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High Severity WPA2 WiFi Vulnerabilities, Dubbed KRACK, Key Reinstalltion Attacks
October 16th 2017, 06:41
Researchers indicated that a KRACK attack exploits a four-way handshake that is used to establish WPA2 key reinstallation.
Being a Webmaster: Increasingly Difficult
October 11th 2017, 10:34
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the apparent increasing challenges and difficulty of being a webmaster.
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK, Windows Store Now Microsoft Store
October 11th 2017, 09:20
Microsoft developers conference announced a new SDK and a change to the Windows Store branding to become Microsoft Store.
Windows 10 Mobile is No Longer a Priority: Microsoft's Joe Belfiore
October 10th 2017, 05:53
Windows 10 Mobile is no longer a priority for the company.
Disqus Hackers Got 17.5 Million Emails in 2012
October 10th 2017, 05:51
Disqus says it has forced reset of all passwords of affected users.

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Wi-Fi Security: Nearly Every Connected Device At Risk
October 16th 2017, 21:56
A WPA2 security flaw known as KRACK breaks down the common security protocol, leaving nearly every Wi-Fi-connected device at risk for data theft or hacking.   Breaking WPA2 by forcing nonce reuse   Abstract here:   A number of CVEs gave
Google And Seo - Can We Just Be A Website?
October 16th 2017, 16:36
Here's one to munch on.  It's easy to forget there are people just coming into SEO who know very little or were taught badly incorrect methods.  When I see statements like this one, I think of all the bloggers I know and small folks with little websites who are satisfied with their little sites and
Bite The Apple
October 15th 2017, 16:19
There are those who ooh and awe over Google and their massive earnings, over Microsoft and Amazon et al... Let's get real folks. There is Apple and then there is everyone else. The following are the companies' TOTAL earnings (rounded) for the past (ended June) quarter: Hewlett Packard: $25-B Amazon: $23-B Microsoft: $22-B IBM: $21-B Google: $18-B Intel: $13-B Oracle: $11-B EBay: $4-B FaceBook: $4-B Big numbers? Yup. BUT The Apple
Featured Snippets Do Get Clicked
October 11th 2017, 18:09
Ann Smarty has an article out on how to optimize featured snippets.  When the appearance of snippets first appeared we feared the loss of traffic.  Is that fear valid?   Many people see the answer to their question right within the Google SERP and never bother to check lower results or even click
Description Tags
October 11th 2017, 12:16
Is the description meta tag still relevant? I have read conflicting opinions. Could it hurt?

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Promoting Content
October 16th 2017, 09:13
I have an issue with promoting content. I create content on quite a frequent basis, and share it on social media platforms. How else can I promote the content to get it in front of people who are likely to link to me?
What's next after on page SEO?
October 14th 2017, 08:07
I have a local website that I want to rank on the first page of Google, after doing on-site SEO work, what can I do for off site? Some one with experience of putting their page on 1st page of Google need answer only. Off site work that I have done: 1. Submitting
Idea to help with Google indexing
October 13th 2017, 17:57
I'm having trouble getting a site indexed in Google. I did the Submit URL tool in Google, it indexed for a second then dropped off. I don't know why. The site seems fine, although it is a newer site. I was think about building out some social profiles to it, maybe 10 or
Updating your pages
October 12th 2017, 23:16
Hi everybody. My question is this. Im trying to get from page 1 to page 2 on one of my particular guitar brands. I understand that doing little updates can help push you up a notch. What do you advise that I do... add youtube vids? More informative text? Rewriting my content a little bit
Lead Generation ideas for Web design Website
October 12th 2017, 09:33
Hi Guys., i need your advice on lead generation on one of the website, where am lacking with lead to my website. Though i have option to promote for Logo design, graphic design, web design, web development, seo service and also digital marketing.. Guide me the best suitable way to recv...