the photo on this thread..

Ian moved to another hotel which the UK police are looking into.. at this moment in time it's safe to say he was last seen in New Orleans, and after looking at CCTV from the airports he was not identifed has being there.

I'm in daily contact with Ali, we know which hotel he went to but we are letting the police do there job first. before saying anything


Thanks jatar, changed the

Thanks jatar, changed the perms - will work now

I met Ian while smoking

I met Ian while smoking outside at WMW in New Orleans. If he made it to Atlanta, and had enough time before his flight to England, he may have gone outside to have a cigarette. If and when it is confirmed that Ian made it to Atlanta, I would imagine there is video footage of him inside and outside of the terminal.
I don't pray very often, but, I will tonight.

confirmation from MSN

said they'll post something soon, hope it helps.

Thank you

very verifying and updating desc. I didn't think it was him, but the fact that someone could be sitting in an Atlanta hospital, unidentified, is one of those often small leads that may amount to something or connect to something.

Post from Webwork

Webwork has a good post over at WMW - (Message number 16) asking some relevant questions.

confirmation from Google

should see something on the google blog soon.

Did he book an Airport Shuttle reservation?

Many people took the Shuttle to the Airport instead of a taxi. Has anyone checked with the Airport Shuttle service in N.O. to see if Ian booked a reservation with them? They have to be called in advance to reserve a spot - you have to leave a name & hotel - Their number is (504) 522-3500

Regarding the family plea for no press

The press is the best friend to have at a time like this. They will put his photo up for everyone to see. If he is disoriented as a result of injury widespread reporting of his picture is imperative.
The uncomfortable aspects the press bring along are outweighed by the possible good!

Ali is out for a few hours,

Ali is out for a few hours, but she did mention packing the kids off for a few days so she may well open up to the media idea.

Someone went ahead and alerted everyone they could despite her wishes, her comment was "bet he doesn't have kids then!" - fair point, the little ones are a priority too. (please dont link if you know what im on about, we should stay focused on finding Ian)

We've now reached $5750 if we need to hire PI's (pm me, or

) - that's not settled yet, and we'll need more, so if the decision is made, then a new thread will be put up - for now though, thankyou everyone who's pledged a bit of cash - like one guys said to me, and a few have said here and elsewhere, "we look after our own"...

I met him and ran into him a

I met him and ran into him a few times at the conference. He's about 6'4"-6'5", maybe 180 pounds? Not overweight, but a bit of a belly. The picture looks just like him.

He appears as though he doesn't really worry much about his appearance. He has the mannerisms of an easy going person. Soft spoken... A gentle hand shake. When he walks he takes soft steps and sort of flows along more than most people... I can't think of anything else right now.

This was my impression of him.

Start PPC Campaigns

I've started a PPC campaign on Adwords for "Ian Turner". Hopefully it will go live ASAP. If we could flood the page with others, it will probably help for someone to get the right information and lead them here to the facts.

Thanks Nacho & Post Updated

Great Nacho, thanks. Not missed your pm, just a little tied up :)

I've updated the post to pop in another good pic of ian, face on. Thanks to Serious for that!

Update on man in hospital

He's been ID'd and the article has been updated, along with removal of the picture of him. Article says "Hospital officials identified him with the help of a private investigator."

PPC on Yahoo! Network is LIVE

The ppc campaign for "Ian Turner" on the Yahoo! network is submitted and LIVE.

Hotels in New Orleans - Chartres Street

Here are a few hotels I found on Chartres Street in New Orleans. Hope this helps. I live in New Orleans I would be happy to assist in any way. You can email me at

Hotel Provincial - 1024 Chartres 504-581-4995
W Hotel - 316 Chartres - 504-581-1200
Le Richelieu - 1234 Chartres - 504-529-2492
Quarter House - 129 Chartres - 504-523-5906
Omni Royal - Chartres to St Louis (1 block) 504-529-5333

Adwords Site Target?

I have some Adwords funds left over from a G coupon. If you think it's a good idea -- once it's determined whether New Orleans or Atlanta should be targeted -- I can take a shot at setting up a campaign to target some local sites. Don't know how long site owners will let it run once they see it, but it might be worth a shot, nothing to lose.

Any suggestions for ad wording and sites to target appreciated.

I know everyone wants to

I know everyone wants to help, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respect the wishes of the family.

Please, Don't make this more difficult for for Ali and the kids than it has to be.

I understand it is already too late and the media has been notified. This should NOT have been done without Ali's permission.

Ian maybe our friend but Ali is his wife and her wishes in this matter MUST BE RESPECTED, no matter if you agree or not.

We all want to help - But lets use our heads and common sense and most importantly we MUST respect the family and their wishes.

Family Wishes

>>Ian maybe our friend but Ali is his wife and her wishes in this matter MUST BE RESPECTED, no matter if you agree or not.

Well put.

Wholeheartedly agree, that's

Wholeheartedly agree, that's why the "If you think it's a good idea" in my post above. Would not do anything without the go-ahead.


I've pointed the links from the blog over to this new facts page to help centralize it more.

Can we pin down the flight thing once and for all? DaveN is saying the ticket was definitely used. Dave -- you heard this from Ali? Ali, you were told by the airline? And if so, can you help clarify that the airline was sure it was Ian.

I agree with the above -- if his ticket was used, it's almost certain Ian that was on that plane. You don't get on planes in the US without photo ID, and it gets checked several times, including just before you walk down the jetway. Slight, slight chance someone else might have used the ticket, but not likely.

Pinning this down once and for all is crucial, because if he was on that plane, then we need to be having people in Atlanta looking around, not focusing on New Orleans. There's a lot of confusion on this front.

An itinerary of where he was going after Atlanta would be helpful, too. Was he supposed to stay somewhere there for a day or two? Or was that just a layover to Cincinatti, as someone has suggested, from where he was supposed to go back to Gatwick. My understanding from all this is it sounds like he got to Atlanta, but we don't think there's any evidence he went on from there.

Pinning this down once and

Pinning this down once and for all is crucial, because if he was on that plane, then we need to be having people in Atlanta looking around, not focusing on New Orleans.

I agree that there should be more focus placed on Atlanta - and Cincinnati, but I think the only way New Orleans can safely be ruled out is if there is *official* confirmation from authorities that Ian definitely boarded the plane for Atlanta - as in positive identification by security or flight staff, or surviellance video. I think someone has already said this - surely, the flight staff on board the plane would have noticed someone of Ian's height. Until it can be positively determined, rather than speculated, that Ian was indeed on board that plane it would be unwise to rule out any possibilities. IMO New Orleans is the most logical place at the moment as no one has seen or been able to place him anywhere but Canal Street and the French Quarter.

It was mentioned that no one has reported seeing Ian or his luggage in Atlanta, and it was mentioned that he didn't make the Atlanta SEW event. Did the flight out of New Orleans terminate in Atlanta or go on to another city? or was it diverted? (If he got on the plane in New Orleans, did he get off in Atlanta?) If planes were diverted because of weather, perhaps someone who has access to the flight numbers could check with the airlines involved to determine if any of Ian's flights were affected.

Some Posts Removed

Those that have been here a while no that virtually nothing but blatant spam is removed here - we simply don't have to, and im proud of the way the members work here.

This is a delicate thread however, and certain lines of speculation will not help find ian.

I've nuked quite a few.

This is just the way it is, if you have a complaint, pm me, and i'll ignore you :)

Please let's focus on things that will help find ian and leave general speculationa and opinion to phone/im/whatever

thanks everyone, no pm's sent - i can't be arsed.


from what was originally shared we know that the ticket was used from NO to ATL and the only confirmation that it was him is our faith in regular procedure.

His flight was late and he missed the connection which was going straight to London, no other US city from what Ali posted. The lay over was originally supposed to be 2 hours and I am not sure when the next flight he could have gotten would have been.

You are doing a great job Nick

You are doing a great job Nick, let me know if there is anything else you want posted on a couple of non-search blogs. TW is #1 in G for Ian Turner Missing and #6 for Ian Turner. AdWords is running too!

Great collaborative effort everyone.


His flight was late and he

His flight was late and he missed the connection which was going straight to London, no other US city from what Ali posted. The lay over was originally supposed to be 2 hours and I am not sure when the next flight he could have gotten would have been.

Atlanta is a major hub. If he missed the direct flight out of Atlanta, the airline for the flight he missed might have put him on a flight to another US city that had a later flight to the UK. Does anyone know what airline he was supposed to take back to the UK? It should be possible to narrow down the city he may have been diverted to.

The hotels around the Atlanta airport should also be checked.

His flight was late

"His flight was late and he missed the connection which was going straight to London, no other US city from what Ali posted. The lay over was originally supposed to be 2 hours and I am not sure when the next flight he could have gotten would have been."

Is this confirmed???

in case anyone missed it



I was just talking to mick

I was just talking to mick about this, and he said he'd seen it somewhere...

thanks msgraph, that's good to hear, at least now we know!

Ian has been FOUND

Just spoken to Ali... Ian is in Atlanta at the moment without passport. We are working on it at the moment to sort it out. Is anyone on the ground in Atlanta???

Keith is in Atlanta

Keith is in Atlanta

What do we know?

The cops should have had enough time to view the airport footage by now and confirm whether he made it to Atlanta!! They are impeding the search by not telling us if he made it there. We still don't know where to start looking.

Somebody lit a firecracker under their _______. Tell us where to start looking!!! That's what we currently need to know.... and we don't. That is the current problem that needs to be solved.

Before you delete my post for not being helpful, I think letting the cops know that we need this info quickly is very helpful.

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