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Google Penguin 4.0 Confirmation, is Now Part of Core Algorithm, and Realtime
September 23rd 2016, 10:03
Today, Google confirmed what many WebmasterWorld had known, that Penguin 4.0, confirmed today, is now part of Google's core algorithm, and it'll continue to run in real time.
Yahoo Confirms 500 Million Accounts Hacked
September 23rd 2016, 00:10
A recent investigation by Yahoo! Inc. has confirmed that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from the company's network in late 2014
Massive Jumps in GSC Legacy Crawl Errors
September 22nd 2016, 07:38
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the massive jumps in legacy crawl errors in Search Console.
ICANN To Change Cryptographic Key Pairs For The First Time
September 20th 2016, 12:39
The cryptographic key switch-over will take around two years to complete.
Bing Academic and Movie Search Intelligent Autocomplete
September 20th 2016, 12:38
Bing has said its autocomplete for academic and movie search is enhanced to improve the search experience for users...

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Is There A Business Case For Hand Coded Websites?
September 24th 2016, 20:44
I wonder if I'm alone in missing the days when we hand coded web pages.     When WYSIWYG software, such as Frontpage, came out and to some extent, Hotdog (which was my doghouse of choice) began to go in that direction too, companies bought into using these and other shortcuts .  By the time CMS took
How To Deal With A Client Cancellation
September 22nd 2016, 16:05
Hi everyone,   Having an issue with a client.  So I'm hoping to get some feedback / advice from anyone who has had a similar issue.   Here's the story:   A client signed up to have their website re-developed and pretty much signed up for the works SEO, AdWords, Email marketing, etc.   Once a good chunk of the site was done and
Website Slipped In Google
September 22nd 2016, 01:12
My website (built 8 years ago) has slipped to 3rd place in Google for the main keyword for the first time in roughly the same number of years and just slipping the one place has hit my enquiries hard (though I think Google Adwords now featuring 4 ads
Explain The Value Of Following People You Don't Know
September 21st 2016, 14:56
What is the point of following people you don't know? (Not referring to Facebook, Medium.) Linkedin, Product Hunt, Google Plus, various communities,'s a constant onslaught of people I don't know following me in places where I'm not active or rarely active.   What do they get out of it?
Facebook Like/share/comment Challenges
September 21st 2016, 08:21
This is a weird one that's popped up recently...   we had a woman message one of our clients, a double glazing/conservatory company, asking if they'd be willing to challenge her. The idea would be that the company sets a certain number of likes, shares and comments, and a date, and she has to get these to

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Best way to Optimize Title for SEO
September 24th 2016, 08:23
I need to understand the best way to optimize title for the particular keyword. I want to use long tailed keyword in my title but also want to target broad term keyword So this is how i do it please let me know if this is the correct way to optimize title.
My homepage is not showing in google search result
September 24th 2016, 06:39
Hi Friends, My homepage is not showing in google search results. If I search in google then i see my subpages are coming up instead of homepage. Also I haven't seen my homepage anywhere in search results.
Importance of (Homepage)/Website Title
September 24th 2016, 06:15
Need to understand how important is the website title? So far I understood that the website title passes the juice to other pages. For Ex: I am into natural and ayurvedic beauty and healthcare products and if I use words Natural, Ayurvedic, Beauty, healthcare in Category and Product page...
Embedding Video for SEO - YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia?
September 23rd 2016, 15:51
I believe Vimeo has the advantages of being able to embed your video on your website without advertising and the ability to brand the player with your company name. Can't do that with YouTube. However obviously Google give a bit more weight to YouTube videos in search results. But I'm talking about...
Domain Name with Brand Only or Brand + Keyword?
September 23rd 2016, 15:06
Here's the million dollar question (well maybe not that much) regarding domain name selection: Let's say you have a new house cleaning company, called 'Shyne' Luckily, is not taken. But what is better for SEO purposes? or (but you also register and...