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Facebook Wants To Be a Journalist's Newswire And Partners With Storyful
April 24th 2014, 11:38
"Today, we're excited to announce FB Newswire, a resource that will make it easier for journalists and newsrooms to find, share and embed newsworthy content from Facebook in the media they produce."
FCC's Open Internet Rules Update: Net Neutrality
April 24th 2014, 11:15
The F.C.C. has just published its latest information on Net Neutrality.
Facebook Reports First Quarter 2014 Results: Revenue was Up 72pct to $2.50 billion
April 24th 2014, 06:44
"Facebook's business is strong and growing, and this quarter was a great start to 2014," said Mark Zuckerberg.
Google AdWords "Innovations" 2014
April 23rd 2014, 12:55
For AdWords users or prospects, Google has made a number of announcements to make advertising with AdWords easier for all.
Twitter Rolls Out New Web Profiles To Everyone
April 23rd 2014, 11:14
You'd better get your pictures updated on your profile.

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What Is Fooking Amazing Content?
April 24th 2014, 14:50
In the white hat thread, I stated that there's no such thing as white hat link building any longer, and that it has been replaced by content promotion. I then mentioned once or twice that what is needed is FOOKING AMAZING CONTENT.   But what do I mean by that?   What really is FOOKING AMAZING
White Hat Seo Service
April 23rd 2014, 19:19
I hired a company that promised me they would do web 2.0 or something white hat back linking etc, so I said ok. I did not see anythign great over 3 months of service, but for one key phrase it came from nowhere to high up on the second page. Then boomI dropped 40 to
Whiteboard Videos -- Anyone?
April 23rd 2014, 17:34
Hello new friends,   Yes, I've been a bit MIA and thank you for extending your patience   That said, I want to be here for you for any video questions that you may have, so please ask away.  And, if I don't answer, feel free to get right up in my face, ok?
April 23rd 2014, 06:41
Feeding off the whitehat thread here. Brought up a question I've had bouncing around in my head for a while. I ran through some back links a while back and saw a few links here and there from search results.   I'm assuming it's been done this way...say you have a site and you want to
Social Media: Most Of The Time They Are Not Paying Attention
April 22nd 2014, 02:10
I have been using the AddThis widget on my site that places social media share buttons at a handy location on the right or left side of the screen.   For all of the hype that I hear about social media and how it is ESSENTIAL for webmasters to be using it, I am thinking about the

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What is the best step for learn SEO quickly?
April 24th 2014, 19:08
I want to learn SEO but I don't know how to start. I know here lot of expert person have so suggest me.
How important is Daily content?
April 24th 2014, 17:11
We have been producing news content on our site for many years. An article a day. I am pretty sure going back a few years that when we stopped for a few days/week - we saw a decline in traffic which picked up when we started again. How important is that daily news article
Please help with a Pattern in Robots.txt
April 24th 2014, 15:54
Hi, I am using a CMS that is generating all sorts of urls related to same page. So I want to block all variations of the the url but sill let search engines crawl the url without parameters, you think thisi will work? Disallow: /member/profile_*.html?* I want /member/profile_xxxx.html to be...
What is SEO Content ?
April 24th 2014, 05:11
Today we talk lot about SEO content has to be good quality and engaging so people can share and thus you earn natural back links, but how many of you know what is SEO Content ? SEO Content can be divided into - 1) Text Content 2) Infographics 3) Audio Podcast 4) Video
Bad links - A reason not to remove?
April 23rd 2014, 17:05
Just had a think about this.. Google obviously doesnt like ****ty links. Alot of people removing them and some seeing good results back with google. But does anyone think that bing and yahoo likes these links for the moment? So really should be disavowing them in google, but not having them...