Video: Scoble & MSN Search

Scoble talks to Erik Selberg and Andy Edmonds of MSN Search ina half hour video interview that covers a range of issues including their neural network.

WigiWigi Video Phone Looks Promising

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It seems like there is a good videoconferencing program to use with Skype. WigiWigi is a small application that works with any instant messaging client.

Yahoo! Podcasts & Buzzy Patents

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It really on was a matter of time before Yahoo! jumped on the podcasting bandwagon, and it appears that that time has come with the launch of Yahoo! Podcasts this week.


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Being a huge Buffy fan, (but hating Angel) im dead excited by Serenity, Joss Wheldon's new film. To find Slashdot telling me where to catch the to catch the first 9mins has made my morning :)

Legal Music Downloads up 350%

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It seems that all the complaints by RIAA about people stealing their music is not quite as they report. Latest figures from the International Federation of Phonographic Industries have physical sales for the first half of 2005 down from $13.4bn to $13.2bn.

Turn your iPod into video player

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Earlier this year I questioned whether the Vipod was getting ready to be released, now all the instructions that are needed to turn iPods into video players are now online at the above address.

Audio: Search Execs @ Adweek - Ends Today

Source Title: Listen Online: Search Execs and Others Speak During Advertising Week 2005 Source Url: Story Text:

Danny's pointing out a whole bunch of recordngs from Adweek and highlighting the Search specific ones, but be warned, apparently they are only there for "today" ok?

Audio: Intelligent Reaction over Intelligent Design

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Google's Adam Bosworth has recorded a talk he did at on "Intelligent Reaction". Forget intelligent design, 5yr plans and grand designs when building software and services, learn to react intelligently.

Xbox 360 Teaser Site Revealed

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Some of you may have seen this site, some may have not. I received an email a while back from MS with photos of the Xbox 360 and other info. At the bottom of this HTML was a silhoutte of two rabbits (no i haven't been drinking, stay with me).

WinMX Shut Down

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I have been using Winmx for a while now, there are many other networks that are better I imagine, but I got myself into a happy rut! I found it easy to use and the network seemed to be vast and I could always find what I wanted.

Dixons & VoIP For The UK Masses

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Next week will see the launch of VoIP service "FreeTalk" by Dixons. Dixons are charging £6.99 a month (undercutting Vonage by 3 quid) and i bet my left arse cheek that they'll get a load of subscriptions. Why? High street shops...

Heaven Spare us All - GoogleTV is Coming....

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Oh god, say it's not so! ThatAdamGuy finds a job posting for GoogleTV - I'd swear they post these things just to throw folks off the scent of WIFI, Security and Privacy issues.

Audio: YPN Talks Publisher Control, the Future & RSS Ads

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Chris Pirillo was certainly a busy little bee at the recent SES San Jose, he managed to catch up with Yahoo's Will Johnson, the chappie in charge of YPN and it's a pretty good interview.

Bloggers Discover iTunes To Sell Video

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Apparently bloggers have discovered code in iTunes 5 that suggests video will soon be available for download.

Sony Launches Another iPod Killer

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Just a few hours after the iPod Nano was announced by Apple, Sony launched their latest Walkman.

The iPod Phone Cometh...

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Get ready for an announcement from Apple, Motorola and Cingular next week on the new iPod phone you've almost certainly heard rumoured over the last few months.

Audio: Pirillo Talks to Jill Whalen

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As part of a series of interviews from the recent San Jose SES conference, Chris Pirillo talks to Jill Whalen. It's always nice to get a little personal perspective on those that you talk to often but have not met in person, so I enjoyed this one. I've no idea what the blurb on the linked page above is talking about, it's like the person who wrote it didn't listen to the interview, but you should - it's good stuff...

Brett Tabke Interview

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Bearing in mind that i have some bias here, i'll leg you guys decide what you think of this interview with Brett Tabke.

Audiolicious: Turn Any RSS Feed Into A Podcast

Source Title: Audiolicious: Turn Any RSS Feed Into A Podcast, Using Text-To-Speech Source Url: Story Text:

Audiolicious is a Windows program that lets you turn any RSS feed into a podcast. It uses text-to-speech to convert the feed's webpages into MP3 files... ... Audiolicious works especially well with RSS feeds created using the bookmarking website -- just tag a web page using to add it to the Audiolicious job queue.

Master Chief Jumps From Xbox To Silver Screen

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Due for release in summer 2007, Universal and Fox studios have begun production of a film based on the hugely-popular Xbox game, Halo. The screenplay has been written by Alex Garland whose previous credits include the novel and film adaptation of The Beach and zombie-horror film 28 Days Later. He was reportedly paid $1 million for the Bungie-approved script.