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What does EU GDPR Mean for Adsense?
April 26th 2018, 08:48
Most of the Adsense income is from interest based ads. Will this be affected by the EU GDPR?
Negative SEO: Apparently, It's Not so Easy to Poison a Website's Link Power
April 26th 2018, 08:43
WebmasterWorld Member tests negative SEO and link poisoning.
New API Login Standards: WebAuthn and CTAP Published
April 26th 2018, 02:59
Is this the beginning of the end for user passwords?
Google Updates PageRank Patent
April 25th 2018, 14:17
This modified approach to PageRank seems to makes it a bit harder to manipulate link power.
Alphabet Q1 Revenues $31.1 Billion, up 26pct Year on Year
April 24th 2018, 07:04
Alphabet has reported Q1 revenues ending March 31, 2018, of $31.1 billion, up 26pct.

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Negetive Link
April 26th 2018, 15:53
SEO tools shows that this website is linking to my website. Website is DEAD now. Client wants to get rid of this link pointing to our domain. How can I do this? Should I go for Link Disavow option?
Major content mismatch on AMP
April 26th 2018, 15:32
I am on WordPress using a plugin called AMP for WP.. got an email from google search console saying ---Quote--- Major content mismatch ---End Quote--- Can anyone help me with this?
Multiple locations on Google My Business
April 26th 2018, 14:15
Hi There, How can I add multiple locations for a single business on Google My Busineess? Please let me know.
Performance graphs in Search Console
April 26th 2018, 08:05
Obviously the fact that we can now get 16 months of performance data in Search Console and compare YoY is a massive bonus but I am struggling to get a the information out into a graph they way I used to. If I am missing something really obvious please point me in the right
Effect of http to https Transfer
April 26th 2018, 04:50
Hi I had taken SSL certification and now website is https My shifting from http to https my keywords ranking has gone. Can anyone tell me is this natural or something had gone wrong. I also want to know 1more thing. In Google webmaster Tool my website is listed as http and should I create