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Blog Bribes and Search Engine Penalties
December 8th 2017, 06:23
The topic of paying for content has arisen again, with some strong accusations and denials.
Google Add Expanded Features Snippets, Knowledge Panel Updates and Suggested Content
December 8th 2017, 04:24
Google has made a number of updates to Featured Snippets, and has updated the Knowledge Panel, along with suggested content on search topics.
Oath and Mozilla Sue and Countersue Over Yahoo Search Deal
December 6th 2017, 13:15
Mozilla removed Yahoo as default search provider, resulting in a lawsuit by Oath.
Google Updates and SERP Changes - December 2017
December 5th 2017, 13:20
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes.
Google Warns About Event Markup Abuse May Result in Manual Action
November 30th 2017, 07:57
Google has warned marketers over misuse of Event markup, and may risk manual action.

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Duplicate website pages indexed: Ranking dropped. Does Google checks the duplicate do
December 11th 2017, 06:31
Hi all, Our duplicate website which is used for testing new optimisations got indexed and we dropped in rankings. But I am not sure whether this is exact reason as it happened earlier too where I don't find much drop in rankings. Also I got replies in the past that it'll not really impact...
No follow
December 11th 2017, 01:22
i was confused about the concept of no follow tags, what is their basic use in SEO and when should we use them?
Social Media
December 11th 2017, 00:48
I was wondering that does it hurt a site's ranking, if you share its posts on local social media websites of various countries?
Best format for a page of videos
December 10th 2017, 20:00
I'm updating a website for better SEO and also to make it responsive. I have a page listing youtube videos of the local attractions for the customers who visit my business. (I give them a courtesy car while I work on their vehicle). At the moment it is a list of links. Should I
Backlink Benchmark
December 9th 2017, 23:41
what is the benchmark regarding backlink for a keyword, which shows how difficult or easy it is to rank?