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Apple Ordered by EU to Repay $14.5 Billion in Irish Tax Breaks
August 30th 2016, 07:40
EU says tax deal with Ireland allowed Apple to pay almost zero tax on European profits between 2003 and 2014
Opera says its service for syncing web browser data was hacked
August 27th 2016, 07:34
Opera sync servers hacked, usernames and passwords at risk
The End Of Google Fiber?
August 26th 2016, 19:34
According to a new report Google Fiber was told to slash staff numbers in half and drastically reduce installation costs
How do you calculate ROI based on true lead value or quality?
August 25th 2016, 12:00
WmW members discuss how to figure out which campaigns bring in the highest real revenue and lead quality
Adsense 3 ads limit lifted?
August 25th 2016, 00:00
Is Google AdSense removing the limit of 3-ads-per-page?

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Adobe Paid Post On Brags About Great Advertising But Is Awful User Experience
August 31st 2016, 03:03
I was surprised to see a paid post from Adobe being prominently promoted on the homepage of The New York Times.   The story was described to explain... "Why ads of the future will be more fun and relatable."   I don't like self-promotional paid posts.  They are too much like chest
A Problem With Ads
August 30th 2016, 22:13
This is rather funny. But not so much if you are an AdWords or clone advertiser. Lumen Research is an eye tracking consultancy and research firm in the UK. Starting the beginning of the year they ran 35 controlled studies that investigated 28,000 minutes of natural browsing including  3,000 different online ads. Remember ye olde impressions aka it
Time Chief Officer On Silos, Content Strategies And Digital
August 27th 2016, 19:00
Q: You’ve been on the job less than a month. What’s been keeping you busy? I've been speed-dating the editors (of other Time Inc. magazines). It’s really an unbelievable collection of iconic brands. And frankly, if we can’t figure out a way to make a good business out of it,
Big Data (You Should See The Stats)
August 26th 2016, 03:10
Creative FREAKING Tomorrow is here.   Big Data: 20 Mind-Boggling Facts Everyone Must Read     Within five years there will be over 50 billion smart connected devices in the world, all developed to collect, analyze and share data. Every second we create new data. For example, we perform
What Would Make A Web Page Appear Backwards?
August 26th 2016, 02:57
This is a really strange one - I've never seen anything like it.   On my Firefox this website appears exactly as it should, but on my Chrome it appears flipped, and without the main banner image. It works fine, and I'm the only one with this in my office, but I'm concerned it's happening for others.

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Case Sensitive URLs Issue on Windows Server Website
August 30th 2016, 13:52
Hello, One of my DotNet websites is having the mixture of upper case and lower case in most of the URLs (like.. /MyPage1.aspx, /MyPage2.aspx). Most of the pages are in search results same as the file name. But approx 10 pages are in results with only lower case URLs but their filename is as...
Need SEO expert help
August 30th 2016, 04:04
Hi Everyone, SEO experts please check my website. How to improve my website traffic? http://engineerschool -dot- in this is my website. Kindly check and help me. Waiting for your reply... In siteliner showing this error can you help me how to resolve this error...
Aggregating reviews onto your site... now a bad thing?
August 29th 2016, 19:23 > Do not include reviews that are duplicate or similar reviews across many businesses or from different sources. > Only include reviews that have been directly produced by your site, not reviews from third- party...
How can I change the brand name in Google Shopping Ads?
August 29th 2016, 06:46
Hi Respected Members & Experts, I'hv recently started with Google shopping ads. When I see my ads in Google search it appears like Omved Store however I need to change it to I need to understand where can I find the option in google shopping ads to change the brand name.
How can we boost ranking of our Website?
August 29th 2016, 06:26
Hi Respected Experts & Members I have got many pages of my website ranking on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th page in Google SERP for a long time. I need to know how can I boost the ranking to get to the 1st page. What should I do with Onpage & Offpage? What