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Bing: URL Keyword Stuffing and Detection
September 17th 2014, 08:53
According to Bing, it uses a number of signals to help detect url keyword stuffing.
Google Direct Answers (Answer Box) Uses Forum Post As Content Source
September 17th 2014, 08:09
WebmasterWorld Members noticed a Google SERP with Direct Answers showing a forum post.
How to Deal With Malicious Or Misleading Google AdSense 3rd Party Ads on Android
September 16th 2014, 08:06
WebmasterWorld Members discuss how to deal with apparent misleading, or malicious 3rd party Google AdSense ads displayed on Android.
U.S. Government Threatened Yahoo With $250,000 per day Fine If It Didn't Release Data
September 12th 2014, 05:11
"At one point, the U.S. Government threatened the imposition of $250,000 in fines per day if we refused to comply."
Google Webmaster Tools API Updated
September 11th 2014, 10:59
Google has just announced it has updated its Google Webmaster Tools API with additional features.

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All The Women In Seo Are Gone
September 17th 2014, 16:18
Nobody can find them.   Expert Insights On The Future Of SEO, Part 1   To help guide you, I asked 16 trusted SEO industry experts to discuss their thoughts on the future of SEO.    Get your ritual, drumming and storytelling camps ready men!    
How Much Would You Pay For A Usability Website Review?
September 17th 2014, 08:02
There are many types of website reviews and audits that test and review the user experience, user interface, usability, accessibility, information architecture, conversions, etc.     Some are long, some are short.  Some are automated, some are manually done.  They all vary in scope and methodology. And price.   If you had a choice, what kind of website review would you
Too Much Internet, Too Much Web Energy?
September 16th 2014, 21:38
I am observing changes in my own habits and listening to people describe how they manage technology and the Internet.  I'm finding there is a retreat happening and wondered if it is just me or if you see it too.   After 19 years of being online, I now can only handle being logged in for about
Project Management Software For A Scatterbrain ?
September 16th 2014, 12:04
I am looking for some type of project management software (maybe author management software is a better term).   I write lots of articles and have a head full of articles that I want to write.  Dozens of them.  For each of these potential articles I have photos, references, quotes, etc. that I used to keep organized
Minecraft Bought
September 16th 2014, 09:51
Of course.     Minecraft to Join Microsoft   At Microsoft, we believe in the power of content to unite people. Minecraft adds diversity to our game portfolio and helps us reach new gamers across multiple platforms. Gaming is the top activity across devices and we see great potential to continue to grow

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Dealing With Duplicate Title Tags On Forums
September 17th 2014, 15:58
Google webmaster Tools is suggesting this is an issue for me. I run an smf forum and it says : 1200 duplicate title tags and 4100 short meta descriptions. Can someone advise if these are issues I should worry about. Below is an example of 3 forum pages with the same Title tag
International SEO
September 17th 2014, 10:28
Hi guys I need a little help on the best way to accomplish an international site. I have a few countries I need to target: US, UK, Australia, I have affiliate links in quite a few articles, Amazon etc, what would be the best method to target countries with the right affiliate links
Are statistics, facts and quotes from authority sources important to SEO
September 17th 2014, 09:25
Hi, I'm interested to know if Google reward content that cites facts, data, statistics quotes from authority sources. Would an article that had a single reference or more to facts or quotes from a credible, authoritative source position higher than one that might have the same information,...
World Wide Web tally hits one billion
September 17th 2014, 08:34
World Wide Web tally hits one billion - ( This is a bit of a wake up call to all those webmasters out there that think a Google employee personally looks at a site when making a decision about...
Question About Keyword Density
September 17th 2014, 04:09
I've noticed a strange similarity about several of the sites that rank in the top 10 for my best keyword. All but a few have really high keyword density for that term. Most range between 9-10% and the site that ranks number 1 actually has a 20% keyword density. My keyword density on my home