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Google Announces Material Design Lite (MDL): A Specification For UI
July 7th 2015, 07:04
A UI specification and templates for all form factors across the web using vanilla CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
Google Updates and SERP Changes - July 2015
July 7th 2015, 03:17
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes.
Correct Implementation of HSTS and HTTPS - Avoiding a "Bad Time"
December 31st 1969, 19:00
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the importance of the correct implementation of HSTS when your site uses HTTPS.
Facebook tweaks its logo to be more mobile-friendly
July 2nd 2015, 06:51
Facebook has a new logo, but the differences are subtle
Pinterest Ecommerce "Buyable Pins" Rolls Out to Apple Devices in US
July 1st 2015, 17:42
Now, it's rolling to Apple device users in the US.

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Top Analytics Metrics: How Do You Measure Success?
July 7th 2015, 20:43
I thought I would ask the intelligent souls in this forum to share a metric or two from their top drawers when being asked the question:   "How can we tell if our website is failing?"   First we setup all the conversion points on the website. For example, if might be tagging a link (download) with a Google
From Impressions To Views, As The Google Churns
July 7th 2015, 19:00
Remember the glory days of AdWords arbitrage (buying less expensive AdWords terms to drive traffic to more expensive AdSense term ads)? That was a publisher bet against the system. What is just recently being addressed is the ad networks' bet against the system: impressions. In the web ad world an 'impression' means that an ad was
Google Shopping Censors Flag Choices?
July 7th 2015, 17:55
SERoundtable reported this and I checked it out.     Google Shopping Removes Confederate Flags   Google has officially dropped the Confederate flag from their shopping search results. If you go to Google Shopping and search for [
Forcing People Back Up A Level In The Navigation
July 7th 2015, 17:37
I've just come out of a meeting where we discussed the organisation of content on our web site. It's something that's needed reviewing, a load of content has been added without too much pausing for breath to decide how to organise it.  One of the points was that in some places we have very long lists
Best Ways To Hide Text For Optimization
July 7th 2015, 17:26
I am currently involved in a monster 25 page technical specification for a website build.   There will be content blocks on each of the pages that will definitely be duplicated. I don't want those content blocks chewing up on-page optimization that will be controlled in a very careful way.   I thought I would ask about some of

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Using Keywords in Business Listing Title
July 7th 2015, 10:44
Hello, I did business listing with domain name of my site. But I have seen so many business are listed with keywords as a title. Just wanted to know: Is it a spam technique? or I should also experiment with this? Thanks
Use Press Releases to increase your traffic
July 7th 2015, 10:35
The more PR is done from your side, the greater exposure will unfold for your online business. Press releases are an incredible option to promote your small business whenever you've got an announcement to make related to a promotion of new product or service and so forth. Whilst press releases on...
Href Lang Tag
July 7th 2015, 10:20
Hi, Can I use to mention the language of the web-page is Dutch. I have used this tag & in the webmasters account, in International targeting, it says: Your site has no hreflang tags in language tab. Why is this so?
Does the content you create do you any good?
July 7th 2015, 09:29
Just thought I would share a bit of analysis we did for an ecommerce client that showed an extreme result. A couple of years ago they had created some fairly good content (articles/faqs/etc.) and the pages ranked well and bought in visitors then as they do now. *Did the content help sales?* ...
"Default Max. CPC" and "Display Network Max. CPC"
July 6th 2015, 23:18
In "All online campaigns" / "Ad groups" there is a table with "Default Max. CPC" and "Display Network Max. CPC". I have "$0.11" in "Default Max. CPC" and "auto" in "Display Network Max. CPC". Does this mean that my maximum bid is $0.11 for *both* "Default Max. CPC" and "Display Network Max....