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Social Media and Google's Aug 1 Update
August 15th 2018, 09:14
There looks to be a strong correlation between social media success and Google's new core algo update.
TLS 1.3 Approved As Standard
August 15th 2018, 09:11
TLS 1.3 is now an official standard.
Chrome 68 Now Supports Native Notifications in Windows 10 Action Center
August 9th 2018, 11:20
Windows 10 Action Center is going to become a whole lot busier.
Making FAQs, KBs, Q and A Pages, Which is Best
August 8th 2018, 05:31
What are the preferences for today's sites?
Google "broad core" Algorithm Update now Confirmed
August 3rd 2018, 13:49
Google's search algorithm update, discussed widely today, has been confirmed as a "broad core" update by Google.

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Google speed measurement tools
August 17th 2018, 21:12
OK, until this moment I was using Google Page Insight., and I 've just discovered this tool (recommended from Google analytics): The trick is that it is giving different results than the first one. A site that is optimized and in "green" with Google...
Lost numerous google ranking due to....???
August 16th 2018, 20:05
Hi again, Before I start another thread just want to say big thank you to all the people who give advices, tips and answer all my questions. Thanks again, I am hoping I will contribute to this forum too. So I lost this google ranking to be honest. Well...I have been actually
Few of my keywords moved to nowhere while others are intact
August 16th 2018, 13:05
I guess, I am posting for the first time here, and for sure I am in a big confusion. I made some interlinking changes to my site on 24th and 25th and in the next 2-3 days, few of my keywords rank got sinked to nowhere. These were somewhere on the second and 3rd pages.
Google Reviews Usage
August 16th 2018, 12:20
Hi, I have an ecommerce website and for which we have started asking for Google reviews. As of now we have more google reviews compared to any of my competitors has. Right now our Google business rating is 4.8 out of 5. What should be the best way to utilize these rating
Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt: Need to bother?
August 16th 2018, 12:19
Hi, We have intentionally blocked some of the website files which were indexed for years. Now we receive a message "Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt" in GSC. We can ignore as per my knowledge? Are any actions required about this? We thought of blocking them with meta tags but these are PDF...