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New E.U. Rules Affect Google, Amazon, etc., Require More Transparency
February 18th 2019, 10:33
New agreements in the E.U. will require more transparency for many tech firms over how they rank their own products and services.
E.U.'s Articles 11 and 13 Copyright Directive Survive and Head For E.U. Parliament Approval
February 14th 2019, 04:48
The E.U.'s Copyright Directive, including the controversial Articles 11 and 13, have reached a new point where they are headed for E.U. Parliament approval sometime in March or April.
Google's Gary Illyes Talks About RankBrain
February 12th 2019, 08:35
Google's Gary Illyes answers a question about RankBrain.
Google Updates and SERP Changes - February 2019
February 12th 2019, 03:34
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes.
Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Data Unification Stopped in Germany
February 7th 2019, 09:57
Facebook's plan to unify its systems with Instagtram and WhatsApp has hit some buffers in Germany.

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What to do about Negative Seo Attacks
February 20th 2019, 01:16
I hear a lot of folks complaining about negative seo attacks on sites. Well it appears that Google is finally seeing the light concerning this issues. So what should you do to combat these attacks on your website ??. Well according to John Mueller, the answer is simple, Do absolutely Nothing. ...
Popular Pages- Blog Views
February 19th 2019, 20:12
Using the 'Blogger' platform, I highlighted one of my blog posts which has performed better than a few other posts. I used the Blogger "highlight" tool in my layout. Are there any other tools I could use to make one blog post stand out from the others?
30 Post Rule
February 19th 2019, 20:03
Hi, I am a newbie here people. I understand some of the rules as I have read the rules and agreements section. I notice that you have to have 30 posts in 30 days. Does anyone else know about this? Anyone who has been here for a year or so?
Inserting keywords to Blogger
February 19th 2019, 20:00
As I am trying to make improvements to my blog to earn a higher DA, I was instructed I should add keywords to my blog's title. It made sense. I followed some instructions about inserting the keywords into the headers, but I was not allowed to add the keywords. I received an error.
SEMrush Position Tracking Inaccurate Unreliable
February 19th 2019, 18:36
I know a lot of people use SEMrush (including myself). I'm been a bit disappointed lately as it appears the accuracy of their positon tracking is pretty unreliable compared to other position tracking services I've used (such as Whitespark). I tested rankings for many keywords and campaigns and...