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How Google Can Determine Trust
May 27th 2016, 12:43
WebmasterWorld Members discuss trust, and how it's determined by Google.
New Google AdWords Summary of Innovations Coming in 2016
May 25th 2016, 10:36
At its Performance Summit presentation Google announced a number of aspects related to AdWords and to analytics. Here's a summary of the AdWords announcements.
Google's Paris Office Raided By Investigators
May 24th 2016, 15:22
Google is accused of owing the French state Euros1.6bn, or $1.8bn in unpaid taxes.
Web Census Shows Top Trackers are Google, Facebook, and Twitter
May 23rd 2016, 09:41
"All of the top 5 third parties, as well as 12 of the top 20, are Google-owned domains."
The Legacy of Spinning Articles
May 20th 2016, 12:07
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the impact of article spinning that was undertaken some time back, and how it might be causing problems in Google today.

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Ads Fail...what Is The Alternative?
May 29th 2016, 15:52
Struggling?   This is part 3 of an interview series from   If ad tech is not sustainable, what can publishers do?   I read yesterday that ad blocking may cost U.S. media owners billions of dollars by 2020. Are we at a tipping point? And what are concerns
How To Persuade Site Owners That Search Engines Matter
May 29th 2016, 15:49
I'm faced with a situation that began when I stopped working for companies and corporations and began helping local individuals with getting a site up.   All they care about is the site and promoting it in Facebook.  End of story.   Several of them create several Facebook pages to cross promote events, news, or memes.  So for people
How Many Website Visitors Buy Via Phone?
May 28th 2016, 18:13
Some ecommerce sites give the visitor no provision to purchase buy phone. You can't find a phone number anywhere on their site. However, their email address is easy to find and they reply quickly. What percentage of customers do you think will refuse to purchase from a site without a posted phone number?
Where Is Your Focus As An Seo? Google? Bing? Both? Others?
May 25th 2016, 20:10
Google dominates discussions and articles on search engine optimization and marketing.  Is it the only search engine worth investing time and money in?   How do you advise your clients?  Where is your focus?
Facebook In Political Party Hot Seat
May 25th 2016, 17:45
Some of the latest brewing at FB.  Facebook is making some big changes to Trending Topics, responding to conservatives[/size]   Under the change, Facebook will discontinue the algorithmic analysis of media organizations’ websites and digital news feeds that partly determines which stories should be included in Trending Topics. Also being

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Why is a "trailing text" appaearing in all titles of my pages in SERPS?
May 30th 2016, 15:01
I am wondering why I have the text "- custom cartoons" following all my titles of different wordpress pages that show up in Google's SERPS (see screenshot)? I use Yoast plugin which I make separate page titles and descriptions for those separate pages for but then notice that SAME trailing text...
What's wrong with Google webmaster tool !
May 30th 2016, 14:47
Hello all ...I am working on web designing and development website , and my main keywords are "web designing" and "website designing" ...My concern Google webmaster tool for my website "avg position for these keyword is showing 15, and 22 respectively but these keyword are not showing in...
Thoughts on a car i'm thinking of getting?
May 30th 2016, 11:31
As you guys know i'm a big subaru fan, thoughts? Image:,c_pad,f_auto,fl_lossy,w_672,h_504,b_rgb:FFFFFF/stock/90158d47d1c2f9f273ff129eddd05d546ef147f1/NDS4996211_AA09ZAC_19.jpg
Easy way to find what pages to boost with internal linking.
May 30th 2016, 11:08
*Disclaimer: I work at Serpstat*, so if this looks too much like an ad, I'm sorry. I'm sharing a tip on a forum for sharing tips, pls don't kill me. And afaik, this can't be done with any other tool. The feature you're looking for is called tree-view. It breaks down a domain by
Jump in Sessions after newsletter
May 30th 2016, 10:54
Hi guys One of my clients sent a newsletter around December 2015 and the result was an increased and sustained number of sessions to their site. Obviously, I'd expect an increase in sessions on the site because the email went to approx 1000 contacts. What I didn't expect was to see from Jan...