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Mozilla Experiments With a VPN Via Firefox
October 23rd 2018, 06:18
Mozilla is planning a limited experiment with a small number of U.S.-based users for a VPN for Firefox.
Google Lifts Restrictions Over Android Pre-Installed Services
October 18th 2018, 06:04
It appears that the changes only apply to products sold in European Economic Area.
Chrome 70 Released for for Windows, Mac, and Linux
October 17th 2018, 11:37
Chrome 70 was released today for for Windows, Mac, and Linux...
DuckDuckGo Reaches 30 Million Searches a Day
October 12th 2018, 21:54
DuckDuckGo, achieved a new milestone by performing more than 30 million direct searches in a single day. The company cleared the bar twice this week before dropping slightly below the threshold. In a year filled with privacy scandals at major tech companies like Facebook and Google, DuckDuckGo has experienced rapid growth.
Microsoft Joins Open Invention Network and Shares All its 60,000 Patents
October 11th 2018, 03:34
This is a significant move by Microsoft and reflects a complete shift in its stance of old.

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Traffic drop from latest Google updates
October 23rd 2018, 15:47
Hi I run a UK based locksmith business with a well ranking website. On the 1st August and 27th September my site lost around 70% of its Google traffic, with a noticeable drop in keyword rankings. My research leads me to believe these dates coincide with two Google updates and websites with...
Cornerstone pages
October 23rd 2018, 10:51
I have a cornerstone page on my website now. In my Wordpress, I launched it as an actual "page". In my blog, which of course, are "posts", there are well over 400 separate posts. I went into many of those "posts" and chose specific keywords, or phrases and hyperlinked them to that cornerstone page....
Google Search Result Display
October 22nd 2018, 06:04
Good Day, I trust all is well. I just wanted to get some feedback of how to set up your organic search results similar to: Image: Does Google decide this on their own or is there a way you can influence the search results in...
How to avoid putting all your eggs in the same basket?
October 22nd 2018, 01:58
I had my whole network of sites nuked in 2010... Lost everything due to exact match anchor text, negative SEO etc... Now thinking of starting from scratch. Now google punishes sites on same server, so I want to spread out my sites in case one of em gets dinged. And please,
Redirect Old Domain
October 19th 2018, 19:13
Hello All, Going to try this again. Please everyone be nice. Ok, so there is an old domain a .com, that at one time years ago got a manual action that has been removed. It still has some really bad links, some decent and has a great age and domain rating. The