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WebmasterWorld Weekly Round-Up 19 April
April 19th 2014, 05:59
WebmasterWorld's weekly round-up of hot topics and discussions you may have missed in the last few days.
Twitter Announces App Install Ads
April 17th 2014, 13:21
"Advertisers can now set up campaigns directly on to run across the Twitter Publisher Network, which is comprised of the thousands of apps and over 1 billion monthly devices the MoPub mobile advertising exchange reaches."
Google Inc. First Quarter 2014 Results: Revenue was $15.4 billion
April 17th 2014, 04:07
"We completed another great quarter. Google's revenue was $15.4 billion, up 19pct year on year", said Larry Page, CEO of Google. "We got lots of product improvements done, especially on mobile. I'm also excited with progress on our emerging businesses."
Google AdWords Releases +Post Ads, And Tests Hangouts on Air
April 16th 2014, 10:20
Google AdWords now adds Google+ post ads, and is testing promoted Hangouts on Air.
Twitter Acquires Social Data Company, Gnip
April 15th 2014, 10:27
"...we have agreed to acquire Gnip, a leading provider of social data and a long-standing Twitter data partner."

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White Hat Seo Service
April 20th 2014, 08:00
I hired a company that promised me they would do web 2.0 or something white hat back linking etc, so I said ok. I did not see anythign great over 3 months of service, but for one key phrase it came from nowhere to high up on the second page. Then boomI dropped 40 to
Disavow Links - Is This Ok?
April 19th 2014, 17:47
Let's say there is this social bookmarking site that i want G to ignore (for example: reddit or stumbleupon).   Is is ok to add the domain to a disavow file and upload to G but continue to submit links to them (on a periodic basis) to get traffic from the posts?   Since i am targetting only users
What Is A 'professional' Site
April 18th 2014, 17:17
I always start new wordpress projects with a simple theme and try to get the client focused on content and navigation before playing with the layout. Then people want their site to look 'professional' but nobody can tell me what this means. This is my test site: This is a full width alternative:
Social Media: Most Of The Time They Are Not Paying Attention
April 18th 2014, 02:35
I have been using the AddThis widget on my site that places social media share buttons at a handy location on the right or left side of the screen.   For all of the hype that I hear about social media and how it is ESSENTIAL for webmasters to be using it, I am thinking about the
Please Tell Me About Sem Activities
April 18th 2014, 01:08
Hi ,       I want to know about SEM activities,  And how it works. 

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What To Do With WMT Errors
April 18th 2014, 19:04
I got the dreaded Site Message that said I had "unnatural inbound links." Got the same message 9/7/12. Did a disavow list, submitted a reconsideration, and got "manual spam action revoked" on 11/30/12. Been so spooked by it that I never did anymore linking. My site never recovered any rankings....
How to Structure Filtered Navigation for SEO
April 18th 2014, 13:28
(Before, this was in the "New User Area." I am moving it here for greater chance of replies - I hope this is okay.) Hey everyone, I have a new Magento website - barely any organic traffic and not ranking well despite original content, etc. I need some advice as to the structure
What is Voice Search SEO, and how to optimize SERP though Voice Search SEO?
April 18th 2014, 10:33
I have read an article today based on voice search SEO, but it does not clear all my doubts, though it is a new milestone in field of SEO, can anyone tell me, how to optimize the SERP for Voice Search SEO? I am really in need and very curious to know, please share anything
Recommendations on a site re-design
April 17th 2014, 19:45
My company has a website that is in desperate need of a re-design but it ranks really high in the search engines. It was created in Dreamweaver and utilizes a dynamic web template, which includes a menu with about 30 links on it to product pages within the site. By getting rid of all of
Social Media Campaign of an "Unsocial" or Taboo Product
April 16th 2014, 16:24
I have been given an opportunity to do SMM for coffee. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are social media sites which I have to use for the promotion. But I'm scared because the product is a coffee which most people feel disgust about. It is Kopi Luwak which is made from cat's poop. I'm...