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Google Challenges the European Commission's Statement of Objections
August 30th 2015, 10:39
"We believe that the SO's preliminary conclusions are wrong as a matter of fact, law, and economics."
Chrome will start automatically pausing less important Flash content
August 28th 2015, 18:52
Could this be the beginning of the end of Flash-based ads?
Google Launches Redesigned In-App Interstitials
August 28th 2015, 10:59
Google is giving in-app interstitials a makeover with a new design.
Facebook Testing a Virtual Assistant, "M"
August 27th 2015, 10:06
Everyone will soon have a virtual assistant at this rate!
Bing Adds More Control For Bing Maps Tile Layers
August 26th 2015, 10:48
Bing has added more control over Maps tile layers.

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Your Choices For Search Engine On-Page Seo Ranking Factors
August 31st 2015, 09:46
Barry points to a discussion at WebmasterWorld in which a list of on-page ranking factors for 2015 are listed, with some devalued and new ones recommended.   It is about Google only.   Google SEO On-Page Ranking Factor List 2015 Version There is push-back from Barry's readers about the list, as you can
Help With Regular Expression Please
August 29th 2015, 18:26
I awant to find a regular expression to use in a form, that forces Value Match Requirements so that the user must put in a currency figure.   e.g. Disallow 400 but allow £400, $400, €400 etc. (up to two optional decimal places ideally  
This Content Costed Buckets Of Money - Hundreds Of Buckets
August 28th 2015, 23:53
You hear about people buying articles for five dollars to twenty-five dollars.   You have probably seen those numbers before.   It is very unusual to hear people talking about hundred dollar content, and most people don't believe that some websites have thousand dollar content.   Would you believe that some publishers spend five digits, maybe six digits,
Ethics And Protocol: When Ux Creates The Human Error
August 28th 2015, 19:13
I had an experience yesterday that got me thinking about user experience in a different way.   I made a mistake while performing a task.     Yesterday I saw something in a software app that I have used for years appear that I've never seen before.  The software is not responsive.  To perform tasks requires that I need
Infinite Scroll And Seo
August 27th 2015, 21:10
Infinite scroll is being touted as the greatest new fad for web design.  It is being heralded as the death of above the page fold emphasis and for improving usability, it allows for a one page reading experience rather than the page to page to page one.   For SEO, however, infinite scrolling pages presents optimization issues.

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Where do you find your ideas?
August 29th 2015, 21:13
Where do you find your ideas to write about? Do you look to the daily news for inspiration? Or do you just have ideas that pop into your head that you write about?
Need Advice: i want to choose 3 SEO company instead of one
August 29th 2015, 12:18
i want to spend $3000 to do SEO for my site come up in google for my keywords but i want to choose 3 different SEO company instead of one and pay each company $1000 to do SEO for my site and after 6 month choose the best company who provide better result. i
how to add signature?
August 29th 2015, 11:25
Guys can anyone help me out .i was not able to add signature in seo chat forum
sudden decrease in my crawl index and sitemap index
August 28th 2015, 09:22
Hi is there any specific reason for sudden decrease in crawl, index and sitemap index rate in google webmaster. - crawl stats - Index stats - Sitemap Kindly PFA above.there is deduction in...
Ranking dropped for 2 main keywords, should be a simple fix
August 27th 2015, 15:58
I haven't been here for awhile, good to see some old faces. I used to read all the top rep members' posts. Anyway, here's the issue, I have a website and the home page ranked 116th and 28th for my two main keywords pre-SEO work (May 2015). Then, last month the same two main