Disney Free Free Free on the WWW

The WSJ reports that many popular ABC shows will be streamed over the WWW free:

Walt Disney Co. plans to make much of its newest and most popular programming on ABC and other channels available free anytime on the Web, in a move that could speed the transformation of television viewing habits and help revive the struggling TV advertising business.

Childhood Video of Aaron & DaveN

The Yip Yips meet the computer: video, a pivotal moment in young Aaron and DaveN's childhood.

Bruce Sterling SXSW Speech & SXSW Review

Bruce Sterling recently spoke at SXSW. Well worth a listen if you like techy and political speeches.

Google Partners With National Archives

Google partnered with the government to offer free access to National Archives videos.

Amazon iPod this Summer

The WSJ has an article about Amazon entering the music player market, potentially as early as this summer:

The CBS Tribe Has Spoken and Google Video was Voted Out

I haven't seen any numbers released to know if the Google Video program generated any significant revenue or not, but CBS is already making moves to cut the Mountain View Crew out of a piece of the pie.

CBS to sell new Survivor episodes on own site

Google Looking at Napster

A bit late for Google to enter the music market, so if they do they may as well do so with a bang. Napster stock is up 40% today on a report that Google is eyeing it.

Amazon to Sell Digital Video Content

It looks like the video space is heating up. Ars Techna noted a recent Variety magazine article stating that Amazon may launch a service to sell streaming movies by April:

Google Piracy (Beta)

Recently John Battelle spoke at Google NYC. His speech isn't the only free thing out on Google video though!

It turns out Google has also been busy giving away many new Indian films:

AOL Buys Another Video Search Company

AOL, which bought SingingFish in 2003, just announced that they also bought another video search company by the name of Truveo.

Yahoo! Buys Webjay

Q: How many music services can Yahoo! own?

A: More than you can count. Yahoo! announced they purchased Webjay on their Yahoo! Music blog.

Google Renting Videos Soon?

Google Videos just updated their terms of service. Movies are a type of information and Google wants a cut:

The video upload program terms and conditions had a major upgrade this morning, and with it comes some insight into new features that Google may be preparing to launch for Google Video — including rentals.

Yahoo Search! to Launch New Live Radio Show & Podcast with WebmasterRadio.FM on 12/21/05

Yahoo Search! will be launching their radio show tomorrow night at 8pm EST.

This show will be aired on the last Wednesday of every month and hosted by none other than Tim Mayer and Jeremy Zawodny for a Power Hour surging with and exciting look at some of the valley’s newest and hottest companies.

3 Million ITunes Videos Sold in 2 Months

Maybe I don't watch enough TV or I'm biased against small screens, but I didn't think ITunes videos would have mass appeal. However a new report from Macworld says they sold 3 million videos.

Matt Cutts Audio Interview

Ms. Write (Sarah Mackay) of Webmaster Radio got an audio interview with the most famous Googler Matt Cutts. It's an mp3 format file so you can download it to your IPod or listen to it on your player of choice.

Branson to Create Uber Media Co.

Richard Branson is set to merge Virgin with NTL cable.

Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire entrepreneur, is set to transform the British TV and telecoms landscapes by merging Virgin Mobile with NTL, the cable company. The move will create an entertainment and communications giant worth £4.5bn and with more than 9m customers.

Sony DRM Installs Rootkit

It seems Sony has taken the inevitable next step in their war against piracy; installing "Rootkits" into their victim^Hcustomers computers.


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250hrs of MS PDC Video Coverage Available

For those with a developer bent, and a love for MS, you're in luck. They've made available over 250hrs of PDC '05 Video. It's there for the next 6mts, so that ought to keep you busy...

Ridiculous Patent Time: Playlist Sharing By Apple

Application Not Awarded: Method and system for sharing playlists