Skype Launch Open Source IM Tools

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With impeccable timing Skype have announced "it's opening up its platform to anyone who wants to integrate Skype Instant Messaging--a lesser-known feature of Skype--with most other versions of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software."

Audio: Interview with Steve Berkowitz, ASK CEO

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Chris Pirillo interviews ASK CEO Steve Berkowitz at the recent SES San Jose gig. Interesting stuff about the Jeeves brand, spyware, smileys and Steve's past, which includes the "for dummies" books and cliffnotes. The most shocking revelation of the interview? Steve doesn't like the Simpsons!

Xbox 360 Pricing Revealed

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Microsoft have announced at the German Games Convention in Leipzig, that the Xbox 360 will retail at £279 in the UK, €399 in Europe and $399 in the US, including the accessories pack.

Audio: Shirky, Butterfield, Wales & Schachter Talk Tags

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Jimmy Wales, Stewart Butterfield, joshua Schachter and Clay Shirky (Wikipedia, Flickr, Academia, delicious) talk folksonomies, tagging and taxonomies within large groups at O'Reily's ETech gig earier this year.

Friday Video Funny: How to Post on Forums

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A cracking video of How to Post on Forums was posted by Barry this pm, and he's right, it's killer funny. Enjoy...

Audio: Google's Chris DiBona Talks Open Source, Betas, More...

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Chris Pirillo interviews Google's Chris DiBona, the lead at GOOG's Open Source division (even though he says there's only a couple of them heh..) - Interesting piece, with talk of Summer of code, the unending Betas ("that's just our way") and a whole bunch of other stuff...

Google Video Hacked Already

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Well, that didn't take long did it? DVD Jon has hacked Google Video already...

The patch, released on Johansen's 'So Sue Me' blog, effectively disables a modification Google made to the VideoLAN code to prevent users from playing videos that are not hosted on Google's servers.

Google's Video Playback Launches Today

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John breaks the news of Google's Open Source media player and video playback launch that will apparently happen later today.

Killer Funny Song about Google

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I got sent this link to a very funny song about Google last week, and only just got round to watching/listening to it - it's really rather jolly....

Much Sexier version of Paris Hiltons Burger Ad

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Really, it's an absolute killer....

8GB iPod Mini?

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Seagate have announced the first 8 gigabyte 1-inch drive for portable media players, opening the door for a higher capacity iPod Mini. Apple moved the Mini to the same Seagate ST1 drive in its 6GB form in February, introducing new colors and an improved battery life of 18 hours.

Podcast support in next iTunes

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Steve Jobs showed showed ipodder-like features in the next release of iTunes at the Wall Street Journal's D Conference last night which will supposedly available within 60 days.

In the Q&A, Jason Calcanis of Weblogs, Inc. asked if there was any possibility of using the iTunes music store for paid podcasting. Jobs replied that for the moment they were only considering it as free content, but that he was open to looking into it.

iTunes 4.9 Adding Support for Podcasts

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According to Endgaget:

Hugeness: Steve Jobs just revealed at the D: All Things Digital Conference that iTunes 4.9 will add support for podcasts. With one click you’ll be able to subscribe to different feeds and have them automatically delivered to your iPod without using a third-party app like iPodder.

Sith Leaks to Torrent Community

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Oooh, that was quick. Having been released worldwide yesterday, Episode III has already made it's way onto fileshare networks. At least two copies of the film, which was first shown in theaters in the early hours of Thursday, have been posted to the BitTorrent file-sharing network.

First Look: Xbox 360 User Interface

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Behind closed doors on Thursday, Microsoft demonstrated to BetaNews the user interface on its Xbox 360. The Dashboard, which can be customized using themes, offers access to four main panels: System, Games, Media and Xbox Live.

Google Factory Tour

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Google are webcasting a 'Factory Tour' today at 10am pacific time. You obviously require either Real Player or Windoze Media Player. The feed will be coming from

Jon Stewart and Crew on Big Media Blogs

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I'm not sure what people on that side of the 'pond' think, but personally I think Jon Stewart's Daily Show is one of the best news programs we yanks have. i'm not sure if that's sad or funny. ;)

Quicktime clip of segment

BBC Announces Download Trial of Media Player

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Much talked about in the past few weeks, the BBC have announced that 5,000 users will get the first go of the corporation's so-called interactive Media Player, or iMP beginning in September.

Durex does X-Rated Podcast Product Placement

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Adrants tells us (although adage broke the story last week, but they're hard to link to so on that basis they can bugger off..) that Durex are making product placement buys on a popular podcast show, Dawn and Drew and taking full advantage of the non FCC regulated medium...

Audio: The Skinny on Google's Dodgeball Aquisition

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If you've been wondering about Google's aquisition of, a hyperlocal mobile social network service, then this audio from Clay Shirky will explain a great deal...