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Getty Images Files E.U. Complaint Against Google for Enabling Image Piracy
April 27th 2016, 05:20
Getty Images is taking action in the E.U. over what it describes as Google image search encouraging piracy.
Google Tests New AdSense Ad Unit With Minimal Design
April 26th 2016, 09:27
Google is testing a new, minimalist AdSense ad unit.
Twitter Enables Multiple Tweet Reporting
April 26th 2016, 06:49
Multiple tweet reporting is now enabled on twitter.
Google's Gary Illyes Indicates the Next Penguin Update Will be the Last
April 26th 2016, 06:47
Google's Gary Illyes has indicated that this may be the last of such updates...
Google Tests News Headline Mobile Carousel To Now Only Contain AMP Articles
April 21st 2016, 07:14
Google is testing the News Carousel in the US English SERPs on mobile which will only contain AMP pages...

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Bad Comments On Facebook
May 1st 2016, 20:57
Please help how to deal with bad comments on Facebook?
10 Handy Tools To Create Mini Videos
April 29th 2016, 00:36
Ann Smarty wrote this and I can think of so many people who will benefit from her research and recommendations.   10 Handy Tools to Create Mini Videos: Marketing Through Micro Moments   These ten handy tools will give you everything you need to produce your
Google Webmaster And Switching To Https
April 28th 2016, 17:33
Can anyone tell me if I have to do anything specific at Google Webmaster Tools after installing SSL certificate and switching to https (I have redirect to https in place)   Thanks.
Sign Up Problem
April 28th 2016, 08:02
I've had three people tell me they 'can't sign up' but that they don't get an error. I can't find anything on the logs other than they seem to be going back and forth between the landing and register page. I can register fine.   I think they were using Iphones however, one also said they tried
The Future Is Quite Chatty
April 27th 2016, 15:21
I've been following this trend...Although the article is targeted to .gov, it may tweak your curiosity. The Data Briefing: Chatbots and the Rise of Conversational Commerce and Citizen Experience Ten months ago, I wrote about the 

Recent Posts on the SEO Chat Forums : Which Department handled this work? development or seo
May 2nd 2016, 06:13
hello all good morning alll : Which Department handled this work? development or seo i want to know the full detail answer for this confusion of my mind. if both department then what work development do and what work seo do? guide me
Code to create Meta title and description in opencart ?
May 1st 2016, 14:32
Hello experts. happy to drop my question here!! Am SEO analyst. Everyone know the importance of meta Title and Description for Website Ranking. I want to know whether we can generate Meta title, description, automatically using code in opencart? There are 3000 products in my client website so...
My Citation Campaign
April 30th 2016, 00:30
Just starting a citation campaign about a month ago. On a budget so I went with decided to go with mozlocal. My question is the following listings have inconsistent data will mozlocal update these automatically with the correct data. * Best of the Web Superpages Bing Factual
What's going on?
April 29th 2016, 13:02
Ok, I've been working with my little business for a couple of years. I thought I'd gotten used to the way things went. But the last week has confused me. I started with a new site a couple of months ago and everything was looking fine(within reason). My traffic is steadily growing from when
April 29th 2016, 09:25
Hi Guys, I am making some recommendations of Pagination so rel=next and prev is compulsory. However, Google recommends a 'view all' page that is the canonical version linked to as canonical fro each paginated page. But if we did this, the page itself as a view-all would be huge and load...