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Google AdSense: Is it Doing Enough to Stop Spam Ads
December 6th 2016, 16:58
WebmasterWorld members discuss the challenge of dealing with spammy ads in the review center.
Google Updates and SERP Changes - December 2016
December 6th 2016, 11:51
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes.
Should We Still be Concerned About "Bad" Links?
December 5th 2016, 09:23
WebmasterWorld members discuss whether "bad" links should be a concern, and how to better develop linking strategies.
Phishing Botnet Taken Down and 800,000 Domains Seized
December 2nd 2016, 13:35
"largest-ever use of sinkholing to combat botnet infrastructures..."
Firefox Zero-Day Exploit Reveals Tor Users' Identity
November 30th 2016, 07:45
The vulnerability is being used to reveal the identity of Tor users'.

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To Move, Or Not To Move, Domain
December 7th 2016, 13:30
A long, long time ago (probaby about the time I last posted here!) I wrote a piece of software to measure the readability of text. I thought nothing of it - it was just a bit of fun. Since then, it turns out to have been more useful than I thought, so I moved it
A Gem For Writing Better Content
December 7th 2016, 09:50
I started using an online tool to help me write better content.   The Hemingway Editor is a tool that you can copy/paste content into and it will give you some hints on where it can be improved or better yet - simplified.    Or you can compose in the tool and get hints while you write.   If you have
Meeting Up With Accessibility Expert Joe Dolson In Philly
December 7th 2016, 09:34
For years Joe Dolson was a moderator and Tech Admin here at the forums and is my accessibility mentor.  I met him years ago at a SES conference in Chicago and when he said he was coming to a conference in Philly we saw an excuse to grab the train to the city and go
What Is New Is Old; What Is Old Is New: Charity Links
December 7th 2016, 00:25
Saw a mention on SER today about Charity Links, John Mu's commentary; etc over here.   Struck a chord.  Looked back and almost exactly 9 years ago there was discussion in a "local blog" and another seo forum (with some familiar names) about some very high serps for a site and
Banner Ad Sales Questions
December 6th 2016, 20:52
For banner ad sales (not Adsense):   1. Is tracking code still used?  If so, this is so that banner advertiser can track clicks, right?   2. How does the website owners track performance (or don't they)?   3. In your experience, what sizes are sought after the most? Rectangle, skyscraper, other?   4. Placement recommendations?     5. Do ad blockers work on all

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Img Alt Tags?
December 7th 2016, 07:34
Hello Friends, I am working on a website that has got 12 images. I want to use Img alt tags. I need to know how can I go about putting IMG ALT tags. Do I have to put 12 Different Keywords in the Img Alt tags? VERY IMPORTANT: The page
Rankings effected from malware
December 6th 2016, 21:25
Hi all, Not posted on here in a very long time. One of my websites was infected with malware. I cleaned up the site, restored from a previous uninfected backup and requested a review from Google using the link in the search console. Google emailed today to say the review was successful
Robots.txt on a Wordpress site?
December 5th 2016, 15:37
Hi all. I have only recently discovered that our robot.txt file was disallowing bots from visiting the Wordpress site, this is what it looked like before. Image: Before.. Image:
Reviews & ratings schema in SEPRs
December 5th 2016, 12:36
Hi all, Does anyone have any experience getting star ratings to appear in SERPs? Our client has a Feefo account with some great reviews so I'm just trying to find out if its possible to get them to be included. I know there is Schema code for 'Product' and 'Review' but I wanted
Google Reviews by Google Map?
December 5th 2016, 07:05
Hi, Someone post their reviews on google maps, and those reviews view on google review pages. How to contact them who post the reviews? I am trying to contact them via click his name on google review it redirects to google map with his review page. How to contact them?