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Twitter Introduces The Best of Tweets With "Highlights"
April 24th 2015, 11:30
Twitter's new Highlights is a summary of the best Tweets delivered via rich push notification.
Google Inc. Q1, 2015 Results, Revenue was $17.3 billion
April 24th 2015, 10:30
Google's first quarter ended with revenues up 12% year on year.
Google Mobile Algo Roll-Out April 21, 2015
April 21st 2015, 12:20
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the Google smartphone mobile roll-out starting April 21, 2015.
Facebook tweaks News Feed to show more status updates from friends
April 21st 2015, 19:59
Tweaks to the News Feed will show more status updates from friends in lieu of Liked stories
Yahoo and Microsoft Search Deal Now Includes Early Termination Clause
April 21st 2015, 12:30
It seems there's a new termination clause included within the Yahoo and Microsoft deal, according to the SEC filing on April 20, 2015.

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Ideas For Phone Number Location Mobile?
April 25th 2015, 00:17
Trying to find examples of those using a header image and phone (text) number in mobile view that still shows a decent amount of content before scrolling. I'm having also having problems getting other important items in this area too. I was thinking about using icons, but I also want to add another link called
The Mobile Boom By The Numbers
April 24th 2015, 12:18
An interesting peek at the growth (with a few breakouts) in US cellphone usage since 2010.44% of US Adults Live in Households with Cell Phones But No Landlines GfK Press Release, 02-April-2015.   Cell-only population grew by 70% in the last four years ... Fall 2014 GfK MRI data, 26% of US adults
An 'epic' Guide To Google Analytics
April 24th 2015, 02:45
I don't use Google Analytics but do collect resources and this seems a good one:Google Analytics: Resource Guide of Epic Proportions   It covers:What is Google Analytics?Types of Tracking * Mobile App vs Desktop Tracking * Universal, Asynchronous & Traditional * Universal vs Asynchronous * Code Placement * Cookie ChangesBasic Setup *  Account Structure * Standard ReportsWhat Are
Mobilegeddon Impact
April 24th 2015, 02:35
Maybe a wee bit early to tell, but I'm going flat at 0% on high end mobile devices. Yesterday ran freakishly high near 30% Pages are partly converted but were done only in the last couple days.Edited Post (hours later) - mobile device stats are creeping in
It's Not Who You Know. It's Who You Use.
April 23rd 2015, 23:03
I've been having some interesting discussions with long timers in the SEO/M industry about things we are noticing...   1. You are only valuable for 15 minutes, or if somebody remembers to mention you in an article somewhere.   2. The practice of helping others achieve success is dead.  Today, it's each man/woman for themselves.   3. Do not mix business

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Anyone try google "search analytics" in GWMT yet?
April 24th 2015, 03:07
I tried it seems like the same old features with just a better UI , am I missing something :Q?:
mobile friendly website
April 23rd 2015, 22:21
I am trying to sort out this problem but unfortunately I can't please take a look to my website when you visit this website via mobile phone it displays static version of the site. Although it responsive but I want it more elegant and similar to my desktop version...
Block directory used as subdomain with robots.txt?
April 23rd 2015, 19:20
The scenario is that I have a subdomain to house the mobile version of my site. The subdomain is actually a directory that resides in the root (public_html) directory. My question is, should I use the robots.txt in the root directory to block search engine access to the subdomain directory? The...
Local listing
April 23rd 2015, 07:42
Hi Guys, I have done google local listing for my website and it was on top. But suddenly it disappears from the listing. What can be the reason behind this? Is there any update? Please help me out. Regards Priya
Poor DA which should otherwise be good?
April 23rd 2015, 02:54
While I of course don't know every in and out of SEO, I have some good general knowledge and do's and don't to help make what is in general a descent website that has risen in the ranks. However I seem to be battling a bit of a roadblock when it comes to my domain