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Report: LinkedIn Stock Dropped $10-billion
February 6th 2016, 05:09
Numerous reports suggest that LinkedIn has lost about 30% of its value.
Google Targeting Bad Ads With New Deceptive Site Label
February 5th 2016, 13:05
Google's new deceptive site label will not just target bad sites, but will now show for deceptive ads.
Facebook Says Its Version of Six Degrees of Separation is Three Point Five
February 4th 2016, 11:46
Facebook's huge user base gives it access to some big data, and a massive number of connections, so it's been crunching some numbers.
The Head Of Google Search, Amit Singhal Is Leaving The Company
February 3rd 2016, 12:32
"Feb 26 will be my last day at Google."
Google Updates and SERP Changes - Feb 2016
February 3rd 2016, 11:15
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes.

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Any Opinions?
February 8th 2016, 13:12
Anybody use it? Seems to be recommended by many familiar names and companies unless it's just fluff.
Before/after Gallery
February 8th 2016, 11:33
I'm building a site that will have a before/after gallery and I wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the best way to present the images? Seen any good examples?   I'm not sure whether to overlay them with a rollover to reveal (which I guess would also need a tap for mobile users) or put them
Who Are These Ip's And Why Do They Keep Trying To Gain Access To Websites?
February 7th 2016, 20:49
Ever since I installed WordFence on all my sites and client sites, I've watched in amazement and frustration at the sheer volume of attempts to gain access to websites.   We know to never use "admin" as a login.  I never use the domain name either.  But both of these are shown to the first attempts.  They
Unbounce Templates
February 4th 2016, 15:51
Strangely I never knew Unbounce had templates. I had the impression they did the work...nobody told me   Looks cool. I get most of it except uploading images, or making them look right. PNG's don't come out as being transparent which I prefer, and they just don't look very clear.   Background images? I
Telecommuting...remote You Or Don't You? Love Or Dislike?
February 3rd 2016, 23:34
I'm working on an article (likely 2) on the topic of telecommuting and remote employees.  I'm looking for people who do this now, or did, or wannabe's for your feedback, opinions, experiences.   Do you work remotely/telecommute?     How long?     Pro's and Con's?     Would you hire a telecommuter and why/why not?     Let me know here or via PM, if I can quote

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What do you think of outbound links?
February 8th 2016, 03:59
My SEO mentors always told me, "no outbound links" because we would lose "link juice". Is this true? What do you think? Do you use outbound links on your pages? Thanks for your time.
Should I start again?
February 7th 2016, 10:30
Hi I hope you can help me? I have a dilemma. I have an online store which as been running for 4 years. Let's say the domain name is the and are taken but have no website on them. As you see I have very long domain name. I can buy the
my website got good Alexa rank but google page rank is zero
February 7th 2016, 08:05
Hi friends My website URL is : it having excellent *Alexa rank* but* Google page rank is zero (0*) i wish to improve my google page rank also so tell me what kind of steps i follow now. i need Good google page rank so anybody can tell me the solution
Looking for list of Social Bookmarking Sites with DF Backlinks and PR1 or more
February 7th 2016, 07:21
Hi there, I am tired of Google on this subject.* I can find hundreds of social bookmarking sites*, but on most occasions more than 80% are dead and 10% out of remainder 20% are useless :-( *BEFORE YOU POST ANY LIST* or share any social bookmarking site, *PLEASE READ BELOW CRITERIA...
How do we cruise to No.1 from No. 45
February 7th 2016, 03:27
Hi, We run a web development company and currently ranking #45 in local search (yes we are targeting only businesses from our city). We have been able to achieve this by publishing good articles and backlinks from websites that we design and develop or designed and developed. We have moved to...