Interactive Advertising at Threadwatch

*This is an old advertising page. We will be updating it shortly!*

Threadwatch's new advertising program incorporates both visibility on all pages, and interactivity in the form of dedicated discussions on a product or service. To maximize ROI, advertisers should engage the Threadwatch audience in conversation relating to their product.

On This Page

Regular Old Ads

Many advertisers prefer not to publish interactive ads. For them we offer static ads on the left hand rail of the site. These ads sell for $600 a month. If you purchase your ad for 2 or more months at a time your rate will be discounted to $500 a month.

Those who would prefer a more interactive ad type read on!

Traditional Banners vs Dialogue

As is widely known, traditional banners are quickly ignored by regular visitors to a site. Whereas they're not without value, or effect, that effect is not optimal.

What we propose, is that companies wishing to target the Threadwatch readership actively participate in a discussion related to their product or service. Such a dialogue could take many forms, some examples of which are listed below:

  • A Text Link Broker might run a discussion on the merits of building links slowly from many varying on-theme sites as opposed to sitewide links from few sources.
  • The Same Company might offer a trial of the service, say 3mths rental of X amount of links - people like free stuff, and will talk about that offer and how it's benefited them.
  • A Contextual Ad Company might offer statistics on click through data for its product, or perhaps a discussion on relevancy, and optimal placement of units.
  • An Analytics Firm might offer a free trial of a product, or special offer for Threadwatch readers in exchange for feedback on the tool.

As you can imagine, there are infinite possibilities. It all depends on what message you want to get across.

How it Works

There are three simple components to an interactive ad:

  1. A 150x20 Graphical Ad on the left hand column of all pages (in random order), excluding subdirectories. This ad will link directly to the discussion. NB: Although very few do it, it is possible for Threadwatch members to turn these ads off.
  2. A Teaser, not more than two lines, that will be placed underneath every post on Threadwatch. The teasers work the same way that the graphical ads do, they are shown randomly in order to give all advertisers equal exposure. Like the graphics, some members may choose to switch these messages off.
  3. A Thread posted in the sponsors section of Threadwatch that users can comment upon, and advertisers can answer questions and discuss. Please see the specifications and nitty gritty for details.

The threads themselves have some game rules to abide by, and are not promoted to the homepage. They do however work quite normally on the recent posts list and well thought out, engaging topics will naturally get more exposure as members comment upon those threads.

Ad Specifications

150x20 Graphical Ad

No animations please, just a regular static graphical ad. That ad is linked to the discussion.

The Discussion

  • Up to 500 words - tip: Short and snappy is the key here
  • One logo, or other graphic - that graphic will float to the right of the post, as do all images on Threadwatch. Dimensions of no larger than 250x250 please, with no animations.
  • Up to 3 links within the post itself. Please refrain from adding further links in the discussion unless strictly necessary.


Pricing for the 150x20 graphical ad, post teaser and managed discussion with up to 3 links and one logo or other graphic is done on a monthly basis, with no exceptions:

  • One Month = $600
  • Two Months (either the same thread or 2 seperate ones) = $1000

If an advertiser chooses not to continue the thread, the post is removed unless members have commented significantly. In which case, the post will be de-linked, and closed.

The Nitty Gritty

In order for both advertiser and members to get as much out of this as possible, there are some game rules to abide by. They may be added to, or changed at any time, but if that happens, and you're unhappy with it, Threadwatch will refund your money and remove the ad.

  1. Graphical ads are static, no animations please.
  2. Graphical ads link to a discussion, nothing else.
  3. The order the graphical ads appear in on the left hand side is random per page view.
  4. Threads are managed by Nick, you're expected to answer direct questions of course, and to engage the audience, but if a post within the thread is suspected of being a "bump", then it will be removed. This protects both advertiser and members. Mistakes may be made, but we'd prefer to err on the side of caution and protect the integrity of discussion.
  5. Derogatory comments on a thread will not be removed unless they would have been removed from a regular discussion anyway. Disruption with personal agenda's, disrespect to other members (including the advertiser) or general abusiveness are all good reason to remove a comment, but not liking the product, or finding fault in it, is not. Think of it as an opportunity to show how your company handles customers, even difficult ones.
  6. All advertiser threads will be prefixed with [adv]
  7. Minor edits and corrections to discussion posts can of course be made, within reason. Once a discussion is under way though, it's considered somewhat rude to change topic, so we won't be doing that. If you want to change topic, give us more money! hehe..
  8. When the advertising period closes, unless it's renewed, the thread will be removed. (unless there is significant member participation, in which case it will be de-linked and closed, but left otherwise intact.)
  9. All payments are made in advance.
  10. If there is ever a dispute, about anything that cannot be resolved amicably, the advertiser will be removed, and refunded in full. Whether we choose to do business again will depend on what the problem was :)

Hey Look! A Testimonial...

Advertising on Threadwatch turned out to be a terrific way to launch our new site. Nick worked with us to get the right mix, and we got our product in front of the best web marketing people and webmasters in the business. We have seen a continual increase of site traffic since the TW promotion, and I think of Threadwatch first for any marketing campaigns in the future.

Roxanne McHenry,