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DDoS Attack Brings Down Sites - Twitter, Github, Reddit
October 21st 2016, 18:57
Widespread outage, many top sites hit with DDoS disrupting services
Linux "Dirty Cow" Exploit: Patch Your Systems Now
October 21st 2016, 07:28
This bug has been around for nine years.
Going Font-Less
October 20th 2016, 13:23
WebmasterWorld Members discuss going font-less, and the pitfalls of doing so.
Google Mobile-Only Search Index Coming Within Months
October 17th 2016, 09:46
Announced at Pubcon, Google's Gary Illyes said Google has plans to release a separate mobile search index.
WebmasterWorld's Brett Tabke Wins Lifetime Achievement Award
October 13th 2016, 16:37
WebmasterWorld's Brett Tabke was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at a ceremony in Las Vegas on 12 October, 2016

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Do You Use These Forums On Mobile Device? Which One?
October 24th 2016, 21:30
I noticed that my Android Chrome browser now tries to get me to access these forums using a mobile view option.  If I do, I'm unable to access the Admin side of things.  Firefox doesn't give me any problems.   As far as I'm aware there are no plans to upgrade these forums for mobile.  However, sooner
Next Steps
October 24th 2016, 19:20
hi   ive recently uploaded a site and fetched pages with google     what would people recommend as my next step please?   would bing or yahho for example automatically find it or do I have to do more beyond this please?   thanks    
Bloggers/article Writers: Are You Paying Attention To Changes In Digital Delivery?
October 23rd 2016, 18:33
AMP content is taking over SERPs and many bloggers have no idea this is happening, let alone have the skills to deal with it. Are you taking any action?   It's not just fast loading. Schema too. Trying to get knowledge panels. It seems as though only websites managed by experts have any idea of what's changing.   
Continued Decline In Revenue For Newspapers
October 21st 2016, 17:30
I don't know any younger person who reads print newspapers and it's no longer routine to read the Sunday paper like it was in my youth.  I'm wondering if the problem is partly due to being available online and partly because journalism itself is no longer objective (local stories tend to be straight reporting).   Why advertise
Example Of Blog Post Using Amp With Wordpress
October 18th 2016, 20:50
AMP symbol appears in search result from my Android cell phone.      This is how it is displays.  This is not how the page appears on my website.    

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How to add Sitemap.XML in wordpress
October 24th 2016, 16:31
Hey Can someone explain to me how to update a sitemap.xml in wordpress on my site? I have a screaming frog generated sitemap.xml that I want to upload but I don't know how to do it...? I don't want to use a plug-in, none of them are doing what I am requesting which is
Press Releases still worth it??
October 24th 2016, 16:13
Hey guys Just wondering, does anyone use Press Release submissions as part of their SEO strategy?
Anybody making a new website and tracking SERP and make it public?
October 24th 2016, 12:03
I have read hundreds of threads about google optimisation but i have never found any threads, blogs where somebody is tracking an own website and its SERP on daily or weekly basis and posting those stats somewhere to be public. i would be interested about that so much just to see how particular...
Desktop rankings dropped off, mobile rankings remained the same... why?
October 24th 2016, 11:24
Hey guys Is anyone experiencing a huge fluctuation in mobile rankings compared with desktop? My money page has dropped out of top 100 on desktop, but is sat in 13th on mobile rankings in Google. Why do you think this is? Any help is much appreciated!
XML Sitemap Error
October 24th 2016, 06:57
Few days back one of my website in google webmaster tool, sitemap section was showing error. I have deleted the XML sitemap from my wordpress website and activated again (Yoast plugin) then again re-submitted in the webmaster, the error was removed from the webmaster but the format of XML from...