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Online Advertisers Sign Up To Better Standards
March 23rd 2017, 00:08
The Fortune 500 title: Companies Are Trying to Make Online Ads Less Annoying So You Turn Off Ad Blockers     The types of ads the coalition has identified as falling below standard include pop-up advertisements, auto-play video ads with sound, flashing animated ads and full-screen ads that mask underlying content from
Uk Gov Pulling Youtube Ads (So Is Google)
March 22nd 2017, 15:01
The Cabinet Office said it was seeking assurances from YouTube's owner Google that its messages would be displayed in a "safe and appropriate way" in future. The Guardian, Channel 4 and the BBC have also pulled ads citing similar
Do Pages With No Index Show Up In Search?
March 22nd 2017, 10:12
I'm curious about something.    A little background.Yelp reviews for a business include two types of pages:  Reviews and "Not Recommended Reviews".   The Not Recommended reviews fall into the mysterious yelp filter.  Its somewhat common knowledge that if someone writes one or only a couple of yelp reviews and is not otherwise active on yelp that person's
Remarketing Vs Email Or Both
March 21st 2017, 21:17
With regard to remarketing, I personally hate being on the recipient end of it.  (those f**king ads showing up every dang day, day after day after day after day after get the picture).   Consequently I don't like using it in our smb's...but we do.  We use it in some smb's and not in others.  We
Voice Ai - What Do We Do With It?
March 20th 2017, 21:03
There is so much in this piece that I enjoyed. I thought some of you might like to see it too.   Voice and the uncanny valley of AI   So, when I said that voice input 'works', what this means is that you can now use an audio wave-form to fill

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Solid on page 2 but need to improve
March 23rd 2017, 12:34
I'm doing all my own website and SEO work for my small local business on a tight budget. In the space of 12 months I've managed to rank my business from nothing to solidly on page 2 for a dozen similar combinations of keywords that are most important. Getting to page 2 on
Still Old URLs/Files in Bing?
March 23rd 2017, 05:40
Hi All, I submitted the sitemap in Bing and new URls are also indexing but still old files and URls are also there in the Index explorer. How to remove them?? Image: Thanks & Regards, Prabhakar.
Doing CRO with Mailchimp/Google Optimize
March 22nd 2017, 22:50
Hey - So, I'm trying to test the effectiveness of button copy for a landing page: This is the dynamically generated URL users go to after clicking the button: ...
Google Showing Old Results
March 22nd 2017, 20:31
I did a google search on my site and it's showing approx. 270 results for my site. Obviously this is a bit excessive. After combing through the results, it seems like Google is still display old pages from my site. Within the last couple of months, we migrated over to https and the old
Google Disavow Links Tool - Domain vs Subdomain
March 22nd 2017, 13:28
I have many websites, registered in Google Webmaster Tools. When I check the backlinks, all of them are clean, except one website, which has close to 100,000 spammy links from Russian porn sites, etc. I want to use the Disavow Tool. I have learned that I upload a .txt file, with #commentary...