Praise for

It's nice to be praised for the work you do, im dead proud of some of the nice things people have said about so here's some quotes...

Woz -
I don't have time to troll the forums. Threadwatch not only saves me heaps of time, but also brings to my attention forums and threads I would probably otherwise miss.
Kim Krause - Cre8asiteforums
New to the list of hunter-gatherers of information is run by Nick W. Of his service, also free, he writes, " cuts through the chatter and produces a clear signal for the time starved professional SEO." Nick cares so much about his site that he ventured into Cre8asiteForums "Web Site Hospital" to get feedback so that he could make improvements. This is a guy who cares, is in it for the reader, and has joined my list of charitable web site owners with a big heart.
Barry Schwartz (Rusty Brick) of
I personally feel this is a good thing, because he will be focusing on link drops to forum threads with some dry humor (which I personally love) and this site will continue to focus on locating, summarizing and writing a formal opinion on the best SEM forum threads out there.

I am excited to read ThreadWatch on a daily basis

Sharon Housley of Notepad Inc
In my efforts to reach webmasters and bloggers, I ran into a very cool website called . The site filters threads and posts topics deemed "important".

Daria Goetsch of
I noticed your new thread watch blog from your member title. Checked it out, its great.

Good job on the blog, very interesting and helpful to find the best threads.

Aaron Wall (seobook) of
NickW recently created a new blog to track SEO forums. ThreadWatch posts about many of the often higher level & more interesting or elequent threads...

Dan Thies of
Nice work, Nick. Definitely going to make it into our regular daily rotation.


I Visit Hourly

Thanks for putting this together. I check back on an hourly basis!!

I love


shame the weekends are so slow huh?


>weekends I think there i


I think there is an inverse relationship between the "quality" of a site such as this and how busy it is on weekends.

Less weekend activity = more "professional" users.

Keep it up!

Great stuff Nick - definitley saving me a LOAD of time.

What a wonderful free service!

Good idea - nice site!

Hi mate,

Nice site you got here and what a genuine great idea. I love your dry little comments to go with the links. Great stuff.

Keep it up! (while you still have the time that is. Trust me, you wont have much on your hands in a few months ;))


At some point you have to just turn the forums off (or you end up reading them ALL DAY!) At the same time, as a good SEO you need to have your ear to the ground to know what's going on. Keeping the signal high helps to make the best use of research time. When the work piles up, the research time dwindles...thanks for helping make the most of the time I have to learn.

Nice Site

Just followed the link from Searchengineblog and landed here amongst some old friends.

Keep up the good work, but do get some sleep at weekends :)


Lovely stuff folks :)

After nearly a year off, TW is a great way of dipping one’s toes back into these muddy waters.


A "Must Read"!

Well, I vowed I wasn't going to register for any more forums or discussion groups - but with the whole plethora of my old friends here - I'm diving in.

Who needs to be anywhere else? All the best bits get posted here :)

Welcome MMT

you have mail :) top left under logo...

Just found Threadwatch ... lovin it already!

Found lots of useful threads in just a few minutes, thanks for an amazing, useful resource. I already posted a link on my blog.

Time Saver

Great work,
Doubtlessly one of the best sources on-line.
I'll admit - I'm a bit compulsive on TW, my wife hates it ...

It's hard to keep up on weekends - I'll join Shak with the
"but do get some sleep at weekends :)" wish - Nick - go to sleep or at least spend some more time with your wife and daughter ,let us sleep... ;-)

Been browsing here for under a week

and it has already turned up some real peaches.


Just what the doctor ordered...

Cheers Nick, you've provided us with a valuable site :)

Informative, Insightful, and Direct

Nick you've built a winner here. I find myself visiting daily, at least. As someone who works in senior management for an engine and has been a longtime SEM I have to congratulate you on your success. Keep up the great work.

Joe Holcomb