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Microsoft Takes The Wraps off "Threshold" It Will Be Windows 10
September 30th 2014, 13:09
Not Windows 9, it'll be Windows 10
eBay and PayPal to Become Independent Publicly Traded Companies in 2015
September 30th 2014, 08:59
"eBay Inc. today said its Board of Directors, following a strategic review of the company's growth strategies and structure, has approved a plan to separate the company's eBay and PayPal businesses into independent publicly traded companies in 2015, subject to customary conditions."
Google to Launch New Mobile Display and Video Ads
September 30th 2014, 06:59
It has been long been a challenge for many to develop effective ads that work across the differing screen sizes. Google plans to get to grips with that challenge with display and video ads that work effectively on mobile.
Google AdWords "Customised Creatives" For Power Advertisers
September 30th 2014, 06:15
"Ad customizers let you show highly relevant ads to your customers, in real time, even when you have thousands (and sometimes millions) of products, services, and promotions..."
John Mueller - Don't Expect Visible Ranking Change from HTTPS Switch
December 31st 1969, 18:00
Google's John Mueller stated: "I wouldn't expect any visible change when you move from HTTP to HTTPS..."

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Google Using Https As Ranking Signal
September 30th 2014, 21:57
See:   I wonder where this will end?   Google eventually forcing all sites to adopt https or they won't be listed?
Who Is The Best Domain Registrar?
September 30th 2014, 21:46
Godaddy has been losing customers for awhile and after their latest SuperBowl commercial (which thankfully I missed), even more customers are looking for a new home.   What companies do you recommend?  And why?
How Do You Backlink?
September 30th 2014, 14:41
You don't have to give away any amazing secrets, but how do you go about getting good backlinks? Buying expired domains? Setting up a private blog network? Just curious for more ways to up my game =)
Save The Animals... Mini Lab Humans Being Cloned For Testing Purposes?
September 30th 2014, 13:49
Panda 4.1
September 30th 2014, 08:38
My friends over at screaming frog posted a interest spot with image heavy sites getting out of panda (improving) over here and barry at SERT seems to of been hit see here.   Right now for me and not seeing anything... Maybe because more the 70%

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The Blue Widget Memorial Event
September 30th 2014, 20:07
I have a page dedicated to blue widgets, past and present. The page has general history, information, pictures, news etc all about Blue Widgets. Pretty soon there will be a blue widget memorial day, dedicated to a very sad day for blue widgets. The whole current blue widget community will turn...
Traffic from Facebook
September 30th 2014, 20:04
I need a little help. I have a post on my site that is receiving a ton of traffic from Facebook today. Is it possible to find out How or Why? How can I see where it's originating from on Facebook? There's nothing on my FaceBook page to show any activity, just lots of
Keyword research
September 30th 2014, 14:54
In the Keyword Planner, "london web design agency" (keywords ideas tab) shows 90 searches from May to August, but 140 for the same period last year. While "wordpress design london" shows 20 searches per month, 10 for same period last year. Also, "wordpress agency london" returns 90/20. ...
Do structured data errors affect SERP
September 29th 2014, 13:01
In Google Webmaster Tools, I'm getting a number of these structured data errors (due to issues in WordPress). Error: Missing required field "updated". Error: Missing required hCard "author". I've heard that this shouldn't affect rankings, but am not convinced. Any ideas?
Google Analystics: How do I paste tracking code into web pages
September 29th 2014, 09:45
I am trying to setup a Google Analytic account and need to paste tracking code into web pages on my site. Here are the instructions from Google: "This is your tracking code. Copy and paste it into the code of every page you want to track." Now my question is: How do I