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Omg! Google Knows How Long You Stay At The Pub
July 22nd 2016, 19:48
SearchEngineRoundTable reports that Google Shows How Many Minutes People Spend At Venues   I know that this is based upon aggregated data, but I don't like it.   I think that how long people spend at a pub or coffee shop or restaurant or nail salon or massage parlor is private information
Marketing Ideas For Selling Trade Journal And Print Magazine Subscriptions
July 22nd 2016, 19:07
Marketing print magazines is difficult as you know, but magazine publishers refuse to give up.     For trade pubs, they need to vet qualified subscribers who get the publication for free. There are rules they follow, such as every 3 years requesting updated info to see if they still qualify and/or want to continue to receive
Accessibility Tutorial For Learners And Educators
July 22nd 2016, 13:58
Hat tip: WebTeacher    New Accessibility Tutorial for Learners and Educators     Something this tutorial does that you don’t often see is offer instruction in ARIA attributes such as ‘aria-labelledby’ and ARIA roles such as ‘list’ and ‘listitem’.    
Hi All, Long Time No See - I Want To Sue Google..
July 21st 2016, 17:26
Hi everyone, its been years since I have been on, how are you all? I have had the run around from google (long story) and wish to take them to court, does any one know for *sure* the name/address of who to put on court papers to sue google adwords if you are an customer of
I Don't Want This Client. They Are Refusing To Take No As The Answer. Help!
July 20th 2016, 13:51
Here's one...and yes, I'm "too nice" but I'm way past that now and trying to not be rude and unprofessional.   A local woman with a website was referred to me by an existing client who refers me often.  The site is a theme forest fee based WordPress theme with 18 plug-ins holding it together.  It was

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Could anyone analyze my site and give some advice?
July 24th 2016, 00:14
Hi all, I am pretty new to SEO. At this point I am trying to create relevant content for my site, and have listed myself in all the local search directories etc that I can find. Any tangible and easy to understand advice would be so appreciated.... tips on things I can do
Yahoo Local
July 24th 2016, 00:06
Is there any way to get a free business listing with Yahoo anymore or do you have to go through aabaco or stupid YEXT
How relevant has to be a blog/site for the advertiser?
July 23rd 2016, 18:20
Hi, I'm newbie as an affiliate manager and I'm currently holding an affiliate program for a company related to learn English aiming to Spanish ppl. I am in the look of affiliates with high ranking learning english-type blogs; however, most of them are direct competence with my company in the sense...
One Question in my Mind, Google not detecting paid links and how Google detect links
July 23rd 2016, 10:48
Hi, Forward this to Matt Cuts also if any Google employee here read posts silently:eoops: My competitors using paid links from many websites which provide this service, i not mentioning names here and they are in good rankings, even Google not able to detect them, i read somewhere that Google...
Social Media Explained
July 22nd 2016, 18:27
Saw this today and had to share :mrgreen: Attachment 936 (