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Where Do You See Your Skills Or Work In 5 Or 10 Years?
August 18th 2017, 22:12
Recovering from knee replacement surgery has allowed me time to step back and more or less watch and read all the industry related news, articles, etc.   Most of you have been working in SEO, or web dev/design, or site ownership in any number of ways. Do you think you will be doing the same work in
How Do You Build Your Website?
August 18th 2017, 21:53
A topic over at Webmasterworld inspired this when it asked how folks used to build their sites back in the day and what they use now.     I don't need to build websites from scratch for anyone but wonder what folks use these days who do, what with all the options out there. I've used Foundation
New Facts Sheet On Digital News And Market Share
August 18th 2017, 21:17
Digital display advertising revenue continued to be dominated by just a few companies in 2016, with Facebook comprising 35% of this advertising segment, according to eMarketer estimates. Google comprised 14% of this segment, while no other company controls more than 10% of this market.
Who Owns Your Business?
August 7th 2017, 19:00
This is how Facebook let's you know it's them! Attached Thumbnails
Automating Me And You And What We Think
August 7th 2017, 14:53
It feels like we're bombarded with the threat of automation intended to replace us by doing our jobs.  I can barely wrap my around it all and don't understand how replacing workers is helping the economy or environment.   I found this and it looked interesting...   An Intelligence in Our Image

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How Google's Algo's affect businesses
August 19th 2017, 23:46
We have seen many algo's that give penalties for improper use of seo tactics... but this last one has the capacity to promote pirating... What do you guys think about this one? Image:...
Too much emphasis on page speed?
August 18th 2017, 03:27
How much importance should we put on GTMetrix and G Pagespeed results? My wordpress site usually fully loads on average in about 2 seconds (varies 1.8s to 3s but mostly closer to lower end) and time to first byte is almost always about 1 second. GTMetrix results PS is ~93% and YS is
What to do w/ the broken links detected in Webmaster Tools for formerly hacked site?
August 17th 2017, 19:22
Hello again, folks. I had a question about a special 301 redirecting situation. New to me anyway, and I couldn't find a clear answer while searching for the topic. I have a site that was once hacked (about 1.5 years ago) and penalized by Google because of it. Their SERP ranking dropped but have...
Advice for fixing a site with a black(hat) past.
August 17th 2017, 19:10
Greetings, folks. I work with a company that does digital marketing and for the last few years (since Penguin at least), their SERP rankings have been very low, with no more than one or two meaningful keywords above page 2 in the rankings. Given that their onsite content is decent enough (certainly...
Linking direct to the page or to the page with parameters
August 17th 2017, 08:25
Hi Guys All our internal links are using parameters because we have to put the days that clients want to book the apartments so the link has the structures "?asoKey=......" although in all the pages with have the canonical pointing to the right page Does it makes any diferents in terms of...