Threadwatch Member Guidelines

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Do's and Dont's for General Discussion

  1. Please play nice, Threadwatch members are valued above all else. Spirited debate is cool, rudeness and disrepect is most certainly not.
  2. Please keep discussions on a professional level.
  3. Threadwatch is not a Q&A forum. We are not here to help you with your website.
  4. We do not do religion or politics here
  5. When quoting from other websites, please use the minimum "fair use" amount of text needed to illustrate a point and lets avoid any potential copyright issues
  6. Self promotion is not generally welcome. Avoid signatures and taglines or overtly promotional posts. Generally speaking, personal link drops are not cool unless highly relevant to the topic.
  7. If you wish to discuss an edit, these guidelines, or anything falling under the rough description of "moderation issues" please take it up with me in private via the pm system
  8. No whining

Some Important Legal Stuff

  1. All posts belong to the posting member, the views expressed by members on do not necessarily reflect the views of this website or its owner.
  2. Members of grant licence to to edit or remove posts in accordance with these guidelines. Members also understand that requests to delete posts may well prove impossible due to system constraints and thus grant full and unrevokable permission to publish anything they submit to this website.
Translation: If the shit hits the fan, it's all your fault and im not responsible for it. The last bit about permissions is just to cover anyone that suddenly wants a whole bagload of posts removed. Sorry, but it would just wreck the system. If you do have a problem on individual posts though, im almost always here and cant imagine not granting you the courtesy ;-)